Here is an idea:

What if we could to come together and share information with many of youngsters with matric certificates who are sitting at home so that they can go to varsity / college?

One would think that it is impossible for everybody to get their careers off the ground through learnerships. Because there are quite a few of them. Looking at our society at large one would also think that staying at home is not new. That before this generation many others have been through the frustrating experience of waking everyday with little to nothing do to take one’s career to the next level. But the bottom line is, they got up and did something with their lives.

As such, if  you’ve stayed at home for a long time and one day decided you are going to do something with your life, would you share your experience with others in order for them to follow your trail?

So, here is what we are going to do for the next two months:

Instead of sitting at home and trying to get one of the few learnership opportunities (frustrating), let’s encourage our little brothers and sisters to go to university / college.

Here is how you can help:

  • If you stayed at home for a while after you passed matric and later managed to go college/varsity, how did you do it?
  • How/where did you get funding?
  • Can someone in a similar position like you were follow the steps you did and still go college/varsity?
  • If you could summarise the process into a few steps, what are the main things to do?

This is not limited to the above possibilities, if you know a way that others can get funding to go to varsity /  college, you can share what you know too.

So far here is what can be of use to someone sitting at home:

Problem Fund How to get it What do you Need
Lack funds but want to go to varsity NSFAS Apply for admission to a university of your choice and enquire about NSFAS. Affidavit
Want to be a teacher but lack funds NSFAS + The Department of Education
Want to go to varsity but your marks are poor Consider going to a finishing school and improve your results

Please use the comments section below to share information…

Update: Since we want to keep a list useful information could you PLEASE not leave a comment if you are only writing about your problem (Example: I have been sitting at home for x number of years etc… That doesn’t help anyone).


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  • Joseph says:

    I matriculated last year and went to tut but i did’nt make it because of financial problems.What i know is that am the one to be blamed for that because i have good matric results that can certainly get me a bursary but i did not apply for any bursary bcoz i ddnt have much info about bursaries and i was unfortunate to find out that NSFAS was already closed before iapply for it.Out of all that experience i learned that success is like a ladder and nobody has climed a ladder with their hands in their pockets,so next year am certainly going to tut nothing can stand in my way.All i want to say is that do your research good people,go get good things don’t wait for good things to come get you

  • Dorothy says:

    I passed my matric in 2007 I had a passion of studying Journalism but through the situation at home thought I won’t be able to study but my mother who is a single parent working at retail went to different banks fr student loan but they refused according to her salary, but one day we where watching tv we saw an advert about RCS Loan then we contacted them then we did everything over the phone then the money was transferred to our account and I was able to pay my studies then studied Journalism, but now I want to study Teaching so I have found information about NSFAS thank you very much I can also go and study teaching.

  • jeanett says:

    Last year I studied using NSFAS but I didn’t use the opportunity well. I did lot of mistakes that I now regret why did I do them. I passed my matric well but I didn’t pass when I was at the university because of I wasn’t commited so NSFAS stoped paying for my studies, now I’m sitting at home worried about my future… I’ve learned a lesson in a very hard way so I need help on how am I going to get funding again! I really need your help… I don’t have both parents and my guardien she’s not working. I messed up and pretty bad so I need to correct that but I really don’t know how? Any info on what must I do? Any suggestions will help… I made a mistake and I really wanna correct that… Please…help out… God bless you all

    • Ashley87 says:

      Hi Jeanett

      You said that your have pass matric well so you can try to contact private companies. You can also applyi to other universities and also reply for the loan/bursary from NSFAS.


    • tshepomohapi says:

      mistakes are committed and are meant to be corrected in future…no one can guide themselves but with other people…we can achieve more…doing the research is the best way even sometimes it may time a lot of time…you need to stay positive all the time…only God knows what it coming to us next…

  • Lerato says:

    Hi. Sometimes we complicate ourselves with really simple things.
    For those people who passed matric, ut did not do well, there are institutions where you can upgrade your marks, such as the Wits school. Make the internet your friend.

    For those who are going to tertiary, apply in time for NFSAS, but loans are also available via universities or banks such as a student loan from FNB.

    I was in a learnership sponsored by one of SA’s banks to study IT at TUT, then a few years later went to CPT and NFSAS paid my fees for the first year. I got distinctions for all my subjects, and for my second and third year the university gave me a cash bursary. I applied again for a Mellon bursary due to my excellent marks, and was awarded a bursary for Honours. For Masters, I was selected as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, and my studies were fully funded, and I got enough motivation and support from them to be able to complete my studies.

    All I had to do was study extremely hard, and I did. I applied for funding without worrying about whether I would get it or not, and was awarded for my hard work. Please do the same. You won’t regret it.


  • Paul says:

    A life without risks is a walking corpse, you got to break out of that isolation box get out there and make things happen for yourself. You would be amazed how easy things unfold once you unleash your determination.

  • lindiwe says:

    Thank u guys for providing us with so much information.I passed matric in 1999, did few courses and had a job for 8 years and decided to resign to pursue business venture with did not work out.I have not given up on life and I’m pulling my socks too cause I want to study social work/public admin full time.I would just like to advise ppl who want to study that they should focus on courses that are in demand and not study for the sake of having a qaulification,and most importantly do something that you are passinate about

  • Linda says:

    I matriculated 2008 not with excellent marks, couldn’t even qualify for doing any course in TUT, then been working ever since but currently @ TNC (Pretoria Campus) doing HR and studies funded by Nsfas, only want an affidavit, and related documents… So I suggest and recommend any1 who’s in a similar situation like mine not to stress about looking for a job just apply and you’ll be Funded NOMAKANJAN

    Good LUCK 🙂

    • Musa says:

      We really appreciate your help guys’. My question is directed to linda’ bro how did u do to qualify to study at university if u wasn’t have good results? Please help me I have the same problem too but I matriculated in 2006 and went to college I have my N6 electrical engineering and I wanna continue and do S4 or B-tech but I can’t cos my matric doesn’t have good results. Your feedback will be highly appreciated thanks

  • Steve Sekgobela says:

    I passed matric with science and maths in 2008 and have computer literacy and drivers lisence….I tried to go to varsity and I failed..Now I am looking for a learnership or a job so that I can save money ti further studies.Anyone who is willing to help can chat with me..I am from Limpopo tzaneen.

  • Wandile says:

    My name is wandile zinto i matriculated in 2006 with excellent marks but because i ddnt have maths i couldnt get bursaries and i did part-time work until 2010 when i heard about NSFAS(national student financial aid scheme) it helped me a lot, cause its easy u just apply 4 ït in da university u r studyng in, they are only looking for people who have atleast 28 points and above, you just need 2 apply in time before the due because university acceptance is important to them, last week i graduated at NMMU wth a bachelors degree in Human resources and currently i m doing my honours and seeking employment also. People should stop leaving things until close to the due date they should apply before time and what is so good about ths program s that 40% of da loan will be converted 2 a bursary if u pass all your subjects each and you only repay da loan once u become employed.

    • Shivanie says:

      Hi just wanted to know nsfas whats the maximum amount per year that they will fund you?

      • Wandile says:

        Depends on your EFC(EXPECTED Family contribution)..wht they usually do, if the is someone working in your family(mother/father) they will ask you to also contribute,but if no 1 all study fees will be paid in full.

  • Sana says:

    If you wanr to do teaching, there is a busary, you can go to And if you have a very good rmatric result you can apply at a social worker busary at social development or at university of limpopo its free

  • Sana says:

    If you wanr to do teaching, there is a busary, you can go to

  • anna says:

    Hi can somebody help I hv been lukin for a job for eleven yrs now applyin bt no respnd on any of wat I apply I did commercial subjcts but I nid gorvenment job lik traffic officer , clerck , nursing , admin etc pls help

  • Nontlantla says:

    I stayed at home for 4 years I have a matric certificate and a driver’s license nd I’ve been searching for a job or a learnership but I cnt find anything .My mom passedaway 10years ago nd I had to take care my two little brothers my wish was after my matric I wanted to futher my studies so that I can work nd make a brighter future for my brothers bt I couldn’t because the situation was very tough bt I’m stil hoping that one day things wil workout as I’m always appliying in many things

  • vusi says:

    its around may, nt sure about da date. But its better to visit us/

  • anele says:

    Hi i am anele in cape town strand i have matriculated in 2007 i ddnt go to school after matric hoping of getting a job because of my back ground now I’m thinking of going back to school i want to study teaching @ pentech any 1 who have information is more welcomed to chat with me .thanks

  • brown says:

    My parent deceased 2003 I had no money 2 travel 2 skul n I ws studying @ forest high wch cost R26 a day .I use 2 sel cigarette @ skul 2 raise money 2 skul til I finished in 2006and got a job @promotion company and in 2008 I got a job @ pick n pay I always had bigger dreams 2 go far til decided 2 go @ pc training studied End user and A+ stil I ws nt gud enough 2 get a beta job wch my matric marks wre avarage and I didn’t lyk skool tht much den I decided 2 quit a job and started a motor spares business wch I ws thought by neighbor I made fast cash buy fixing and seling car parts and now I own 3 big motor spares business , 2 internet cafe and a spaza shop I employed 27 ppl finished building my home owning 2 cars my advice I’m nt saying u MST do wat I did bt u cn be who u wana be in lyf and u cn get free skills via community as a volunteer sum skills dnt nid schools and success u dnt nid qualifications school was nt meant 4 us all (remember I Neva stole anything bt used an opportunity )

  • Noma says:

    I would like to study nursing @ tut here in pta any one with info on da application forms n their opening dates pls help sitting @ home is not nyc

  • cedric says:

    I matriculated last year and I was not able to go university due to financial problems. Can someone help me to find learnership because i have been trying the last 4 months.

  • Khulekani says:

    I’m from a place called Matatiele in the eastern cape, the last time my single parent paid for my school fee was in grade 11, I have been paying my way right through Technikon (University of technology) look, I was selling sweets and biscuits at school, so the school fee was not that steep, but after high school, I went to a technical college (FET) while I was studying there I also worked at a restaurant on weekends i.e Fri; Sat; Sun including school holidays and public holidays.. a trimester then was R1200 I paid right through to N6, I tried to apply for a job but didn’t succeed, I then decided to study further, I must say I didn’t know how was I going to pay, but I only had one thing in mind.. which is study business management

    it was not easy i must say, because I started a cellphone repair and a spaza during my 1st year, which was not enough to support me, then on my 2nd & 3rd year I was forced to work as a waiter full time and study full time @the same time. as I talk to you, I have my diploma Certificate with three distinctions, fully paid up fees and I have started a couple of businesses, which failed but battle goes on until I reach the finish line. I’m currently involved in career development program, where we assist learners without access to computer/internet to apply for opportunities that they would not be able to access. helping more than 500 young South Africans in the process.

  • Semakaleng says:

    I stayed home for four long years until i found out that my matric is not going to get me far with my career. I went to one of TUT campuses in Pretoria and that’s where i learned that there is an organisation called NSFAS they help financially needy students further their studies, u apply first at a university of your choice then you can apply for fanancial aid at the same university after you are accepted. I finished my Diploma and this puts me in a better position to get a good job even though it hard to get a job in this country but i am hopeful.