Closing Date: 08 September 2012

Edcon = (CNA, Edgars, Jet, Red Square, Boardrooms, Jet Mart etc.)

The Merchant Development Programme in an 18 month theoretical and practical programme that offers 20 ambitious graduates the opportunity to join our world class merchandise environment. It will provide you with a platform to learn from top professionals in the industry and will equip you with the relevant tools to grow and develop your career in the Merchandising Environment

Outline of the Programme

  • The program consists of 3 phases, with an assessment exam after each phase. You will need achieve 80% in order to progress further in the programme
  • The programme will provide you with a combination of on the job practical experience coupled with theoretical training and coaching
  • The MDP is an 18 month fixed term contract program. Candidates that are successful after the program will be afforded the opportunity to apply for various positions within the Merchandise area
  • The programme will commence in January 2013

Selection Criteria

  • Students who are currently completing their final year of their undergraduate or
    postgraduate degrees in the following faculties: Commerce (Economics, Business Economics, Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Retail Management, Procurement, Statistics). Have an accredited National Diploma or completing your final year in a National Diploma in Fashion Design; Textile and Garment Construction, Clothing / similar
  • Graduates with limited or no working experience
  • Graduates who are high performers and achieved in all avenues throughout their lives,
    have superb learning ability and are dedicated and ambitious about developing their
    careers in the retail environment

Application Process for the MDP

  • Online Applications for the MDP open between 10 May 2012 and 8 September 2012.
  • A detailed CV is required, with relevant attachments consisting of qualification results and certificates
  • You will be asked to complete three questions which will be submitted together with your CV
  • Our recruitment process consists of Interviews and Psychometric Assessments
  • Final interviews will take place during the month of September 2012
  • Those applicants that are successful will be notified between October and November 2012.
  • Acceptance into the program will be dependent on the applicant passing their final exams and graduating with a degree or diploma

How to Apply

Apply Online