Closing Date: 30 June 2014


If you’re a bright spark with dreams of a bright future, Engen might be able to make this possible. Engen will be awarding bursaries to top students for a variety of BSc and BCom degress.

Fields of Study

  •  BSc Mechanical Engineering
  •  BSc Metallurgy
  •  BSc Chemical Engineering
  •  BSc Industrial Engineering
  •  Bcom Transport
  •  Bcom Credit Management
  •  Bcom Procurement
  •  Bcom Marketing
  •  BTech Credit Management
  •  BSc Information Systems
  •  BSc Environmental Science
  •  BSc Chemistry
  •  BSc Civil Engineering
  •  BCom Forensic Auditing / Accounting


  • CV
  •  Academic transcript

How to Apply

Email: [email protected]