Hello There,

It’s been a while since the giveaway and finally have I managed to respond to some of the issues you raised. Here is what can and cannot be changed (in the near future anyway) on the site.

If you have any question or something to add to this please do so here: http://puffandpass.co.za/chat/discussion/15/puff-and-pass-state-of-the-site-address


  1. Closing date, where there is space to do so, will be included in the title of each post. Otherwise, read the except of the post before you waste your time (as some of you mentioned) reading something that expired five years ago. Also, the closing date, town of the company advertising a position (of when available) will be put at the top of the post.
  2. Chatroom has been opened: www.puffandpass.co.za/chat [please join this chatroom/forum and share with your fellow careerseekers]. We need to share information there as much as possible. For instance, I may move to a new town and not know where NOT to stay only to end up in a shoddy environment. I am hoping the forum will be used for such things and similar…
  3. I will try to include application forms in all posts when they are available. But the need for application forms does not make sense to me! Here is why: applying for a post online is cheaper (less than R5.00) than faxing or posting stuff. Also, I want you to know that most applications/posts are moving away from paper forms and so, if you cannot adapt to apply online then you’re going to have a problem. If I am missing the point please school me here: www.puffandpass.co.za/chat
  4. Navigation: The location of the links has been changed a little. Cell phone users: There is a menu at the top now.

The Future:

  1. Success stories: a page is under construction. It’s development is taking more than I thought but it will be online before April. BTW: I cannot ask those who have been placed to donate money for the running of the site. Running the site doesn’t really cost much and, I am not trying to be fresh, if I want donations I’d start a church or something similar.
  2. Cellphone Users: there will be a list of categories at the bottom of the screen which replaces the old list of Pages. This feature is ready to roll out but I am still testing…
  3. PC Users:  the search field at the top will include a search button – in a couple of weeks. I guess I take things for granted… *sometimes*
  4. PC Users:  the categorization by month will be removed as it seems to be confusing people which leads to,
  5. Posts with closing dates in the coming months or so will be introduced – depending on available posts of course. So instead of having posts closing in this current month, there will be a listing for two to three months in advance.
  6. Thinking about advance search, which I still believe is not necessary…

Things I cannot change:

  1. Old Posts: Although many of you raised this issue, due to the nature of the web, I can’t delete the old posts. Just so that you don’t open old links, I suggest you look for the date on the title and if that fails then look at the date it was posted on. Reason: say you apply for a position and one month later you’re called for an interview. Don’t you thing it would be best to go back to the advert to refresh your memory about the position and also gather information about the company in question? Yes? Then what do you do if the post has been deleted? See? gotta keep them! Also, this site is linked with Google in a big way so much so every post is sent to Google less than 5 minutes after I put it online. Meaning there will a lot of broken links if I delete posts… Have you ever seen the 404 Page Not Found thing?
  2. Posts for unskilled people: I cannot go below Grade 12. Why? About a thousand reasons I can give: but (1) Puff and pass is NOT a job site! And I never  intended it to be. (2) Even if it was, I have read and heard so many horrific stories about job seekers being taken advantage of by the evil ones among us and I don’t want to deal with that negativity in my life. Because, you also know this, as soon as the site becomes more popular all types of people will start coming here. Even the priests from that church! Don’t believe me? Watch the chatroom when it becomes interactive! (3) Anyone who has not completed Grade 12 should go back to school [assuming we’re talking about people 25 and younger]. I am sorry… Education comes first to me. You don’t know what I am bubbling? give me until the second half of the year you will know why I came up with this site. Whatever it is, it is not a job site…

That’s pretty much it.

Lastly and most important, thank you abundantly for the feedback on FB and the Send Feedback page. If there is anything that doesn’t make sense or not clear to you about the site, please let me know: http://puffandpass.co.za/contact-us/

Again, if you have any question or something to add to this please do so here: http://puffandpass.co.za/chat/discussion/15/puff-and-pass-state-of-the-site-address (You will need to sign in/sign up to comment)