Closing Date: 30 October 2012
Duration: 8 – 12 Months
Stipend: None

The AVA NGO partners have created exciting positions specifically for our recruits who can choose the type of experience they would like to gain, from physical work such as gardening and planting to caring for children and animals, doing research, assisting organisations with marketing and social media, and other interesting jobs.
The benefit of this experience for you as someone who is at the start of your career is priceless. As an AVA recruit you will gain an introduction to the world of work in a closely monitored programme specifically designed to stimulate your interest, increase your skills and experience and improve future work and study opportunities. You will have to take responsibility for yourself, enabling you to cope better with future study and work pressures.  You will also learn to communicate with and assist people from other communities in a tangible way and will develop a better understanding of the challenges people in SA face on a daily basis and an understanding of your own context and where you fit in.

Positions include:

Mothers Unite

  • Emergency First Aid Responder (EFAR) Teaching Assistant (X2)

  • Office Admin Assistant and Recycling Programme Assistant

Afrika Tikkun

  • Information, Technology & Communications Assistant

Environmental Monitoring Group

  • In-House Artist

Whale Coast Conservation

  • Assistant to Eco-education manager

These are just some of the volunteerships available, for more information on our volunteerships go to

Industry: Development Sector.

Closing date: 30 October 2012.

Academic requirements: Should be school leavers with Matric or the National Senior Certificate – for more information look at the specific volunteerships go to our website
In order to apply for a volunteership go to the website and have a look at the opportunities available at the various organizations. Decide which organization you would like to work for and fill in the volunteership application form ( ).  Email the completed application form to [email protected] .
For more information or if you have any enquiries contact Robyn at [email protected] or call us                   at  021-6713150