Closing Date: 01 September 2013

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) is always GOING FURTHER, we launched the highly successful Graduate Trainee Program in 2012 and now we have added the Bursary Program in 2013.

Career exhibitions are attended annually at various universities where students can enquire about FMCSA’s Graduate and Bursary programs.

Graduates from various fields of study, e.g. Engineering, Finance, Marketing, etc. are provided with an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience in preparation of securing a permanent position. The graduate program is run over a period of 24 months and covers extensive training and development opportunities. Although there are no guarantees of permanent employment after expiry of the 24 months contract, the graduates may apply for any vacancies as and when they occur.

FMCSA is fully committed to supporting the National Government’s drive for the development of skills in South Africa to actively contribute to the economic growth of our Country. Students in their final year of study are provided the opportunity to complete their academic qualification with a FMCSA sponsorship. Bursary students may be considered to join the Graduate Trainee program upon successful completion of their studies.

Every year students from various universities are invited to apply for either the Bursary or Graduate Trainee programs. The applicants are screened and the best students are selected to join the various programs.

Details for the Bursary Programme

  • Students who are in their final year of study
  • Application forms, together with CV’s and statement of results can be e-mailed to [email protected]
  • Documents exceeding 1MG will be rejected. To download application form click here.

The subject line on the e-mail must include the following headings only:

  • Bursary – Human Resources
  • Bursary – Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Bursary – Engineering (Electrical)
  • Bursary – Engineering (Industrial)
  • Bursary – Purchasing
  • Bursary – Finance
  • Bursary – Marketing
  • Bursary – Information Technology
  • Bursary – Supply Chain Management

The closing date for applications for both the Bursary Program and Graduate Trainee Program is 01 September 2013