Closing Date: 30 November 2017

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform invites all learners and students who are South African citizens and who desire to study or are studying on full-time basis at tertiary institutions to apply for Bursary available for the 2018 academic year. Bursaries will be awarded to learners who are financially needy and academically performing well. The bursaries target Grade 12 learners: those who have already passed Grade 12 in previous years; and students who are already at tertiary institutions (the closing date for the submission of completed application forms is 30 NOVEMBER 2017).

BSc in Land Surveying / Geomatics

  • Mathematics and Physical Science
BSc in Town and Regional Planning / Urban Design

  • Mathematics. Geography and / or Physical Science
BSc / BA in Geo-lntormatics / Geographc Information Science

  • Mathematics and Physical Science
National Diploma in Surveying / Cartography

  • Mathematics and Physical Science
National Diploma in Town and Regional Planning

  • Mathematics and / or Physical Science and Geography

The Bursary Covers: Tuition; Registration; Accommodation: Meals; Living Allowance: and Book Fees.

NB: The completed Bursary Application Form, together with certified copies of all the required documents should be submitted directly to: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Office of the Chief Surveyor General, Private Bag X954, Pretoria, 0001 or hand-deliver to: Office of the Chief Surveyor General, corner Bosman and Pretorius Streets, 2nd Floor, Rentmeester Building. Pretoria, 0001.


  1. Fully completed Bursary Application form
  2. Proof of physical address (home) document: A letter from the Traditional Authority Offices for those residing from the villages and a letter from the Municipality Offices foe those of Town I Townships I Farms (not statement of account, e.g. water bill. etc.)
  3. Certified copy of ID Document (student)
  4. Certified copy of Statement of Results  /  Matric Certificate (Matric Certificate is compulsory for all applicants)
  5. Certified copy of end of year results  /  last academic results (Students already at tertiary)
  6. Certified copy of University Acceptance letter
  7. ATTACH PROOF OF PARENT(S) AND GUARDIAN INCOME DOCUMENT(S): SALARY PAYSLIP(S) (NB: In case of deceased parent(s), also attach copy of Death Certificates).
  8. NB: In case the University Acceptance  /  Admission Letter and the end of year Results (Matric and Tertiary) are not yet received, please submit the Bursary application form with other supporting documents before the closing date and submit the results not later than 10 January 2018 to email:   /   /

How to Apply

NB: Application forms are available from

Application Forms received after the closing will not be considered  /  will be disregarded. It applicants do not hear from this Office after four (4) months from the closing date, they should accept that their Applications were unsuccessful.

Enquiries: 012 326 6050 Closing Date: 30 November 2017

Applicants should consider their app4icatlons unsuccessful if they have not received a reply by 31 January 2018.