Dear somebody’s daughter or son,

We’re always looking for ways to make a difference. To land a hand. To spark something inside you to motivate you to “keep walking”.

As such, seeing that many of you are going back to school we felt that there is no better way than to help with school related material. Therefore, we are giving away R5000 worth of stationery to 10 deserving students. Meaning: each winner will receive a stationery voucher worth R500.


  • You must be a South African.
  • You must be a registered tertiary or high school student.
  • You must be willing to provide your proof of registration when required.
  • You must be willing to provide a copy of your ID when required.

Closing Date

This giveaway closes midnight on Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another thing: If you have a concern or something you want to share privately, please contact the Site Editor via: Send Feedback!

How to Apply

Fill in and submit the following form…