Location: Gauteng & KZN
Closing Date: 30 September 2013

About the Programme

This Trainee programme is focused on developing Graduates with interest in Specialist fields of the Retail environment. The specialist roles are Buying, Planning or Business Systems and Process (BSP) i.e. IT Support Analyst.

We look for Graduates with

  • Entrepreuneral skills
  • excellent attention to detail,
  • a creative mind,
  • sound managerial skills,
  • decisiveness and the ability to take risks,
  • sound judgment,
  • good planning and organising skills,
  • confidence and self-assurance,
  • persuasiveness and resilience.

Buyers are responsible for developing buying strategies through accurate interpretation of market trends and a solid understanding of customer needs. To implement effective buying strategies, buyers give creative guidance to select merchandise and negotiate contractual terms, such as price, delivery date, and specific merchandise requirements, with suppliers.

How to Apply

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