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I am currently studying at university doing my second year in Law. I have moved back and forth, from college and universities. Still I find myself in a predicament where I feel university isn’t for me.

Recently I failed some of my modules and now I struggle to find funding. I looked for work but everything lately requires experience or a degree/diploma.

I don’t know what to do but pack up and leave as I hope that somewhere else work would be easy to find.

I have never been away from home and fear the worst, so I recently decided on starting a business. That too is not working out as I always lose customers because of the distance between me and them.

Now I’m just trying off the last year that I can at university.

My heart just is not in it.

Help me please.


If you are able to tear a page from your book of wisdom, please help this young lady. Please Note: Leave your comment using the form below.

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  • brenda says:

    my dear, we are on the same page currently but quitting is not for me. i trust and believe that God is with me all the way. hold on and pray hard. God is there with you and he will until you finish that degree. i jut got a call from one of the biggest accounting firm telling me my application was not successful, i need to up my marks and that is exactly what I’m going to do. i have two kids and am a working mother, believe me you dont want to be in my shoes right now, but what i can promise you, is never ever think of quitting. god bless you.

  • Muntunal says:

    Hie Sister

    I am also a university student currently doing my final year, Varsity life is tough and don’t ever think you not good enough to make. Its just that a lot of things come into play as you learn to be an adult, you need to balance between social life and your studies, social life is necessary to fill the void of not being with family, and I know you probably heard this before but I will say it ” work smart and not hard ”

    Life is nothing but a chance so use any chance you get to the fullest


  • fifi says:

    finish what u started and I assure something great will come out of it,there are no short cuts to success God gave tou this challenge bcoz he knws you can do and have faith in him he wil be thr for you.such things must not let you down bt they must make get up and be strong.

  • Nomtha says:

    Hi girl,
    All I will say is dont quit now, maybe because you are not doing so well with law is that your heart is not in it, I would advice that you hold on until the year ends, and since you say you have started a business, do a business course rather, hold on n one said it would be easy…

  • Maxwell says:

    Hi,there are three problems I see.First you’re “TRYING”,second “YOUR HEART IS NOT IN IT”,third you have not decided what you want(university->business>university).My advise is decide what you want to do & do whatever it takes to get.TRYING is not enough ,you must be willing & do.If your heart is not in it,its not going
    to work so put your heart in.Lastly you need God in your,all you do is believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the death & confess that Jesus is the Lord of your life(Romans 10:9).God bless u.

    • Wesley says:

      Hi sister i hope dat your nt the first one 2 cum across such difficult so u have 2 finish wat u have started ,theres sumthng summer special for you

  • Tshimangadzo says:

    Hi,your situation is quite understandable but to be honest to you my sister leaving university or dropping out may not be the wisest choice you can make.Through experience i have been in your shoes too,i studied @ the university of pretoria doing a degree in computer science and Gis but in the end i quit because i had the same problem as yours,failing to adapt and not knowing what i really want.So i went to college and did civil engineering and finished it but it is so hard to find happiness in it bcos i just did it bcos i dropped out of university but u still have a chance to study @ university and become what you want and do anything with your life.So honestly my advice to u is that know your situation and what u really want and dont drop out i know how hard it is bt try your best to find peace with it and carry on,this is about your future and studying @ university is a lifetime opportinity.ALL THE BEST!

    • Phathu says:

      Mmmm u have just given me hope too… I dropped out from varsity and now am waiting for my QS N6 results which are still pending while am busy looking for inservice…..

  • Nomthandazo says:

    I will be honest with you Girl…school is not for everyone but my advice to you is ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in Your life’

  • khanyo says:


    i would like to tell you that everything has got its time, there is no need to rush even if u see that things are tough but u”ll always find a solution. continue with your studies and you will see the consequenses because you may never know wat the future holds for you. well i’m currently doing insevice training and seeking for the permanent job as well but if i don’t get a job i will continue with my degree because it will never be late or over untill god says so…

  • Surprise says:

    Good Day

    Its hard out there lady just go down on your knee and ask God to help you go through everything. Education is the key to success.

    I had my baby when I was doing first year and it was tough as I did not have anyone to look after him, I had and take him to crèche before I go to school at times I felt like give up just to be with him and look for a job to be able to find a nanny for us. I just knelt down and asked God to help me make a good choice.
    I was able to see that completing my Diploma will help me and my baby in a near future with a good work, house and a car. I am now a graduate though I struggle to find work but I know that my Lord will help me as much as he did when I did not know how I will complete my studies with a baby.

    My advice to you is to pray pray and pray and work hard on your studies. Giving up is not a good thing because you still have a long way to go and you will harvest the fruits u made yourself in a near future. Good luck with your future for the power of Education. God bless

    • Jeanette says:

      The is a tym in life wer we must know dat our God is not jst an ordinary God,if only we wuld realise dat we worry about wat God has not put in our lives,dat we want 2 accumulate wat de world offers but find no peace,we are work in progress en dat requires patient,enduring until the end,i suffered a breakdown wen i was supposed 2 finish my studies,serious case dat left me scarred 4 years,but smthng changed wen i took all and gave it 2 Jesus,i was lost but He found me,im bold 2 say i am a kept woman,not by being viewed by the world but hoping 4 smthng much higher in life,dear God will take u places if only u open ur hart en say up to here im limited,i need u 2 take over,He never changes,situations passes but Hes still the same and 4ever more,draw near 2 God,psalm 139

  • sedikweng says:

    in tink the best thing to do in this case is for you to consider what would you like to become maybe you not for law , try finding out about your personality and which degree would suet that maybe you wont find school bad or horrible. its either you try your 2nd degree or follow your heart and work on your bussiness give it your all and make it happen seing that you complaining about school not being for you dedicate more time there and stop waisting money..

  • Carol says:

    I know studying can be hard especially with regards to finance but all I can say is maybe law isn’t your scene had you tried something else then you might have excelled. Government enables us to study so why not apply for financial aid or even a bursary? And also try figuring out what exactly it is that you difficult in your then after doing that choose a different course which will suit you(personality) best. Giving up is not an option, remember Henry Ford says “Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. So all the best…

  • Laura says:

    Nothing comes easy… I feel you are currently going through a phase where you just find school boring and not for you.

    Give yourself some time and find that thing that made you decide to further your education and take up law.

    I completed my diploma and it has been hard finding a job. Most jobs require experience and all of them require a formal qualification.

    My advice is that you get the passion for learning back, complete your degree. Apply for bursaries in the meantime and some vac work to gain experience. Keep your head high and have faith.

  • precious says:

    Hey I don’t think giving it all up will help u @all I’m doing my diploma in accounting n in my 1st year have failed my major n had to add another which resulted in me doing my final year this year which is a fourth year n mind u I still need a degree of which how long will that take me? I realized its hard getting a job with a diploma so imagine without any? I think u should hang on n pray n believe that @ de end all shall pay u off. School aint easy I know but being uneducated its even worse get that degree then all shall be fine.

  • Phathiswa says:

    Hello i know how it feels to be in your position to feel like Evrything you do is not coming right. And you feel like giving up.But its not the solution or an option to give up now you have to come too far to just throw the towel. I believe that persistence always pays off and the great people in life who have made it will tell you about it..Look beyond where you are right now see yourself accomplishing your goals of becoming a lawyer.Above all believe in God for your provision iim telling you God is bigger than tour situation.May the Lord be with you.

  • Tshiamo says:

    Kindly google dr daniel olukoya prayer points, from passssing exams to life in general. I am nt forcing or saying give your life to God, but you need to go through spritiual counselling, find a bible believing church and talk to the pastor, if u need to talk find my eemail address above, it will not be published bt ask puff n pass Team to send it to you.

  • Alexander says:

    I am sorry to hear of your tough experience if may call it that way. Getting to the university can be both easy and tough and in your case it was easy given the fact that you have been granted admission in the first instances.

    Life in institutions of higher learning irrespective of whether it is a university, college or university of technology is always tough mainly because you do not want just a pass, however, flourishing results that can be appealing to future potential employers out there.

    You first need to determine and evaluate what is it that you are good at and if is it something that you see yourself excelling or not. Furthermore you also need to set priorities in terms of your pool of needs and wants and rank them accordingly.

    Rethink clearly and carefully at what you are good at and make a decision based on the outcome of your results and take it from there.

    You are never to old or young to relinguish your career and that is getting back to the university and get those good marks and advance to other levels. Give your self time to understand the contants of your subjects, apply your knowledge, if you had time for other things, allocate it to your studies or strike a balance thereof. In that way you will succeed.

    Best wishes.

  • Mandy says:

    I think you should put everything un to the Lord n trust in him n believe that u need will b done,if your about to start your own company please introduce God 1st coz he said in the beginning the was word,n the word was with God n the word was God and aslong as you believe ul prosper more yjan u ever thot

  • salome says:

    these are tests which you must pass in your life as long as you have faith and have passion for law let alone business do not despair patience, hope ,faith goes a long way in so doing that The Lord will increase all start in the mind ,self-image, self-worth what you put on your mind will always come true so be positive in whatever you do and exercise faith even though its not easy but find a way to be patient and whatever you do in live always talk to God……God did not create you to ordinary He always want to INCREASE us nw do your bit and Be patient……..

    Good luck…*kisses*

  • Maki says:

    You need to focus, Half of the people that you attend with are also struggling, just focus on studying you will finish and leave the fact that you do not have cash aside, myself i completed my studies in 2004, my mother never worked anywhere and my father ritered in 2000 and we did not have any monthly income ( we are the family of 10 ,can you image the suffering) I never found a job for 2yrs, i went back to do my honours degree after wards i never got a stable job it was just internships(we all know they are not paying), until this year in may thats when i got a job of which is not paying much. Be strong you will prosper and plan everything with GOD you will not go wrong.

  • Tshisikhawe says:

    Good Day

    I you think finding a job with a degree is hard, imagine how hard it will be if you don’t have a job.
    What ever you do, finish your degree and should business not work out you will have something to fall back on.
    I have a diploma in mechanical engineering, i got hired as a graduate but I never really got to do any engineering and I am now working in supply chain and doing a BCom transport and logistics,

    No matter where you go, you will always need some formal education. So should I decide to leave my current employer, the new company will still want a qualification which is coupled with experience.

    Finish you degree then, you can do business or go overseas to look for a job.