Closing Date: 04 July 2014


The Bio manufacturing Industry Development Centre (BIDC) at CSIR Biosciences is focused on translating research into market-ready products and technologies. The BIDC is offering internships in bioprocessing and product development.


  •  An undergraduate degree or diploma in biotechnology, engineering or associated fields such as microbiology.
  •  Postgraduate qualifications and / or relevant work experience would be an advantage.


  •  Design, plan and execute tasks under supervision.
  •  Analysis and objective interpretation of data under supervision.
  •  Undertake research, development and manufacturing at various scales.
  •  Participate in the upkeep of infrastructure and equipment.
  •  Ability to work flexible hours including shift work and the means to travel to and from work outside of typical work hours.


  •  A strong work ethic (e.g. accountability and reliability) and the ability to work under supervision within a dynamic team environment.
  •  The following competencies are critical for these positions: innovation; sound technical knowledge; integrity; lateral thinking ability; and knowledge and appreciation of a cross-disciplinary project team environment.
  •  Excellent communication skills and the ability to contribute across the boundaries imposed by classical scientific disciplines.

How to Apply

Apply for the CSIR Protein Technologies Biosciences Internship Opportunity