Location: Johannesburg
Closing Date: 30 September 2012

Downstream Challenge covers the following areas:

  • Commercial
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Functions

How long will I be a Challenger?

Downstream Challenge can last between two and three and a half years and may consist of rotations depending on the SPU discipline requirements. The actual time could be longer or shorter depending on individual circumstances and experience.

By the end of the programme you must be able to:

  • handle a stand-alone role in your chosen discipline
  • have sufficient competency to ask the right questions in related areas
  • and know how and when to seek help.

What opportunities does the Downstream Challenge programme provide?

We believe Downstream Challenge offers you a head start in the company with a fantastic set of opportunities:

  • An early development programme giving you the opportunity to become a fully competent professional in your chosen discipline
  • Structured training and other opportunities to develop competencies within your discipline
  • Real professional roles in which you will develop your technical expertise
  • Blended learning experience through Downstream Challenge Induction provides you with exposure to the entire Downstream Segment. You will have an opportunity to learn from and network with a group of peers and more experienced BP colleagues
  • Proactive support and coaching for your development from your Line Manager and Mentor

Entry requirements

We want to recruit fresh graduates with a maximum of one year post-qualification experience who:

  • meet our EE targets and or diversity and inclusion principles
  • have a good academic record and achievements
  • are from recognised Universities and Universities of Technology
  • demonstrate leadership and team work skills

You must also demonstrate the following competencies:

  • oral communication and interpersonal skills
  • written communication skills
  • team work and collaboration skills
  • able to work under pressure
Field Education Location How to Apply
Chemical Engineering A minimum degree in BSc Chemical Engineering JHB Apply Online
Economics / Regulation / Tax ● Minimum BCom Honours degree in Economics, Tax, Regulation or related degree CT Apply Online
Environmental Management ●Minimum Honours Degree in Environmental ●Management or related degree JHB Apply Online
Human Resources ● Honours in Bachelor degree Bcom/BA/Human Resource Management● Knowledge of current discipline, specific trends, theories/approaches and benchmarks. JHB Apply Online
IT Honours degree in Information Systems or related degree JHB Apply Online
Logistics Management Minumum Honours Degree ● BCom Logistics Management or related degree JHB Apply Online
Mechanical Engineering ● Honours in Bachelor degree Bsc/B Engineering/BTech- Knowledge of current discipline, specific trends, theories/approaches and benchmarks. EL Apply Online
Sales and Marketing A BCom Honours Marketing degree or related degree JHB Apply Online
Supply Chain Management Minumum Honours Degree – Bachelors BCom Supply Chain Management or related degree JHB Apply Online