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I am currently studying at university doing my second year in Law. I have moved back and forth, from college and universities. Still I find myself in a predicament where I feel university isn’t for me.

Recently I failed some of my modules and now I struggle to find funding. I looked for work but everything lately requires experience or a degree/diploma.

I don’t know what to do but pack up and leave as I hope that somewhere else work would be easy to find.

I have never been away from home and fear the worst, so I recently decided on starting a business. That too is not working out as I always lose customers because of the distance between me and them.

Now I’m just trying off the last year that I can at university.

My heart just is not in it.

Help me please.


If you are able to tear a page from your book of wisdom, please help this young lady. Please Note: Leave your comment using the form below.

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  • Ngwane says:

    Heey, it seems like you and I have the same problem, that is School is not for Us. I wish I could give you the best advise ever, but all I can say is that if you believe that school won’t do you any good then the best thing to do is to just do what you feel is the right thing, something that gives you joy before its too late…Unlike me, I’m doing my 2nd year at University but it feels like I’m not in school maybe I’m somewhere where my body is there but my mind, my thoughts they are somewhere. Right now I think I’m about to fail two of my major modules, not because I’m dumb but simply because I never put it in my heart that I’m a University Student. What I have decided is that next year, whether I pass or not I don’t go back to school because the only thing that I get is stress from work, work that I don’t find interest in… So my advise to you is that do what you see will bring out the best at the end of the day and not something that will make you regret and doubt yourself each and every single day.

  • Tournesol says:

    The reason I stumbled on this page is because I was contemplating giving up because my life has been feeling so meaningless and mechanical during these four years (not entirely) I have been at varsity. I have seen my friends graduate and people move on with their lives whilst feeling stuck and frustrated. I have had my fair share of financial woes and pressures that led me to be so anxious and angry. At some points I blamed God and thinking about the future realising that I will have to experience more pain and trauma when I graduate due to the state of the world we live in I felt so disconnected because I thought, “this cannot possibly be it,there must be something more to life than pain and struggle”. There are many reasons why it would seem like a great idea to give up (trust me,I’m speaking from experiential knowledge) especially looking from inside out but you have to find the answer within yourself irregardless of the past,future,elements and etc. Personally I ask myself a question that was inspired by Mark 8 v 36. I ask myself “What is more important,my soul or x?”.

  • Prudence says:

    I would like to ask that if i pass my matric and fail only one subject maybe maths or physical science and it happens that the course i want to do at university doesnt requirw either maths or physics can i get accepted if ill ne paying my fees for myself and not the bursary

  • Lishivha Tendani Nadene says:

    I am a student at the university of venda first semester I’ve passed only 2 modules out of 6 so just wanna know that if am doing 7 modules this semester how many modules must i pass so that nsfas will be able to fund me even next year.Please help me am very scared that i will not survive without your bursary.

    I’ll be very greatful if you respond to mt message

  • Xoli says:

    Hi one thing you should know, it never meant to be easy road. Focus , commitment , hard working and prayers can help to easy your difficulties you currently facing.Do allow to fall when hard times test your resilience, speak to your self and say I am born to win and for reason to conquer challenges, coming on my way.
    Dropping isn’t a solution at all, as you know the world changes every now and then.It requires educated people to drive the economy.
    I trust this little piece of advice might be helful.
    Your’s faithfully

  • Boledi says:

    Hello I just wanna to ask if I failed 3 modules over 4 For first semester will NSFAS will pay for me ???

  • pontsho says:

    My dear sister, I was once in your situation before, but I did a self introspection and said to myself that if it is worth starting then it is worth finishing, and you must always remember that every marathon has a finish line, so go out there and claim what is yours, I know this journey may not be as straight forward as desired, but the ultimate goal can still be achieved.

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi guys I need help. Am studying at university of North West (Potchefstroom campus). Last year it was my first year, I had almost 07 modules I couldn’t handle the work it was too much work, so I went to my faculty and told them, I think am in a wrong career. I wanted to give up but when I think that am the only one at who is the first to go to university it made me sad. But I decided to cancel the module that I didn’t like. But at least I managed to pass first and second semester with good grades. But by the time I went home I told myself that I won’t come back to study anymore am done I wanted to give up. But I never told my parents about this. What I realized is that I put myself in a career that I thought it’s my passion while I lied to myself. I thought BSc was good for me. Am studying mathematics and physics, cause I have a passion for math and science. So I really enjoy only this two modules, but the other modules it makes me hate my course.

    So guys what I want from you it’s your advices guys. I didn’t fail any module. My problem is that this year I cancelled 05 modules I only left with four modules, which is 03 it’s my core modules cause I really enjoy them. Which is 2 mathematics and two physics. And the one is compulsory at our campus. So guys my point is I want to start all over again, I want to study teaching to teach mathematics because I enjoy mathematics a lot more than anything. So before I study I thought am gonna only focus on mathematics and physics. But to only find out the are more boring modules.

    So please guys I need help. I want to study at another university, but I don’t know whether my bursary will still fund me for my studies or not. Because I cancelled almost of my modules. Am little bit scared guys my family don’t know about this. I don’t know what’s gonna happen about me next year. But I want to study teaching next year at another university. And applied for teaching they accepted me. But I don’t know how will I get the money for the registration.

    • Vukosi says:

      Hi Kelvin
      I Think the majority of us can relate to your situation. I have had all sorts of feelings in University, from wanting to drop out to wanting to change my field and I have and I regretted it. I have been overwhelmed and that is the reality of a the average University student. There aren’t enough resources made available to High school learners with regards to Universities. Sometimes you want to study Law because you like Debating or Engineering because you were good in Mathematics only to realize It is different from what you had anticipated .

      Every course has non-core modules which aren’t necessarily related to your field of study but are necessary for advancing other skills. For instance in first year I had a modules such as Programming , professional skills development and in third year I had Comminications but my Degree is in Economics. I did not enjoy them but after my Undergraduate Degree I realized how they prepared me. Focus on completing your course with all you got . With a BSc, you have an option to do a PGCE for 1 year and be a teacher like you intend. I wouldn’t say start over given what is at stake and the time you would have wasted studying hard for the modules you passed. Truth is, we all didn’t know what to expect when we got to University and we basically just moved with the flow until we made it to the end. There is nothing more exciting like starting something and finishing it against all odds. Good luck making a decision

  • Tshegofatso says:

    I know exactly how u feel I’m going through the same thing feels like the walls of Jericho are falling on me at Varsity.

  • Reneilwe says:

    1 focus – your negative perspective towards university is fueling that feeling of giving up .
    2 Do what is best for you – A degree is best for ur future in the long run , a degree gives u a better chance of getting a job , its a knock at the door , without it you are just screaming from the gate .
    3 failure and Passing goes together –
    Sometimes we win sometimes we lose , never ever focus on the challenge at hand shift your focus to the solution ,how are u going to tackle this module now , what are u going to do now to pass this module , do u need to attend more lessons. Change lecturers , the solution is what u should be looking at

    Lastly my sister ,Pray about everything and remember God helps those that helps themselves and I get you I’ve been there , Dream big ,tell yourself that “I am here for my degree nothing else , I will get my degree no matter what ,through thick and thin this degree will be mine !” I will succeed , negative thoughts will not drive me , I will not act upon negativity !

    You can do this , do it ! Don’t let failure control you ! Don’t let it define you !
    Please do this for yourself .

  • Sally says:

    Hi whoever you are.
    I’m currently in the same situation where I feel like dropping out because I’m so tired of law and having to keep my grades up to secure my spot at the big five, it’s draining really.
    But everyday I wake up and remind myself of all the sacrifices that my family had to make in order for me to be here. I remind myself why I have to do this, it’s not just for us but it’s for our families. That’s fuel enough to keep me going. Find your fuel and hopefully that’ll be sufficient to sustain you the rest of the way to that finish line.

  • phumudzo says:

    I am lady who doing electrical engineering hvc at college. I feel like i don’t want to go anymore to school because I fail many times now I am doing my n2 two subject but I have n4 to n6 , sometimes I feel like i choice the wrong side. I am really stressed. I have negative imagation about myself.

  • Christinah says:

    I understand what you are going through,i am a second year studen in journalism and im unfortunately repeating my major due to stress suffered in this hell called university.ive got no friends,no one likes me and this affects my studies.when its time for group assignments i always find myself alone.Sometimes i feel like dropping out but then i remember im fu**n stuck.Just hang in there babe this too shall pass.

  • NKUNA PE says:

    I know the feeling nothing breaks my heart more than waking up and going to varsity every morning.When I was in matric i was told that that if you pass with atleast 70% avarage your marks will speak for you i will surely get funding and life will be easy for me.I passed only to be rejected by more than 5 funders others never cared to reply my applications.Without finding i lost interest in academics i wanted to follow my passion for entreprenuership but i have nothing to start on.Now i just like you my sister i’m looking for JOB to finance my dreams.I’ll advice you to keep on looking something will come up..if it never does create that something for those like ourselves who are trapped in varsity not by our love for varsity but by situations

  • Dumisani says:

    Im a matriculant this year ..I want to drop my details I’m just seventeen years old and turning 18, I need help with how to go on with my application for bursary for next year so if anyone interested in helping here’s my info:

    I swear you will regret doing so

  • thandi says:

    Hi dear

    Have you tried doing psychometric test at the university facilities and get counselling. It helps a lot with planning your future and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

    As for failing your modules it could be that you have fears and your fears are just a step away from your greatness. We all fail at something but if you view failure as a chance to correct your mistakes then you’ll get better results.

    Wish you all the best.

  • Ntokozo says:

    Listen, i wouldn’t advise you to quit at all. However, keeping at it when it clearly isn’t working might also be a horrible idea. My advice, take some time out, go home, evaluate your options and decide what it is you really want to do. i feel you torn between starting a business, getting a job and going through university and in my experience each of those need your utmost effort. think about it,what you really want to do and do that. do not do a thousand things at once. that never works.

  • Ntjime says:

    I wish I had an opportunity to study at a university, First my sister I would say to you why quit when there are so many options before quitting. You made it through first year, find that thing that made you to pass there, re-energize it and be smart about how you want to manage your studies. tertiary education is no easy but believe you have a chance now, and this now moment will never come again in your life. Just get the qualification and get a startup in life, you can always do without it in future.

    And I live by “If we need all those thing to keep us going in our daily basis like bathing…well motivation is part of those things in the age that we are living in, then do it everyday.”
    I motivate myself everyday and it works. Good Luck

  • Lerato says:

    I was in the same situation but then i got a learnership which i applied for through puff and pass and i get a stipend every month, i had to move back home too, which was sad because i felt like my dreams were shattered but look, every month with the little i get i pay for my outstanding fees and take care of myself. I am doing this learnership in hopes that i finish, get my certificate and with the skills and experience i got through the learnership i can get good job and later send myself back to school. its never the end of the world and you really cant give up and one thing i live by is “if no one is willing to help you, do it yourself”

    Apply for learnerships, take over the world by yourself. this world owes us nothing but we can give it everything if we try hard enough.

    good luck and i hope everything works out for you 🙂


  • scoobies says:

    I’m a town and regional planning student in uj currently doing my in-services training in a company in mpumalanga ,i was promised a job on the agreement that i graduate next year but then got 40% on my project work B which is the only thing leading me to face fees next year and forfeit my offer, it stressed me to the point that i’m even thinking of quitting everything.

    • Hesto says:

      Hi there
      We don’t do what we like,we like what we do.
      its about discipline.You can drop out its fine,but you will want to come back,but when?
      Just study all the modules and pass TWO SUBJECTS WON’T GET YOU A DEGREE.
      Thank you.