Division Proposition

The Liberty Graduate Trainee programme is aimed at young, professional go getters with the ability to integrate into any one of our key business areas.

Position Description

The Graduate Development Programme is a 11 month development programme which aims to find and develop exceptional young talent, grooming the individuals into the corporate world.
Successful applicants attend a rotational programme for a 11 month period where they are exposed to practical on-the-job training and are involved in strategic business projects. Graduates also get experience in the day-to-day running of the business.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Be a university graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree in one or more of the faculties listed under qualifications

  • Accounting
  • Information systems
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Human resources
  • Engineering
  • Property studies
  • Management sciences
  • Other financial business-related fields, such as an MBA, Law

Please note: We are prepared to accept applicants with degrees in other disciplines not listed above
Have no more than two years’ full-time work experience since  graduating (this does not include internships or articles)
Be a South African citizen

Required Competencies

Deciding and Initiating: Takes control and exercises leadership. Initiates action, gives direction and takes responsibility.
Supporting and cooperating: Supports others and shows respect and positive regard for them in social situations. Puts people first, working effectively with individuals and teams, clients and staff.  Behaves consistently with clear personal values which complement those of the organisation.
Interacting and Presenting: Communicates and networks effectively. Successfully persuades and influences others. Relates to others in a low confident and relaxed manner.
Analysing and Interpreting:  Shows evidence of clear analytical thinking. Gets to the heart of complex problems and issues. Applies own expertise effectively. Quickly takes on new technology. Communicates well in writing.
Creating and conceptualizing:  Works well in situations requiring openness to new ideas and experiences. Seeks out learning opportunities. Handles situations and problems with innovation and creativity. Thinks broadly and strategically. Supports and drives organisational change.
Enterprising and performing: Focuses on results and achieving personal work objectives. Works best when work is related closely to results and the impact of personal efforts is obvious. Shows an understanding of business, commerce and finance. Seeks opportunities for self-development and career advancement.
Adapting and coping: Adapts and responds well to change. Manages pressure effectively and copes well with setbacks.
Organising and executing:  Plans ahead and works in a systematic and organised way. Follows directions and procedures. Focuses on customer satisfaction and delivers a quality service or product to the agreed standards. We are an equal opportunities employer and are totally opposed to discrimination in any form. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees regardless of race, sex, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital / partnership status, religion, age or disability.