Group Technology (IT) is a centralised technology unit, which has responsibility for all components of the group’s technology processing, development and systems support.

The group’s information technology (IT) systems, databases, technology infrastructure, software development and IT projects and programme management are centrally managed to provide economies of scale and facilitate cohesive group wide service-oriented architecture technology that supports and enables the bank’s business strategies.

Group Technology focuses on building Nedbank’ s future IT landscape, which in turn guides the three-year technology and business-aligned roadmaps. Group Technology is committed to providing flexible and cost-effective IT solutions that are able to evolve quickly and easily to suit the ever-changing requirements of Nedbank Group’s business divisions.


We require a diverse range of skills and qualifications from programming, infrastructure support and maintenance, information systems and technology to computer science and many more. Our business requires people who are creative, analytical, strategic, and innovative, have good problem-solving skills and are able to work in team

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