Closing Date: 10 July 2013

Department Requirements How to Apply
  • 4 x Bachelor Degree/ N Diploma graduates specialising in Public Management or Administration
  • 2 x Bachelor Degree/ N. Diploma graduates specialising in Project Management
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Sector & Industry Development
  • 1 x BCOO/ BA in Economics graduates major in International trade or Development Economics or Econometrics.
  • 1 x BCOMM/ BA degree graduate specializing in Financial Management and or Financial m0deleng
  • 1 x Bachelor Degree/ ND graduate in Industrial Engineering.
  • 1 x Bach Degree/ ND graduates specializing in Public Relations or Industrial Engineering/ Advanced Manufacturing.
  • 1 x Law Degree/ BCOM/ LLB graduates majoring in Commercial Law/ Business Law.
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Chief Directorate Economic Planning BCOMM/ BA in Economics majoring in International trade or Development Economics or Econometrics Apply Online