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I am currently studying at university doing my second year in Law. I have moved back and forth, from college and universities. Still I find myself in a predicament where I feel university isn’t for me.

Recently I failed some of my modules and now I struggle to find funding. I looked for work but everything lately requires experience or a degree/diploma.

I don’t know what to do but pack up and leave as I hope that somewhere else work would be easy to find.

I have never been away from home and fear the worst, so I recently decided on starting a business. That too is not working out as I always lose customers because of the distance between me and them.

Now I’m just trying off the last year that I can at university.

My heart just is not in it.

Help me please.


If you are able to tear a page from your book of wisdom, please help this young lady. Please Note: Leave your comment using the form below.

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  • Zandile says:

    Hy guys m a student at tut left with four modules to graduate I owe school.I won’t be able to pay.I decided to registr at one of the college’s to at least study a short course then i’ll complete my diploma while working.I think this might work out instead of staying there and crying all night if I dnt stand up for myself no one will.dnt know if m making a wrong choice ,but I trust GOD

    • Godfey says:

      Hi Zandile i am sorry about that i was also an tut student and i dropped out after 2 years due to funds but i went to corporate i found a job and all went well and the company funded my studies after a period of an year i found myself in a Managerial Position and i recently graduated my Diploma in Accounting

      you can make it also

  • mankoana says:

    Hi I am a unisa student and failed 2module,I’m afraid that nsfas will no longer pay my fees.this was my first semester.I dnt knw wat to do guys I really need help

    • Fortune says:

      NSFAS funds academically gifted students,you cannot afford to fail.But there is point that stipulates that you must pass atleast 60% of your modules so they might still fund you regardless of having failed 2 modules provided you passed other modules well.

  • Nathaniel says:

    Hi, I have been registered to study IT at unisa eight years ago. Due to fact that Nsfas couldn’t pay for my studies, I am ever since stucked to complete my studies. I currently looking for a job to finance my studies. I am left with 16 modules to complete my studies. The fact that in most cases i couldn’t afford to purchase prescribed books really held my studies back. I am pleading to anyone out the to help get a job. I can b contacted on 0734041158 or alternatively email

  • siya says:

    Hey guys

    It is touching and refreshing to read your triumph stories and words of wisdom, I find it hard to follow or add on top of what has been said already as their are straight on the money so to speak.

    We all have challenges and god gave us these cause he knew we could overcome them, I always tell matriculents to pick a career based on their abilities not on how much money is in the career cause if the ability is not there you won’t survive varsity life. If you are there being shy and quite will not help you be bold and ask questions till you understand and make use of the tutors but mostly stay strong and positive. Know what you want and everyday should be a step closer to what you want.

    Be wise,be bright and be faithful.
    God bless

  • lucky says:

    yes it is true even myself since i have been at unisa i i did overcome some financial crises. only to find out looking back 2 the poor family i came frm dont hv any means 2 help i told myself that no weapon is made to destroy me. i did not loose hope i got a bursary due my hardwork and evetually i completed my degree. guyz it take time bt it payz.let faith lead ur life

  • Pamela says:

    Ever since I began studying BA Communication Science in UNISA, I have been experiencing financial problems but I never gave up. Seeing other students graduating, and other members of the study group I was in, dropping out is one of the reason why I got motivated. I am that type of a person who never lose hope, I never give up and I always make sure to finish what I started. There were times where I’d feel like the that journey that I chose was getting stretched to no end. I had no luck in getting financial aid but I could not relax. I had to work my ass off to pay for my education. I started looking for a job and fortunately, I did get one where I worked as a freelance reporter. I then continued with my studies and finally managed to finish my degree. I am graduating this year and I’m really greatful and thankful to God.
    So I’d like to advice all students experiencing hardships to never give up, never compare yourselves to fellow students who are financially stable, just focus on yourself. And always remind yourself why you’re in tertiary/university.

  • Tumisho says:

    Hello guys,we can talk about our problems all day but life applauds action.Since graduating from high school in 2012,my life has been hit by numerous obstacles.However,most of the successful people in the world went through the hardships we are going through.Turn your predicaments into wisdom and you will see your life becoming magnificent.

  • Ntsoaki says:


    Those are the challenges that most of our South Africans face on a daily basis. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on what one wants to do, however we are privileged to have the services of the Career Development Services offered by the Dept of Higher Education and Training, I would advise you to contact their Career helpline at 0860 35 66 35 or send them a “please call me” at 0722 045 056, their qualified Advisers will be able to assist you and give a better light on how you should go about your career.

  • Gupta says:

    my late father used to say i am the architect of my own misfortunes. well i am 23 years old. i passed my matric in 2008 with 7 distinctions including a 100% in maths and science at high school.

    ever since then, i havent even obtained my undergraduate degree. why? lack of discipline, culture shock from rural area to urban varsity life, bad companionship etc.

    i quit varsity while i was 1 course away from graduating in statistics and economics. i have been around various employers trying to find the right job for me. opportunities have passed me while i didnt take them with both hands.

    i realised weakness which drove me to depression and substance abuse. seeing your peers graduate and moving to greener pastures.

    life is not easy, especially for today’s youth. but its better to make these mistakes and learn from them at young age than late. i made mines, and will never make them again.

    peace out

  • JR says:

    hey sister
    nothing is easy, we all have challenges and to think things would go well for you can be the wrong attitude. always expect and prepare for the worst. the fact that you are failing should be a motivation on its own to even do better. try to identify your problem and stop touching everywhere at the same time. you are reading from someone who failed so many times and didn’t give up until he got it right. change your attitude, your friends, seek for wisdom, prioritize, most importantly believe in yourself and work on your weaknesses at school. remember It’s not the end of the world when you fall. we have all fallen /and will fall in the future. your attitude after falling is my biggest worry.

    • Murendeni says:

      Hey sister

      It is a very sad story indeed ,here IV got few things to share with u as IV been in a kind of situation like u r having, I can advice you to stop doing anythng thnking that thngs will go well bcos the more u get to touch evrythng is d more u messing up evrythng, d best way for you get time and thnk of wt you need to achieve, free ur mind, change your attitude ,seek for friends who won’t undermine you and understnd dt evrybody do mistakes bt dt doesn’t mean we all ended up being failures

  • tsholofetso says:

    Hi guys
    As I read ur comments and posts I realize that I’m not alone. What I can say is Never Ever Give up in life I’ve been studying for the past 8 years of my life because of financial problems at home I couldn’t finish in time. As I write this I’m busy with my last module. I promised myself that I want to do some thing with my life never give up on ur self have faith that’s the only thing you have in life.

    • belzoine says:

      I am not here to discourage anyone but to be honest its hard knocked life and you will realize when you go out there are no jobs and varsity did not teach us the reality of knowledge and learning to survive the big bad world, you study law and the reality is you have to find a place where you have to your articles, you did marketing but all you get are scams and sales jobs that pay in commission, you do engineering etc etc and the biggest of them all have 5years experience. its not easy, we have to look beyond our qualifications, the richest people do not have matric, we should ask them what they did.
      so its all up to you really

  • Sne MG says:

    First of all you are not a trust-fund baby, therefore being lazy is not an excuse. We all don’t wanna study, work, but we did it anyways to survive. And as soon as you start realizing that things do not fall down from the tree, especially money, you will suck it in and finish off your studies like all of us. Then afterwards you can start thinking about working or starting a business. Focusing on your problems will never solve anything…………Focus on your solution and your way forward!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kanego says:

      Hi there, I must say I truly acknowledge your perspective, at situations like these most of the time we empathize instead of lashing out all that tough love, Keep it up! It’s gonna save lives/ if not having done that already. Truly spectacular!

  • No1Tman says:

    Hey guys I just wanna share something with whomever tries to stare at my comment Firstly I would like to say:YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW STRONG YOU ARE UNTIL BEING STRONG IS THE ONLY OPTION YOU LEFT WITH.HERE IS A SIMPLE THING:DO Whatever That BEST DESCRIBES YOUR Personal attributes,just try asking yourself of how would you want to see yourself contributing to your society,no matter how low classy it might seem to the people,or just how fashionable it might be,just be honest with yourself.AND TAKE THIS FROM ME:DO WHATEVER THAT YOU WANT TO DO AND DON’T BE AFRAID ANYTHING,DO IT WITH PRIDE,DO IT,EVEN IF IT LOOKS WRONG OR UNPLEASANT TO THE PEOPLE’S EYES,KEEP ON DOING THE WRONG THING UNTIL THE WRONG THING TURNS WRITE.PLEASE POST YOUR FOLLOWUP COMMENTS IF YOU WANNA KNOW WHY I SAY SO.

  • Zeeconah says:

    Hey guys. is the anybody that can mybe help me look for funding for my studies, for so long I wondered why I was always so unlucky in life, all people may age went to school and finished up their studies and I got left behind but now I finally know it was all because god had other plans for me. I never got to live the life I always wanted. parting late and living the high life at res and being the top in fashion, instead I struggled the day I left school and it took me a while to get over that dream and that wish to be that person I wanted to be, that person that we all wanted to be since in high school, the life where iam the student with the latest gadgets, I get to travel around with my bursaries. that life escaped from my hands right infront of my eyes and I hated god for all but later in life ive learned to realise that it was to prepare me to be strong and learn to stand on my own too feet because today though I am not working at any amazing job but I am the sole provider at my house. I work and I pay the bills and anything they need I make it happen. and I have decided to pick up where my life left things and purse studying but my fear is I may not have enough for registration and loans are no option right now, I have too many obligations, I wana study communication, everything these days is always about science and engineering. where will I find the help, registration is just a few weeks away. getting restless but I know there’s always a plan , lets not give up . ur problems can never be that huge that you would wana take your own life, ive been there twice! and I survived massive drug overdoses, I can survive anything life throws at me

  • Asanda says:

    I am a bursary holder at Walter Sisulu University but i feel like i can just leave the university,i do not feel peace at all

  • Jerome Abt says:

    Greetings students.

    The best way is to find a solution to your problems instead of sulking and believing that the world is against you. The greatest solution of all is The Lord Jesus Christ! Start shifting your focus from nsfas and funders to the Lord of lords! The Greatest One that is more then able to take care of your every need! He’ll renew your strength and give you a double portion of what you ask! Have faith in God!
    I too have had problems but He has never failed me yet and He cannot fail!
    Friends, be of a good courage and praise The Lord for everything will work out!
    Let’s remain faithful because He is faithful!
    If you need to speak further, my number is 0838223979

    Jerome Abt

  • asanda says:


    I’m currently a construction worker, I have 4 years of experience in this industry and my aim is to study civil engineering via unisa and I registered this year and. Find that the NSFAS couldn’t help me because I was going to do extended programme for six month before I get to mainstream. Now I need help so as to pay my studies which cost 6000 which I can not afford. If I pass the extended programmes I can b able to do my mainsrream and b able to get loan from NSFAS. Please help me

    Asanda mlambo

  • Nomoroses says:

    Guys I just feel like committing suicide.I am a bursary student and get a good stipend per month.Distinctions are my middle name and excellence denotes my every day actions relating to my university studies.

    One thing that makes me cry and wish I was dead is just that my sponsor really doesn’t care about my wellbeing-they’re just flooding me with high student income per month.I’m a human being not a machine…I need to be well protected and satisfied with the way my sponsor treats me.Even a machine gets serviced during its useful life.

    Right now,I feel like a crappy moneybin of this company.I chose my career path because I loved it ever since I was born not due to high income earnings…

    Please,help me.I really want to kill myself now.Sometimes they force me to making decisions against my ethical belief and moral values.I’m just a second year student who still needs to grow in the right direction.

    • Kanego says:

      You could try and see a specialist I’m sure the’d help out, I heard of an organization that might help since they say it deals with students. Let’s discuss this matter on Whatsapp 071 225 1310

    • belzoine says:

      brother or sister do you, always do what makes you happy, that’s it, suicide is the easiest way to get out

  • lebohang says:

    i’m currently studing towards marketing management at unisa,i’m paying myself fees,and most of the time i get stacked to pay at school.

    i seek for help to make my business grow,i’m doing shooting and vedios at events including (weddings,graduations,parties.
    any sponsorship to fulfil my studies the big camera is the one i’m looking for.
    i’m stating with my grandmother who is always ther for me all time.i lost my parents since i was young.

    i’m looking forward to reach what i want in life,i also fix and upgrade computers so i want my experience and knowledge to help our country.

    i will appreciate if i could get help,i’m a dedicated person to make a difference in the cyber world.


  • edith says:

    hi guys ,

    hi guys please help a desperate girl out . i have been accepted to study medicine at the university but right now i dont have any funds or busaries . i am very worried that i may end up not making it this year .

    This is my only dream and this is the only thing i have always wanted . now that i have it it seems to be out of my reach