Closing Date:  30 November 2012.

 Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:
To become competent within the Mobile (GSM) arena within the given period and to utilise these learnt skills within the given environment.

KPA duties

Key Tasks:

  • Following and completing all courses and practicals successfully within the given timeframes
  • Effective completion of program in totally and being successfully placed into a specialist role within the NWG
  • Learning to work in the corporate environment
  • Effective Teamwork skills within the NWG to learn by doing and observing
  • Effective monitoring of and involvement in all technical changes and products & services of MTN
  • Effective building of relationships: external and internal
    Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Tasks:

    • Communication – The process by which information is exchanged both internally and externally of MTN
    • Planning – Must learn to plan all tasks so as to most effective at work
    • Interaction – learn to interact at all levels within the Company and with external suppliers and clients.
    • Job Rotation – Rotation within the Network Group

Educational requirements

Education: Engineering Degree or Diploma with completed practical courses  

Skills / physical competencies:

  • Communicate at all levels
  • Presentation skills
  • Interest in GSM Technology
  • High Energy levels
  • Basic PC literacy

Other information

  • Reference No:CTO Tx GRAD2012
  • Position Type:Contract – Limited
  • Affirmative Action:Open to All
  • Salary:
  • Additional:
  • Behavioural qualities: Integrity, Friendly, Team Player, Innovation and “Can-Do”General working conditions/ Inherent requirements/ Tools of trade (e.g. shift work, drivers license (code), vehicle (make) specific tools (e.g. dial in facility, special cell phone, etc), special clothing, environmental requirements, etc.)
  • Valid drivers license
  • Use private vehicle required for business purposes
  • PC Literate

How to Apply

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