Location: Cape Town
Start Date: 20 June 2016

Candidates fitting the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Candidates must be in their final year of studies in 2016
  • Creative and out-of-the-box orientation
  • Business acumen and strategic thinking
  • Leadership experience
  • Able to take initiative
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to build relationships and networks
  • Interested in building a career in fashion retail
  • Aligned to the values of TFG
  • Retail experience advantageous


Marketing and Visual Merchandising Intern

  • Depending on your interest and expertise, you may be required to complete a project related to Visual Merchandising, CSI or Copywriting.

Apply Online for the TGF Marketing and Visual Merchandising Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Human Resources Management Intern

  • Interns will be required to support our HR Specialists and to complete a project in a specific field of HR (Talent Development, Remuneration etc).

Apply Online for the TGF HR Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Finance Intern

  • Planning is a role that requires you to analyse customer activity, forecast sales, control purchases and formulate budgets. The assigned project will offer interns the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and skills.

Apply Online for the TGF Finance Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Buying Intern

  • Interns in Buying complete a group project on the retail cycle relevant to current business activities. They will also support buyers in working with fabrics, service-providers and all the fashion surprises that pop up on a daily basis.

Apply Online for the TGF Buying Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Analytics Intern

  • Scorecards and predictive models to inform and improve decisions in the credit life cycle
  • Analytical solutions that improves multi-channel campaign management across the customer life cycle
  • ¬†Analytical strategies and algorithms to improve decisions in the merchandise life cycle

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