03 February 2012

I just got word that there is a problem with the email subscriptions (email addresses, which are supposed to be private, get exposed to other users). I have temporarily disabled subscriptions to about 400 users while I am working on the problem…

When I solve the problem, everybody will get emails as usual…

IF you received this update via email then it means you’re not affected by the problem… [please confirm]

17th January 2012

  • Try to apply for as many positions as possible. Don’t apply for internship at the Department Correctional Services only!!!

Coming up:

  • Sending posts to friends via email. This will be cool…

25 December 2011

  • As you can notice I introduced a new look of the site sometime during the week (20th or something). Please let me know if you’re experiencing any problems (Anything that’s funny on your eye). Please make use of the Feedback Form.
  • Sadly, I had to disable comments because people use them apply for positions. I kid you not!!!! Don’t ask me how a sober person can ignore, except due to lack of reading, all the information given on all the posts and choose to apply to us. So, I got sick of the back and forth. So, for the people who want to interact, ask a question or highlight a mistake in a post, please use the Feedback Form I will always respond to you via email.
  • Introduced adverts by Google on the right hand side of the page (I don’t think it shows on Mobile phones – otherwise let me know). I hope this will make enough money to pay server bills in the coming year.

01 August 2011

  • added a new page (Templates), for guidelines on how to write CVs, Cover  Letters (interships only – bursaries will follow later on) and how to apply for an internship
  • Updated the Useful Links page to include closing dates for university applications for 2012.


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  • mpumi says:

    The diploma is building in which you major in both connstruction management and quantity surveying. Once you have the diploma (building) you would then choose pursue a BTech in either construction management or quantith surveying.

  • mpumi says:

    I have a national diploma in building and I have been battling to get an entry level job or a bursary to do my BTech for 2012. Can u assist in any way?

  • khwezi says:

    hi, iv completed S4 in electrical engineering (industrial). Im currently seeking P1 and P2. Please help me out

  • Mr.D says:

    Hi,i have completeted my P1 and P2 electrical engineering (H/C) national diploma.i want to know if the are post you have for people who have completed P1 and P2.

  • Ophola says:

    keep it up sir! this is a wonderful initiative. you have my support +1..

    • admin says:

      Mr O,

      Thank you abundantly for the heads up. Your words of encouragement are like a cup of coffee in the middle of winter.

      Just so you know, I’ll do my best ensure that this initiative reaches all the corners of the continent.


  • Kaygee says:

    Common questions asked during interviews.

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your response. I will definitely put something online before the end of the month…


      • Eric says:

        Can we please arrange Interview in order for me to gain something, If you have time, because I am struggling with interview..

        • admin says:


          That is one of the ideas I plan to include in the future but not anytime now. So, I think the best you can do is to use Google for ideas and please practice your answers to any question you think they might ask you.


          Read a question and then take time to write the answer down and practice to say in a nice tone. Use a cellphone to record the way you sound until it feels natural.