Today we are learning about email…

This is for those of you who may have never received training on how to use email.

Recommended Internet Email Providers:

  • Gmail(been using it since it came out in 2004)
    1. Has its own mobile client which can be downloaded from here
    2. Links well with Blackberry phones too.
  • Yahoo Mail (used it before Gmail came out in 2004)
  • Webmail (This is a South African company but I have never used it before )

Why have meaningful email address

I think we should old grow out of the [email protected] type of email addresses. If you know you are going to use your email address for many years to come why don’t you use [email protected] or [email protected]? You have a choice though. You can have something meaningful or Tough Guy type of thing.

Please Note: I have created a Tips & Tricks category just to share this kind of information.

Another concern: there are people who put www (e.g. [email protected]) in their email address. If you still do, please stop it and sign up with one of the above service providers using your name and surname.

Some email terminology:

  1. TO: address of the person to whom you’re sending an email
  2. CC: Stands for Carbon Copy – used when sending a copy of an email to a second recipient. Meaning, the main recipient is in the TO field and the secondary will be CC.
  3. BCC: Stands for Blind CC and when you put a person’s email addresses in the BCC: rather than the CC: area, none of the recipients can see the addresses of the other email recipients. Useful when you send something you find interesting to your unrelated friends: Putting all of them in the BCC field is advised as they will not know who else got the email… Otherwise (if you CC everybody) some friend is going to press the Reply All button which is generally annoying.

Here are some security 101 rules about email:

  1. Never give the password to your email address to anyone or website. I know facebook does this but don’t do it.
  2. Always logout before you close your browser.

And if you don’t know how to communicate via email, here are some dos and don’ts 1,2:

  1. NEVER USE CAPITAL LETTERS (it’s actually a way of shouting)
  2. Use a meaningful subject (Application for “ ____________ Internship Programme”)
  3. One message, one topic
  4. Provide context to frame your message.
  5. Don’t forget the rules of grammar and punctuation (No Mixit stuff).
  6. Remember: You don’t have to respond to every message right away (gather your thoughts first).
  7. Always read your email before you send it. Every sentence and every word.

If you have anything you would like to add here please use the comments page below.

Further Reading

1. Anon. Email etiquette rules for effective email replies. Available at: http://emailreplies.com/. Accessed May 4, 2012.

2. Amit Asaravala. 14 Email Do’s and Don’ts. 14 Email Do’s and Don’ts. 2007. Available at: http://www.techsoup.org/learningcenter/internet/page6175.cfm. Accessed May 4, 2012.



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  • Motlalepule says:

    Hi, I’d love to ask…. Is it always necessary to scan a cover letter and attach it when ever you are applying by email? And what is the post approachable message to write when applying by email?

  • Sipho says:

    Hi what i did is, i capture my cv and my certificate with my phone and i save it, when i need to apply using email i just attach it and just write the message

    • Thulile says:

      That is so unprofessional, rather scan your certificate and save your CV in pdf format, that would make it hard for a person to try and change your details. How to save CV in pdf format: using MS Word, select ‘save as’ and it will give you options as to where to save your document. At the bottom screen, you will see a file format of doc. and a drop down box, select that and choose pdf then save your CV…done

  • bentphonikx says:

    can be problem if scan original document without certifying it and put it on my mobile phone and applying with them via e-mail

  • tshepo says:

    when i log in at other website, they say my password does not match with username. what is that username and why at other websites there is nothing wrong about that?

  • Thobela says:

    I just want to say tanks guys m also suffering about sending a cv by fone nw i hav some clue,i will try

  • mpho says:

    Thanks for the tips admin…I’d like to know this?
    When scanning my documents to upload or save,do I save them as separate PDF documents or one PDF document with several pages?

  • Thabiso says:

    lets say a company advertise a post and they say u must email them your CV and results what must u write in the massage box and on the subject?

  • tebogo says:

    I can’t read a pdf document/encryrted document on yahoomail,does gmail do the same thing or not

  • Ncanyiwe says:

    Sometimes when i open my yahoo account it gives me problem saying there was an error opening your account and whn i open it the following day it opens fine without any hustles. What could b th problem at tht time?

  • Sindiswa says:

    How do i access puff and pass on facebook?

  • Malefetsane says:

    Hi I have been using a yahoo e-mail address since from last year,so right now i having a huge problem about my yahoo account.when i want to check my emails my account says that were you having a difficulty loggin u account and say plz try again later.so i try it many times i didnt get a solution for this provider so what can i do to fix it plz help me. another one i create a new aaccount from gmail the problem is i want to check my emails but i dont know how to check my messages plz help me.giving me a feedback on this number **********.

  • Nomathemba says:

    i have set up an email address last year i have never got a chance to go and check my emails so i have tried using my personal PC and a modem but im stuck because i dont know what to do and how to connect can u advise please im tired using a mobile because i cant use my email account to search for jobs.

    • Site Editor says:

      It’s hard to know offhand the real reason for your problem.

      Do you get this problem when you send emails to your friends?

  • wilson says:

    Thanks this was very good things to know.

  • sultan says:

    Hi I would like to know if it is ok to use the job title or ref number as the subject ?

    • Site Editor says:


      No. But if I were to receive such an email, I be happy if it had a subject like this: “Application for (REF: 0001)”


  • zanele says:

    Hi I would like to ask how do type in a cv and save it on the phone

    • Site Editor says:


      • Send it to the phone via bluetooth or
      • Create a new email from a computer and save it as a draft then open it via the phone and save the attachment
      • Email it to a friend and ask the friend to email back to you and download and save the attachment
      • Sam says:

        Another way of doing that is:

        Take your phone’s memory card and insert it into memory card adapter. Then you put in your computer and copy paste the CV to the memory card.

        Take (eject) the adapter out of the computer , then take out the memory card and place it back in your phone. When ever you need to upload your CV just open the memory card folder to find your saved CV.

        1. Always name your CV properly so that you can easily access it.
        2. If you have a PDF converter on your computer, make sure the CV is converted from Word to PDF format before you save to memory card.

        Hope this also helps you.

  • Nokuthula says:

    I would like to know what is the correct way of attaching documents when you are emailing your cv,academic transscripts ect to someone. The thing is, when I attach something the spacing of my words on my documents changes or I have heard that the attached document does not want to open.

    • Site Editor says:


      You didn’t give much about your problem hey… Having said that I cannot thing of any other possibilities other than MS Word (*.doc vs *.docx). If this is the case and to be on the safe side please try to save your CV and other MS Word documents as a PDF. Follow the guidelines from the templates page on how to save word documents as PDF.

  • Rapelang says:

    Been using this default e-mail address for a while now, but I feel its not serious enough, should I register with a new more used or “catchy” service provider say yahoo, g.mail etc

  • Celiwe says:

    Good day,you said a password should not be given to anyone.I have done this several times when assigning to some websites even Facebook like you have mentioned.Am I in some kind of trouble already?

    • Site Editor says:


      I am assuming you’re talking about the password to your email.

      Regarding the Facebook one:
      I’d advise you not to give it because they will have access to your entire mailbox and who knows what else they read from there. Also, you have no idea how long they keep your details (which are meant to be private) in their systems.
      Another thing: don’t install the FB app on your phone as it reads your phone book and then sms everyone there to sign up with Facebook… [Trust me it is not nice to get those messages and you don’t want to upset your friends].

      Lastly, never use your full name on the internet unless your have to.


  • Nkululeko says:

    thank you for guidance but i have a question. Is it ok to allow someone to use your email lets say for his/her application. helpng a frend.

    • Site Editor says:

      No problem.

      Regarding your friend here is what I’d suggest:

      • No. Don’t allow anyone to access your account.
      • Create one for them and teach them the basics. Remember that internet email is free nowadays…
      • I say all the above based on the assumption that your friend, at least, owns a smartphone…

      Even if your friend has no smartphone, I’d still say no.