The aim and focus of the site has always been those people trying to get their careers off the ground. As such the features of the site have reflected this.

However, recently many visitors to the site have requested a feature to allow people to share their bursary/internship/learnership hunting stories. The aim of this, they said, is get an idea of the latest interview techniques and how one can prepare in advance for them.

therefore, if you have recently got a bursary/internship/learnership through puffandpass, please share your story by leaving a message below.

In your message, please touch on the following:

  • what did you do right to get the job?
  • what did you learn during the interview process?
  • Your message to all those still trying to get their careers on track…

Note: All messages are moderated which means your message will not appear right away.

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  • Mpumelelo says:

    Dear Puff and Pass team,
    It’s the first time I see this tab of ‘success stories’ on your site and I just thought I won’t let this one pass without commending the great work this site provide to the most youth of SA , especially the graduates.
    After three full years from graduation, I was trying and trying to apply for job placements and not a single application was shortlisted or landed me anything. Then this one day I met someone and they introduced me to puff and pass (The Life Changer) and my hope was restored.
    To cut the story short after some several attempt, I saw an internship advert from your site for a company I never knew existed and this happened to be the first time my application was shortlisted, called for interview and got placement. Two years later after serving my internship I am now employed permanently and to this day I been very grateful to have visited this site at the first place.
    Please keep up the good work and continue being a pillar of hope for many unemployed youths in South Africa
    Best regards.