The purpose of the programme is to provide financial support to current university students studying on a full-time basis towards one of the qualifications listed below:

  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Accounting towards the CA qualificationBachelor or postgraduate degree in Actuarial Sciences
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Informatics
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Statistics
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Risk Management
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences
  • Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Industrial Psychology
  • National Diploma, Bachelor or postgraduate degree in Engineering

The Absa objective is to address critical skills needs within these disciplines by affording dynamic, top performing, full-time students the opportunity to complete their studies and potentially pursue a career in the above mentioned fields within Absa.


Applicants must:

  • be studying full-time for the 2012 academic year at an accredited university in South Africa
  • be studying towards one of the qualifications listed above
  • have passed all their subjects in the first semester of their degree studies for the 2011 academic year
  • have achieved a minimum aggregate of 65% in the first semester of their degree studies for the 2011 academic year
  • be proficient in English (reading, writing and speaking)
  • be South African citizens or permanent residents of South Africa with proof of permanent resident status
  • have no criminal record


After having been granted a bursary the terms and conditions will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Bursars are expected to complete their qualification within the disciplines as agreed with Absa.
  • Bursars must maintain a minimum academic aggregate of 65% throughout the course of studies.
  • Bursars may be requested to participate in relevant project work at Absa.
  • Bursars will be expected to actively participate in skills training provided to them by Absa.
  • Bursars will be required to take up employment with Absa after the completion of studies and will be contractually bound to a year service for each year of sponsorship. The decision to offer employment to the student is at the sole discretion of Absa.
  • Should a bursar not complete the qualification for which the bursary was granted and/or not be willing to join Absa on request, the bursar will be liable to repay the full bursary amount and the interest accumulated as specified in the contract between Absa and the bursar.
  • Should Absa not be in a position to offer employment to the bursar after the completion of studies, the bursar will be released of his/her obligations to Absa and repayment of the bursary awarded, will not be expected.
  • Bursars may not be registered for more than one qualification at a time.


  • Deciding and initiating action
  • Working with people
  • Relating and networking
  • Persuading and influencing
  • Presenting and communicating information
  • Applying expertise and technology
  • Analysing
  • Creating and innovating
  • Planning and organising
  • Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
  • Adapting and responding to change
  • Coping with pressures and setbacks
  • Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking


  • Selection of bursars will be made in line with the Absa Employment Equity strategy.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to submit their final results for the current academic year by 15thJanuary 2012. Only candidates who have passed the 2011 academic year with an aggregate of at least 65%, will be considered for a bursary.

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:


  • deliver work of high quality when under pressure
  • relate to people of different cultures
  • adapt to changing circumstances
  • take the lead in group context
  • communicate fluently and effectively in English
  • work and contribute effectively in a team
  • work quickly and accurately with numbers and information
  • learn, interpret and apply new concepts
  • apply Microsoft Office software packages (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • apply computer skills


  • application of the Internet for research purposes
  • application of MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

At Absa, we are committed to creating a workplace which provides an opportunity for all employees and potential employees to fully optimise their potential by working for an Employer of Choice. Absa is continually searching for talented individuals to join our team and would like to invite you to apply for vacancies listed on our site that match your skills, qualifications and ambitions.

Apply online before 05/12/2011.
Apply Online: www.absa.co.za