Learning Media Development IS Security
Mission Increase the effectiveness all performance interventions through providing development services for instruction media elements according to the storyboards and instructional strategies provided. The Graduate in Training IS Security will be trained (formally and “on the job”).He/she will, under guidance of the SM IS Compliance & Security gain knowledge, understanding, insight and hands-on experience and skills of the following:

  • To actively manage the operational security deliverables for MTN SA.
  • To implement and maintain the Information Systems Security Management Framework
  • To formulate, design and align the enterprise security architecture
  • To implement projects to ensure confidentiality, integrity & availability of information.
Duties Manage the development of various media for all blended training interventions including but not limited to, Classroom, Asynchronous e-learning, Video, Job Aids etc

  • Producing a variety of instructional media elements including graphics, animation, text, video, and/or sound used to enhance the online content and assist participant learning;
  • Collaborate with Development Managers to:
  • convert/update existing instructor-led material to online or blended delivery format
  • structure course content and develop graphics, create instructional and navigational templates, and presentation media based on an awareness of the strengths of the many separate media that comprise multimedia
    • Create art, animations, videos, soundtracks and interactions to enhance knowledge transfer
    • Develop and implement dynamic and creative interactive design solutions including graphics, music, flash components, and simulations as appropriate
    • Ensure training materials developed are aligned to the NQF, MTN Brand, MTN policies and procedures, and business needs
    • Provide information and knowledge as required to address needs and requests
    • Produce online learning and e-learning activities (courses, simulations, cases, assessments, or tutorials) from content developed by an SME
    • Manage the technical aspects of audio and video content production to meet established quality standards and production schedules, and ensure ease of use
    • Coordinate logistics for successful recording of content to ensure successful multi-purposing of content in audio and video formats. Interact with outsourced AV companies to ensure established audio and video standards are met
    • Capture and Edit video and audio: edit video and audio clips to produce a multimedia product, from rough edit to final edit, incorporating graphics, roll-ins, roll-outs, and other graphics as required
    • Monitor the effectiveness and usability of programs developed


  • Conduct quality assurance testing on all training materials created, including loading, testing, and evaluating programs in the Learning Management System.
  • Ensure bandwidth limitations of target audiences are considered and appropriate to design choices
  • Develop and document the technical procedures and standards for producing various forms of multimedia products including webcasts, audio casts, podcasts, streaming media, CDs, DVDs, online courses, simulations, assessments, tutorials, and others as needed
  • Research new developments (hardware, software, techniques, and approaches) in digital media, online learning, and e-learning, and incorporate new techniques and technology as appropriate

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Consider design, development and implementation of cross-platform solutions, to fully support all customer requirements and compatibility issues
  • Contribute towards initiating change to continually improve all aspects of service delivery
  • Assist in identifying trends / patterns pertaining to customer requests and needs to continually improve all aspects of service delivery
  • Ensure that the customer is satisfied with the end service
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of each solution to provide the best service to customers
  • Deliver first time right service excellence
  • Follow and complete all planned courses and practical training successfully within the given timeframes
  • Effective completion of the training program to enable/ensure successful placement into a suitable role within IS
  • Learn to work in the MTN corporate environment
  • Effective Teamwork skills within IS to learn by doing and observing
  • Effective participation in all security management and security architecture projects and product rollouts in MTN
  • Effective building of relationships: external and internal
The GIT will under guidance and supervision of the SM IS Compliance & Security, participate in activities at both strategic & tactical levels. Firstly as an learner/observer until eventually participating in and/or performing various activities in the primary security domains, such as:

  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Develop enterprise security architecture principles, standards, guidelines and model management aligned with architecture disciplines
  • Identify solutions required to realise the enterprise security architecture,
  • Assess, evaluate and review current and proposed solutions.
  • Develop requirements of such solutions
  • Implement and commission solutions
  • Formulate and monitor adherences.
  • Conduct assessments
  • Security Solutions Architecture
  • Provide security consulting services on Business and IS projects
  • Interpret the enterprise security architecture and apply to projects
  • Assists projects in developing risk profiles, assessment of security requirements, security design, implementation and security testing

Security Management

  • Develop, implement and maintain IS security policies, procedures and standards for MTN
  • Ensure regular Risk Analysis / security reviews to identify risks are performed and recommend and manage the implementation of appropriate controls to mitigate the risk
  • Drive closure of action items arising from information systems audits, and assist in the completion of the security audits
  • Assist Forensic Services etc. with investigations, e.g. mailbox requests
  • Manage Security incident response effectively
  • Report to management on IS Security issues on a monthly basis
  • Responsible for monitoring security

Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Tasks:

  • Leadership in promoting information security across the MTN Group
  • Tactical management and leadership of all IS Security Management components throughout MTN.
  • Communication – The process by which information is exchanged both internally and externally of MTN
  • Planning – Must plan all tasks so as to most effective at work
  • Interaction – Must interact at all levels within the Company and with external suppliers and clients team learning and knowledge sharing within team

Role Dependencies:

  • Mentors and all staff within the MTN IS Department
  • Student Development Manager
  • SM IS Compliance & Security
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia or related field for example:
  • BA of Design – Graphic Design,
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with specialisation in Visual Multimedia (Degree Code 02305 – MV1) (emphasis on visual arts and programming);
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with specialisation in Audio-visual Multimedia (Degree Code 02305 – MA1) (emphasis on audio, music and programming);
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) with Computer-generated Multimedia
  • BA Degree: BA (Design)(Communication Design)

BTech Degree: Graphic Design

  1. Preferred – Exposure to Instructional Design, or related subject e.g. Adult Learning, HR, Communications, or Teaching
  • BSc IT, BCom IT, BTech IT
  • Ideally SAQA/NQF standards training
  • Computer training e.g. on the multimedia development tools mentioned above


  • Knowledge of current and relevant legislation
  • Multimedia Systems knowledge
  • Technical requirements for use of and implementation of various multimedia elements
Skills / physical competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal skills and liaison competence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Customer Orientation
  • Effective written and oral English Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Lateral thinking & analytical skills
  • Internal Actualisation Competence ( the capacity to take decisions of one’s own accord, to perform, to achieve)
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Innovative
  • Listening Competence
  • Conceptual and Analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking

Behavioural qualities:

Confidentiality, Integrity, Friendly, Simplicity, Innovation, “Can-Do” and team work

Closing Date 23 January 2013. 25 January 2013.
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