Closing Date: 26 AUGUST 2013

Rand Water invites graduates/internships who are interested in joining Rand Water to apply for the completion of their diplomas and gaining experiential learning in fields mentioned below:

BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy/ light current) ♥ ♥ND/ BSC Chemical Engineering ♥BSc Civil Engineering ♥• BSc Mechanical Engineering ♥ Bcom/National Diploma- Finance/ Treasury ♥ Degree/B.A in Social Work ♥Degree in Sports Management ♥ ND/B-Tech Forensics/ Auditing ♥ ND/ B-Tech in Safety, Health, Environment & Quality ♥ ND/B-Tech Human Resources Management.

In making the final selection, first preference will be given to: 

♦ Applicants under the age of 30 (The organisation focuses on scarce and critical skills)    ♦ Previously disadvantaged individuals ♦ People with disabilities  ♦ Females ♦ Applicants must not have participated in previous graduate programme and with no working experience ♦ South African Citizens.

How to Apply

Download Application Form