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Recently, over at our Facebook Page, we had a post about reasons / excuses people give for NOT pursuing postgraduate studies. Here is the summary of those excuses:

  • I’m tired of studying – I need a break – I might do it later on in life;
  • I’m tired of depending on (asking) people for money;
  • I want to make money and support (payback) my family;
  • I want to relieve my mother (someone);
  • My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family;
  • If I pursue postgraduate studies I will end up being too educated to find a job. Yeah right!

So, this is a follow-up to that post but for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. As such, here are some things you need to take into consideration before you commit to (or think about) postgraduate studies:

  • It’s cold at the top. But there is plenty of room. It’s good to be educated. Bestest feeling…[I’m told].
  • Be humble and act educated.
  •  You might end up losing all your friends. Because you won’t have time for small things such as partying and drinking and all the other unimportant things bored people do.
  • Everybody will have a car, home, wife / husband before you. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens…
  • Don’t write it on your forehead when you have your degrees etc…

Here is the good:

  • If you’re good at what you do, it’s FREE. You won’t pay a cent;
  • You get a chance to see the world. This is rare for Hons / BTech but if you do your Masters / PhD, you are likely to have one free trip to an overseas country. For a week. Try to go to a country where they don’t speak any of your languages… FUN! You will end up questioning your intelligence.
  • You will learn from the best.
  • You will learn to write. Properly. Most graduates don’t know how to write.
  • You will be a specialist / expert in something.

Here is how you get there:

  • Work on your attitude. A good attitude will take you a long way. Start by not going to people’s offices smelling of alcohol on Mondays. And …
  • Young men! Pull your pants up.
  • Your sh*tty attitude from 1st year is known by everybody in the department whether you are smart or not. Work on it.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Never lose your cool. Keep your head up and shut your mouth.
  • Find a professor that believes in you.
  • Tell your family not to expect anything from you for the next 2 – 3 years. Tell them you might not (won’t ) call for birthdays etc…
  • Don’t get married. Don’t promise marriage to anybody. Don’t have a kid either. Don’t promise anybody about settling down and having a kid.

Again, when it is all said and done, don’t write it on your forehead. Be humble and act educated.

Keep walking. You are not alone.

PS: Comments are open below should you like to share you views…


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  • Lungisani Ndimande says:

    I have a BSc degree in Geography and Hydrology. i have searched your website with anything relating to bursaries and learnerships in this field. kindly help out, i would like to do my honours next year!!! thank u

  • Naledi says:

    Hi, i wud like 2 knw if nsfas can cater for students with diploma 2 do b-tec? I did marketing from TUT nd i want 2 do my b-tec.

  • Zandile N says:

    Hi, I’m doing my in-service training in Biotechnology. My contract expires in December 2013. I would like to do Btech in 2014 at UJ but the problem is that I dont have any sponsorship. Earlier this year I applied for a bursary at SAB and ERWAT, but unfortunately I was not successful. Please help.

  • ntando says:

    I’m ntando 21 I will be finishing my inservice training january 2014 and I wish to further my studies by doing engineering and my question is can I get NSFAS in the university other than UNISA??..I would like to do my part time

    • Moses says:

      Hello,unfortunatly financial aid does not cater for part time studies. However there are two advices that i can give you. First one is that out of your allowance you need to save and pay your registration fees.seocnd advice you can keep on applying with comapnaies while your talking to your current employers if its possible for them to can give you that opportunity

  • Nhlakanipho says:

    When filling in the NSFAS application form, please be careful and fill in the correct information and correct certified supporting document. If you do not understand something on the form, please go and ask on the financial aid department. And when they need an affidavit, fill it in yourself because the police officers usually write incorrect information. Goodluck!!!

  • Lucky says:

    I want to do my in chemical engineering next year but the problem is that most companies give first preference to graduates with Bsc and Beng.

  • Vincent says:

    I have L2-L4 and N4-N5, N6 with 3 subjects left with one subject 2 complete it “electrical engineering” m looking for trainingships i nd ur help and i live Venda.

  • Johannes says:

    im doing ma BCom Accounting 3rd year @UJ & i want to do my CTA (BCom Honours in Chatered Accountancy) but i dont have sponsor to do my BCTA so i can do CTA. so were and how would get a sponsor…Thank you

    • FIKILE says:

      most companies don’t fund BCTA due to the course being a bridging, how over as a uj student try to speak to src to help you with funding, the uj trust fund or try to apply for nsfas I had a friend once how got funding from nsfas for doing his BCTA.

  • Unemployed Graduate says:


    Life is tough out there!!we doing these post grad studies just to stay @ home after we done, as we are with our degrees!!!!S.A is a cruel country when it comes to graduate employment!!the statistics are shocking!!

    But we’ll never give up till all works out in my favour!!!

    • Constance says:

      I woul love to go back to school next year. I was studying Financial Management N4 at Northlink College but i had to drop out because i didnt have money to travel to school and now im struggling to find employment. I hope that this is where i will find help.

      Thank you

  • snethemba says:

    I want to do Bsc Honours in environmental management at UNISA nexy year, i was wondering if i can be able to get funding for my studies because the truth is at home we struggling finacial.

    Thank you

  • nyiko says:

    Hi.I completed my N6 in electrical engineering so I wana persue my studies @ varsity any varsity so I wanted t0 ask dat how many years am I going to taKe since I have my N6.chaw

  • micheal says:

    am 25 completed a bsc honours with average of 63 so i wnt sponsr can nrf able to assist me? and what are others sponors for microbiology?

  • Mahlaku says:

    Hi! Every1 im a 26year old female an just finishd my level 4 certificate in IT an COMP was just a waste of my time an now i want to do my diploma at UNISA but i dont have money an nsfas declined my applctn.

  • nomhle says:

    Hi all, its a question reali..I graduated 2011 was doin a Ndip in Banking en m currently doin a Diploma in Investment Analysis en portfolio management with uj en m currently working but my job is not dat fancy I’m so bored that I am thinking of going back to school full time next year coz I feel like der’s no challenge for me. I want to do my honors in Financial Management but I don’t no if its de rite move to resign en go study in order for me to find sumthing else, pls help wud reali appreciate ur comments.

    • Lerato says:

      I think its best to complete your studies while you are still working because it is difficult to get employment this days, i resigned from my work last year and now I cant even get an Interview, maybe its only my bad luck I know people who moved from one job to another without any stress, maybe you will be lucky as well- i know I’m not and I’m dead tired of wondering around but I’m busy with an LLB Degree, hope I’ll get employment after that.
      Anyway Good-luck, whatever you decide it should be what makes you happy.

    • Dorcas says:

      before you quit ur job, who is goin 2 pay for your fees? your job is not fancy, you didn say if it gt smthng 2 do wth Accounting or not bcs if it is then that experience matters.

  • michelle says:

    the University of Venda and most universities i know are NRF-SPONSORED. approach a potential research supervispr and make your internstions to study further known to them and hear what they can offer you. dont be afraid to tell them you need a bursary that will cover this and that. at this age you are even allowed to have 2 or 3 bursaries as long as they are not from the same company and wont demand your time after strudies all at the same time. NRF doesnt need anything after completion so you can apply for that and still get another company bursar

  • Wandile says:

    [email protected] does offer funding 4 posgraduate studies…u just need 2 apply…application phase 4 2014 open on 01 August 2013…i hope ths info will help you

  • Nokuthula says:

    Hi i’m 24 and have been putting other people before me for as long as I can recall. I have matric with the ffg subjects-eng,afr,,small bus mngmnt,sacl,intro to criminology is there any way that i could recieve funding to study HR?

    • Wandile says:

      Yes u can..just decide @whch university do u wsh 2 study…and thn apply 4 admission nd financial aid @their offices

  • Bongiwe says:

    Thank you for the motivation,would you please help I want to persue my studies in the field of Industrial Psychology but the problem is that I dont have any funds to do so.I managed to get a degree through NSFAS, now I want to do honours and masters so that I can get a suitable job for my self.

  • Moeketsi says:

    UJ offers special honours bursary for deserving post graduate students with avarage of 65%, and north west university has nsfas for its postgraduate students.

  • Balungile says:

    I just competed my course I was doing risk management a 1 year diploma at oxbridge academy I’m looking for an experience or learnership so that I can get a job plz help