Our ten graduate streams…

  1. Human Resources
    This stream will not only provide you with an opportunity to work in various HR departments, including IR, Training and Development, OD, SAP, and Compensation but also ensure a comprehensive introduction to the world of South African retailing and our business operations.
  2. Transformation
    The Transformation Department is committed to addressing all areas of diversity within the business as well as in assisting to grow the SME and BEE Supplier.
  3. Store Operations
    This programme provides you with a fast tracked opportunity to be part of the management team in one of our stores and will provide you with experience in the operational areas of property development, and store planning and design.
  4. Group Strategy and Planning
    The Group Strategy and Planning Division leads the development of the overall Business Strategy for the Group including the 5 year and annual Business Plans.
  5. Pick n Pay CA Training Programme
    Want to be a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA))?
  6. Finance
    This stream provides graduates with all finance-related degrees, a number of different opportunities to build a career with Pick n Pay.
  7. Merchandise
    Here you will source (locally and internationally) a wide variety, good range of products at competitive prices for our customers.
  8. Marketing
    This stream provides you, a marketing graduate, with the opportunity to help grow awareness of the Pick n Pay brand and the values it represents.
  9. Information Systems / IT
    This programme will provide you with the relevant experience and exposure to ensure that you are part of developing and implementing robust and effective solutions to provide superior service to our customers.
  10. Supply Chain: There are six key functions:
    • Finance
    • Distribution
    • Quality and Supplier Conformance
    • Supplier Centralisation
    • Supply Chain Development
    • Forecast and Replenishment

How to Apply

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