Closing Date: 07 June 2013

We are looking for graduates to participate in an intensive GRADUATE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME for a period of twelve (12) months.

Field Requirements How to Apply
  • BSc Engineering (Civil)
  • BSc Engineering (Electrical)
  • BSc Engineering (Mechanical)
  • BSc Engineering
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  • BSc Chemistry / B Tech (Quality) 
  • B Tech (Natural Science) / BSc (Environmental Science)
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  • B Admin/B Com Finance/Industrial Engineering
  • B Com Supply Chain Management
  • B Com Marketing
  • BSc Computer Science
  • B Com Accounting
  • Masters / PHD’s in Statistics,
  • Econometrics,
  • Actuary Science,
  • Engineering Science,
  • Financial Maths.
  • BSc Software Development
  • BSc Information Technology
  • Grade 12, Technical Diploma (Logistics/Industrial/Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Lean Management.
  •  Honours/Masters in Statistics or Finance/Computer Science for Analytics.
  • NCV4 (Computer Studies) or N6
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