The Cape IT Initiative, via its CAPACITI 1000 programmes, has set itself the challenge of growing the Western Cape pool of ICT skills by initiating, facilitating and managing projects to meet Western Cape industry demand for IT skills in critical short supply.

We started the programme in 2011 with a focus on Business Analysis and small pilots in software programming and Application Support. For 2012, we are in the process of industry engagements around programmes and/or interventions, in the following three areas:

1. Business Analysis and/or Systems Analysis

2. Software Programming

3. Application Support and Infrastructure

The CapaCITi 1000 programme was developed in line with our possibility that 5000 more people get employed in the Western Cape in our IT-related area of focus by March 2016. As a result, we are particularly focused on developing and placing entry-level IT talent as well as unemployed people with IT experience or training, and graduate-level individuals who would like to work in the IT industry but are currently working outside of IT.

Students graduating in 2011, IT graduates and other unemployed individuals who have IT-related training or experience, and who are interested in Work Experience, Internship, Training and/or Work Placement opportunities in the above-three programme areas, are welcome to register their CV and testimonial details with us for current and upcoming 2012 programmes. Applications opened on 16 August 2011.

Note that all our programmes are based in the Western Cape. Candidates from other provinces are welcome to apply but please only apply if you sincerely intend to live and work in the Western Cape (and are confident that you will be able to live far away from your home family support system.)

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(BSG (Business Systems Group) is our technology partner on the CapaCITi 1000 programme. BSG is a professional services company providing premium business and software solutions to its clients. BSG is contributing its experience and skills in developing and running a robust recruitment process and will supply the technology that will streamline the programme application process and the management and tracking of our IT talent once it has been placed on our programmes or interventions.)

BA SA 2011

In February 2011, we launched our first programme under the CapaCITi 1000 umbrella, the “CapaCITI 1000 Business Analysis and Systems Analysis Training and Internships for New Entrants to the Skills Pool of the Western Cape Insurance Sector” (the BA SA 2011 Programme). This programme provides both training and a 12 month internship, together with internal mentorship from the host company and external mentorship via a facilitated peer support group, for 38 candidates who are placed at 10 host companies, including Old Mutual, Santam, Sanlam, T-Systems, SITA, DVT and others. The training comprises an NQF Level 8 part-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analysis and Systems Analysis Diploma which has been customized specifically for the Insurance Industry by the University of Cape Town’s Information Systems Department. The internship runs concurrently with the training as well as the mentorship and peer support programme.

This programme is progressing well and we are very pleased with the awesome progress of our programme interns so far.

The stakeholders in this programme are the Cape IT Initiative, the University of Cape Town, insurance and ICT industry host companies as well as the programme funders, INSETA and Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape, as well as the Department of Communications e-Skills Institute.