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I am currently studying at university doing my second year in Law. I have moved back and forth, from college and universities. Still I find myself in a predicament where I feel university isn’t for me.

Recently I failed some of my modules and now I struggle to find funding. I looked for work but everything lately requires experience or a degree/diploma.

I don’t know what to do but pack up and leave as I hope that somewhere else work would be easy to find.

I have never been away from home and fear the worst, so I recently decided on starting a business. That too is not working out as I always lose customers because of the distance between me and them.

Now I’m just trying off the last year that I can at university.

My heart just is not in it.

Help me please.


If you are able to tear a page from your book of wisdom, please help this young lady. Please Note: Leave your comment using the form below.

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  • Mambose says:

    Not everything always goes according to the plan. the worse happens for the best to come.
    life is a struggle, few were borne by rich families and most they people struggle to achieve what they are today.
    hope and faith shouldn’t fade, the Lord will never fail you. you can be anything you want to be. stop worrying and start looking for solutions which will help you to find your life.

  • cassius. says:

    my advice is short and simple.belief in God and time will be allocated,no matter how long it can take u,bt u will receive the favour.starting 4rm josef,children of israel and bartimia,dnt just pray bt trust God b4 u pray

  • siphamandla from newcastle(KZN) says:

    well gal u are not alone,me 2 i have a problem u knw,currently i am doing a degree at university of zululand,i am having diz problem everytime whn i study i feel like my brain is not working and i am struggling 2,now i think i am following a wrong career and i just want 2 change diz varsity coz things are not going well for me,u know i am not influence by da varsity life i try my best i study very hard,but i find it very hard 2 understand da modules,it feels like my brain has been put on pause,guys i also dont knw wat i am going 2 do,i pray 2 god always but thn stil da is no change,i am confuse that why this is happening to me,or myb its bcoz i am a first yr i dont knw things are rlly falling apart and in my family i am da first person 2 go 2 varsity.

  • DC says:

    To the sister who needs help: Tertiary education is tough no matter what course you study. Personally i failed subjects too and i was kicked out of varsity. I took the year off and struggled to come back with finances but i managed to cover the registration and got back in to do the same thing i failed. You will doubt yourself, but you must believe in yourself. You are in that field of study because you were accepted there with the marks you got which means the potential is there to complete your degree/diploma. It is up to you to decide whether varsity or college is best for you or maybe its your business. Make a decision and carry on, even though it feels like everyone is passing you by sometimes in order to overtake you must change gears down to speed up.
    I know of people who dropped out to study somewhere else then dropped out of the field completely to study something new again at another institution and are now doing masters. It is possible to do anything you want just give 100%

  • mandisa says:


    If he put you to it he will see you through……… i failed all my subjects my first semester and felt like the world is looking and laughing at me and i went home with all my staff like a crazy person and said to my self m done schooling at home they forced me from that day i realize that i must just have faith that i can do it and it was never easy for me to see others completing while m struggling with first year subjects…… i lost hope i remembered that “GOD WILL NEVER PUT MORE ON ME THAN I CAN BEAR” as am talking now am not done but i believe that in due time i will finish god’s time is the best i believe so “DON’T GIVE ON GOD COS HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU” AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN……… MAT6VS33

  • Pretty Moremi says:

    I have been studying at a university since 2007 and just graduated recently this year..I also was close to changing to a technikon and do another course. But I decided to finish what I have started with cos going to another college will only delay me…I never gave up and today I’m holding my degree with pride thinking of all the hard work I’ve been through to get it…I gave it my all but it wanst the time that God wanted me to get it…you get your degree when the time is right.

    • Sindi says:

      Hello pretty

      Thanks for the advice, I’m the young lady who posted that. Do you mind telling me what made you change your mind about dropping out?

      • Pretty Moremi says:

        I prayed to God everyday to give me strength not to give up..My friends who graduated before me also motivated me cause I believed that if they can do it, I can do it too..Reminding my self that I’m also different from them and don’t necessarily expect to be exactly like them..Failing somehow made me look at life differently in that I learned to wake up from my fall dust myself and go on….I asked help from those who were good with the modules for help, and I asked how they did it…I applied their advice and I passed…..

  • AMBANI says:

    Never ever give up dear, most of the important things in life have been accomplished by those who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all, we will all get there, only time differs.

  • MODIMO ke yoo says:

    Some things in life never go the way we have planned. If you are a child of GOD then you have to know that ‘GOD’s plans are not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us hope and a future.’ (Jeremiah 29:11). Sometimes GOD stop us from getting where we want to at the time we want, because He knows the right time for us to get there- He want’s us to pass through other phases so that by the time we get to where we have been longing to be, we will get there better and stronger than we where. I’m glad you did not quit but you are still trying and to be honest with you, GOD knows and have seen where you have been and how serious are you to get to where you want to be… I would advice you to go to GOD and spend time with Him to strengthen your relationship with him; because that’s what He ask from us in order for our doors to be opened. (Matthew 6:33)….. If you need further help, please feel free to contact our GOD fearing movement which is: I SURRENDER ALL TO GOD (078 747 9597 or\I surrender all to GOD and inbox the man of GOD Abisai), we are based in Pretoria and we wouldn’t mind having you to our prayer meetings and discussions when we help one another about the challenges we face) and also to our Holy Spiritual revivals and events. Stay blessed and your included in my prayers. Spend time reading these scriptures and listen to what GOD has to say to you: 2nd Timothy 1:7… Proverbs 19:21… Jeremiah 29:11… Hebrews 13:5… Deuteronomy 31:6… Matthew 6:33… *MODIMO ke yoo*

  • Kagiso says:

    Quiting is never an option, this is the only opportunity of your life to study if you loose this one I don’t know. I don’t think you are failling because you are not studying, maybe is stress related because you are under a lot of pressure at the moment and obviously it affects your studies. “ROMA was not build in a day”.What I can advice you to is try to talk to people at the university. There is a department called student development and support in the university you can go there and seek for study counselling, they also provide personal counselling so that they can try and understand why are you failling and give the overall support that you need for your studies. Secondly most or some universities do create jobs for students like you who have the financial burden so that the can pay for their tuition fees, try to talk to your lectures whom you trust from your department or even the HODs or Supervisors of various department in your institution, explain your situation to them or you can even start by volunteering in one of the department doing so you are learning and gaining experience. I think is best to work in the university while studying especially when you are an undergraduate because they understand that you are still a student unlike in the industries.

  • Andanie says:

    Dear dont give up ive been there. on my first year i failed almost all of my subjects not because i wasnt determined and all that i was. I never gave up though, finacially i struggled too but God being God He came through for me. I trusted and believed in Him. after completing S4, finding inservice training was not easy. for the whole year i stayed home applying with no luck but i thank God because on due time all things worked together for my good.
    I am currently doing my p2 now *this is my testimony*.

    hang in there dear God is faithful If you put your faith in him…. Remember He promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Be blessed.

  • tumza says:

    Hey gal

    Varsity is not smooth sailing bt if u put your mind, energy and dedication 2 it trust mi ul make it in life. I went to university and completed my degree bt didn’t pay a single cent*NSFAS*

    Nyamezela mntanomntu

  • Zinhle says:

    My girlfriend dropping out is not an option….after matric I worked all kinds of jobs for four full years but today I don’t even have a plate that I bought with those peanuts… I decided to further my studies, also struggling financially, as I write this I have this one pair of pumps, and 3 jeans…i really don’t fit in with other students. mara I know where I’m coming from and where I want to be… so wena don’t give up… whatsup 0835360149

  • psyfo says:

    sister don’t let you past control your future , be determined and stand firm for what you want , its written in the bible book that the end of the story is far better off than a start ,keep pushing you self forwad , do whatever it takes youll soon leap over the final hurdle and land right where you wanna be , also look out for job provided you think you can juggle both work study #many others can do

  • Sage says:

    hey human do you have any idea how lucky you are??? do you have any idea how many people out here would love to enter university and are failing??? dont want to sound too spiritual but God took this far jo and he wont just leave in this hour of need. try your best to find some sort of funding. check for loans and bursaries heck even try nsfas. dude this is a one shot thing and remeber the darkest hour is the one just before dawn. do not give up just yet…kuzolunga

  • Papa says:

    University requires a hell of maturity, commitment, perseverence, etc. Its not easy accomplishing studies @ such high academic elevation as for study fields like LLB. You really need to devote ur 100% time upon ur studies just only 4 min of 4 years. Dats not too hard, it jst requires ur discipline and good morals with positive thinking, attitude and ambition. Regarding finacial help, you first need to produce good academic record to attract funding frm various institution.

  • Andile says:

    May God be with you during this trying time.

  • Puss-in-boots says:

    Okay let me cut straight to the chase… for funding, go to ABSA Student Beureau at Braamfontien or any other Student Beureau (UJ APK campus), ask for forms for a student loan and dont worry it offers very good interest rates suitable for students working odd jobs, just ask for info about it… About your academic performance, UJ offers academic psychology and they can help you alot, tell them about how you feel (that you think university is not for you) and what causes you to feel that way (in your case is that you dont find proper funding and your performance).. If you are not a student at UJ, I’m sure other Universities offer a similar service for all students, they will counsel you and help you figure out ways in which you can improve, or they can help you see which career would be suitable for you, I’m sure there a different course you are good at, the in-campus psychologists can help you with it too.. hope this helps, remember, EVERYONE FAILS AT SOME POINT, Albert Einstein said, “If you have never failed then you have never tried something new..”

  • Prince says:

    U feel like droppin out, so did many others. In varsity, u pass some and u fail some. Its not everyone who complete their degrees within record time. So dont rush it, breath and think. I’m a firm believer that if yr results are good, then the finances will take care of themselves. Sit down, draft a plan of how u’r going to proceed forward, think of who u can approach. Remember, u need somebody’s help, put yr pride aside and do what needs to be done(must be within good moral grounds). Wish u all the best

  • Pinkie says:

    Hi. My name is Pinkie and my advice is for you not to drop out. I have a few reasons for saying so.

    1. There’s no such thing as can’t!
    2. Education opens ALL doors for you! I was a WITS student and I got excluded. I was told I would NEVER make it in the engineering field. I studied at CUT and I am currently doing in-service training for that very engineering I was told I wouldn’t succeed in. All doors are open because I stuck it out. We have to put blood, sweat and tears into it. I am a christian and I firmly believe you reap what you sow.
    3. Maybe you just should consider another field of study better suited for you. Business is a great exploit, however based on my opinion, one needs something to fall back on. Again going back to education. Considering the ups and the downs before you break even in business.


    • Andile says:

      I understand what you are going through my sister. I was once in your situatiation when I was a student, I new I wanted to be something in my life but was not sure what acxactly. I failed some subjects during the course of my studies and took breaks in betwwen untill I decided to focus on what I was studying. I am now employed in my field of study though it is not the best job at all.

      My advice is to you is to focus on what you are studying and finish it because you are not even sure that you will finish the next course that you will register for. I know of people who have spent years at the universty changing courses and still don’t qualification as we speak.

      Just focus and dedicate your enery towards acheiving your goals and keep on telling yourself that you can.

  • Goblas says:

    Eveming, im a drop out myself but my advice is not mutual to the decision i took. The best advice i may give, is dat dont drop out bt 4 Finance try resturents n clothing or grocery retails they always vulnerable to students. N bsyds da down turn of economy, they always need an extra hand arround festive. Tip of live-thus to my experiance in corparate world the rule of “Obediance been powerful dan experiance” is true. So don’t loose yo focus on yo goal.

    • Sporo says:

      look where your are best at. see urself at the Universty doing something. If you cnnt see it in your mind, you can’t make it at all. change your attitude towards Law or university. Theres potential in you. You are the one who can stired up your potential. dont limit yourself. You will make as long as you live. A living dog is better than the dead lion. fear not.
      lastly, Study very hard at school. Associate yourself with inteligent and geneous student. Ask them wher you dont understand. Dont be a selfish. Wish you the best of blessing. God bless you