This post is geared to two groups of people. First, the matric student who is not sure what to study in order to get a job. Second, the graduate student who is struggling to find an internship…

To celebrate the second anniversary of, we decided to make use of the information we have to help you understand why you aren’t getting posts match your skill set.

As such, below is a summary of the career fields we have posted over the last two years.

We think this is going to be useful for many reasons:

  • Primarily, we think it is going to give you an idea what is in demand and employers are actually looking for.
  • In addition to this, hope that it will answer your questions about what career field is likely to get you a job.
  • It will also answer the question, should a finger pointing contest be necessary, whether the government is responsible for joblessness or not.

** Please note that this is a reflection of the information we have as Puff & Pass, so use it carefully.

Careers 2011 - 2013