This post will benefit grade 12 students (others should know their way around the tertiary education environment – I think)

I have compiled a list of all South African universities including:

  • Closing dates for applications for first time undergraduate students (this is for studying in 2012) (there are two or three university that do not support this infomraion on their websites)
  • Application forms (some universities allow online applications only)
  • Application fees (I published what I could find)

All this information can found in this page: Useful Links

Please let me know if there is anything I missed via this page: Send Feedback



  • nomfundo manga says:

    dear sir/madam i would like to study pharmacy technitian but i cant find a space for 2012 willl u be able to help me with university that can accept me or the lab technitian or dietician please i need yor help.

    • Site Editor says:


      I am not sure what I can do for you, but let’s try to solve this problem together:

      1. Which province/town are you from?

      2. Where would you like to study? Towns or universities of your choice…


  • Dudu says:

    Iam 22 year old girl have been try 2 study from 2008 hard family problemz and i have been working in retail for 3yearz what do you have for people with matric