Please STOP:

  1. replying to the nightly emails – like saying thank you or anything like that. I know you mean well, but if you look at the right of your screen (PC) or at the bottom (mobile phone) you will notice that  there are more than 5000 people subscribed to the email updates. Now imagine getting “Thank you” messages from half of them. Feel my pain?
  2. replying to the nightly emails with your CV attached. Read the post and take note of the instructions on how to apply. Needing a job doesn’t mean, make a fool of yourself by not READING… (if you have not read the guidelines under the Templates page, it might time to do so).
  3. Seriously people… STOP taking things for granted. Noone cares about you out there… Especially if don’t follow simple instructions.

Now, I really want a vacation…

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