Bursary Application forms available from the South African Weather Service:

  •  National Certificate in Weather Observation
  • Bachelor of Science in Meteorology
  • Honours in Meteorology
  • Honours Bridging programme

Download Application Form.

info4@weathersa.co.za (Please send all questions to them…)



  • Andani says:

    I am from rural areas and i pass matric with bachelor in 2011 with 60% in maths and physcal science and im looking for bursary to pay my fees so that i can futher my studies because my family can’t affort to pay f. IF YOU ARE WILING TO HELP CALL [removed] OR POST TO MY E-MAIL [removed] PLEASE I WANT TO BE IN SCHOOL IN 2012.

    • Site Editor says:

      Look at the closing date.

      Search the site to find other bursaries. E.g. StatsSA…

      Have you applied to any institution though?

  • Manana says:

    Hi…i read somewhere in the net that i can apply 4this busary even if am not gona study anythin to do wth the courses above mentioned…i just wanna know how true is that.

  • admin says:

    I think this bursary closed many moons ago…

  • MATOME says:

    i need the closing date

  • Gift says:

    Im a grade 12 student,and i’ve just applied with my june results but i culdn’t get hold of the bursary form as I don’t have acces to computers,so I can’t download the form,can one apply online?

  • Unarine says:


    i am looking for a bursary for studying meteorology. i passed grade 12 in 2010. i am currently studying at the university of pretoria.

    • admin says:

      Hello to you,

      Listen, we post bursaries as we receive them and so far the Weather SA programme is all we have. I even tried to do some Googling as well but I could not find anything worthwhile.

      Please do visit the site [even during the winter holidays :)] from time to time to see if there is anything that might catch your fancy.
      Better yet why don’t subscribe to our mailing list: http://puffandpass.co.za/subscribe/? This way you will get daily updates of the site in your inbox.

      Apologies again for not being great help this time.


  • Mvuzo says:

    I’m looking to study about weather services but I don’t know where to start as I don’t money to further my studies.I’m also looking for bursary & I hope you’ll look into this as I’m very much interested & could please assist me in above mention.

    • admin says:

      Dear Mvuzo,

      Could you please download the application form from here:Weather SA Application Form.

      Another thing, how about you start applying to a university of your choice sooner because I think it would be better to look for a bursary after you have secured a place at some university.

      What do you think?

      Don’t forget to download the forms.