Here is an idea:

What if we could to come together and share information with many of youngsters with matric certificates who are sitting at home so that they can go to varsity / college?

One would think that it is impossible for everybody to get their careers off the ground through learnerships. Because there are quite a few of them. Looking at our society at large one would also think that staying at home is not new. That before this generation many others have been through the frustrating experience of waking everyday with little to nothing do to take one’s career to the next level. But the bottom line is, they got up and did something with their lives.

As such, if  you’ve stayed at home for a long time and one day decided you are going to do something with your life, would you share your experience with others in order for them to follow your trail?

So, here is what we are going to do for the next two months:

Instead of sitting at home and trying to get one of the few learnership opportunities (frustrating), let’s encourage our little brothers and sisters to go to university / college.

Here is how you can help:

  • If you stayed at home for a while after you passed matric and later managed to go college/varsity, how did you do it?
  • How/where did you get funding?
  • Can someone in a similar position like you were follow the steps you did and still go college/varsity?
  • If you could summarise the process into a few steps, what are the main things to do?

This is not limited to the above possibilities, if you know a way that others can get funding to go to varsity /  college, you can share what you know too.

So far here is what can be of use to someone sitting at home:

Problem Fund How to get it What do you Need
Lack funds but want to go to varsity NSFAS Apply for admission to a university of your choice and enquire about NSFAS. Affidavit
Want to be a teacher but lack funds NSFAS + The Department of Education
Want to go to varsity but your marks are poor Consider going to a finishing school and improve your results

Please use the comments section below to share information…

Update: Since we want to keep a list useful information could you PLEASE not leave a comment if you are only writing about your problem (Example: I have been sitting at home for x number of years etc… That doesn’t help anyone).


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  • Dale says:

    Some tips:

    For every job you apply for have a unique CV. I applied to more than 50 companies and i have more than 50 CV’s. It also lets you start fine tuning your CV. Remember whatever job you applying for it goes through HR first. They are trained for this and someone in HR told me when they set a job out they can get more than 50 CV’s a day every day. They are so tired from seeing CV’s with spelling mistakes and they can tell if yours is just a CV you sent to every single company and they just delete it or move on to the next person.

    Be ready for no response.

    From the 50 CV’s i sent, maybe, I had one response. Sometimes no response is the worst because you don’t even know whether they got your application or not. I hate it. It only takes one fish to bite for you to eat. So, don’t worry about the fish that doesn’t bite.

    Tailor you CV for each company e.g. (The company wants sales and go getter attitude etc… You know the rest). So in my case I sold hangers so I state I have sales and customer relations experience, I work well with others and can influence those around me, I can invoice, do stock taking, have good communication skills and my job title was operational sales intern. These few points come from the worst job I ever did i did not even mention I sold hangers to the company until they ask.

    HR people sometimes just scan your CV to pick up basic points matching the job description. Read the job description and include some of those words in your CV.

    I say this again because it is easy to forget. BE PREPARED FOR NO RESPONSE. This is a reality guys we are all experiencing this. I was once so happy to receive a rejection letter because it meant someone was reading my CV.

    You are competing for a job, with someone in your exact situation somewhere else, who wants it just as bad as you do. What makes the company pick you over them????

    Do one CV properly. I spent nearly a whole day on mine and it was not perfect. From there you edit your one master copy for every application.

    Have a cover letter, if you don’t someone else has one (who will they choose?).

    Don’t lie it will catch you out.

    I once stated in my CV I was part of a diving club because i did swimming there. In the board interview it was brought up and I had to say I actually know nothing about diving because I did swimming. Safe to say I did not get the job.

    Apply early. Some companies have a closing date but why should they leave it open if they found a few good candidates to interview already. They might have already closed the job by the time you apply on closing date or your CV is number 2500 out of 3000. Do you really think they will read them all if the first 500 are good enough???

    In a perfect world we would all get a chance and an interview for the job we apply for. BUT the world is not perfect it is controlled by people just like you and me. Some are tired some are lazy some don’t care about reading your CV.

    DON’T GIVE UP. Always apply, I have been approached a year after applying for a job.

    You can apply for a thousand jobs, you only need one. Keep applying and ignore no response and rejections put them out your mind

    • Site Editor says:

      This and your previous post tell me you didn’t only learn about what is in books in your lifetime…

      Very interesting and thank you abundantly for sharing.

    • Fhatuwani says:

      I hve my matrics on 2009, since nw i couldnt chase my dream career cos of my results, i try so hard, i go at FET to apply mech the rejected me cos i got less marks on science, the push me to do chemical and i ddnt perfom very well. Bt nw m jst stayed at home doing nthng, cos m confused.

      • Site Editor says:

        Why did you do bad in something that is suppose to be easier than mech? Second: Have you thought about improving your marks?

    • Ms.A says:

      Hey, WoW what a great post! I’m at that stage where you’ve applied for every single job opening out there and there’s nothing to do but wait.Totally felt that part where you were glad about the rejection letter! Thank you for giving me a dose of positivity..really needed it.Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Pulane says:

      Woow, that is the most frank and realistic advice i have ever reveived, bless u indeed, job hunting continues for me

  • Dale says:

    I matriculated in 2005, got two distinctions and applied to study engineering which i was accepted to do. Finance was tough (i missed the qualification for a free year by one point) but i paid my registration and got to studying. It was tough and the jump from school to higher education is high. be prepared for this jump!!!! i was sitting in class with the cream of the crop guys/girls with eight distinctions, guys/girls with the highest marks in matric. People dropped like flies, some realised it was not for them others couldnt handle the work load. It was intimidating but i made it through my first year thinking i was now on my way to being an engineer. I got a bursary from a company and i used some of that money to pay back the loan i took out for my first year. I was on top and i though i would sail through but was wrong. I failed some courses and in my third year i bombed out completely i was on my way to a proper breakdown i even lost so much weight because of stress and i was academically excluded. I enjoyed the party life to much and now it was costed me dearly. I lost my bursary and was in debt, my family was disappointed and i was now in debt. The company threatened to go after my parents to retrieve the money i now owed( the same money companies get back from government when giving bursaries). I tried to apply at other varsities because with one year and a couple of courses i was almost there. I sat at home for a whole year even got a job selling hangers and odd jobs here and there thinking of what i was going to do, what does my future hold i am just a droppout with a matric (doing all those courses counts for nothing when you dropout). Engineering was my dream and it was crushed. I re-applied to get back in and was accepted after alot of battling. I completed my third year and got a scholarship from a company to finance my studies. I am now back and i have improved since coming back from failing to getting a couple of distinctions to getting my projects displayed. I realised that i have to work extremely hard for my dreams, the thing you want the most will always be the hardest to achieve. I am working hard now and i believe i work harder than my peers just to get back. I cut all useless things from my life like parties and the like so i could get my focus back. I am not perfect and i am fortunte to have good support, i thought i would graduate but as i wrote my final exams my daughter was born and was sitting in ICU while i as writting the most important tests of my life. Right now things are starting to look up i am about to graduate in less than 8 weeks and i have a healthy daughter. I dont know where i will be but i do know i will be on top. Nobody said life was fair because it is not.

  • clement says:

    I believe that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is by far the most helpfull as it funded me from my 1st degree in 2009-2011 up until 2012 when I completed my honours degree. But the problem with NSFAS is that it funds millions of students and lack of funding becomes a problem. Another option would be to approach the SRC committee in your respective institution as they usually have trust funds and are more willing to assist students financially.

    You can also approach local businesses (BEE compliant) as these are obliged by law to contribute to skills development and they can assisted with funding, especially funding and training simultaneously. There are pool of resources out there which u can only discover if you get up and knock on the right doors. As a result, I now wish to get an internship which will provide me with on-the-job training and register for a masters degree at anyone of the universities in the country.

    Good luck Mzantsi, wake up and do things yourself, remember “the world is not your friend”

  • rocka fella says:

    It a long story but i’ll cut it short… Year 2008 I did my 1st year in one of the known Universities, I was this one cool guy in ma neighbourhood every gal wanted to be wit me even da older ones. Came 2009 I was passing so well meaning distinctions ol da time… Just like any other kid who gets freedom in varsity I messed up, the bloody vultures ma sponsors decided to cut off the funds yoh i’ve never felt like a failure like I did wen I found out from da administrator, worse part is I didnt even get a financial aid. After that whole scandal I stayed at home for about 2 years with no PLAN. I’d cry every night and ask God “What have I done to deserve such torture?” ….. Until this one time when I decided to feel sorry for myself, 1st I got myself one of those IT certifications named A+ and N+. I then applied for internship so bad cause I hit the rock bottom. That didnt stop me tho, I changed from looking for internship to volunteer work. You know why? They didnt hire me because of lack of experience, so I approached all the IT companies…. Note: dial a call and make an appointment with HR, print out your CV, certified copies of your ID and qualifications. When I got there I made so many flops the first time, I remember this one time when I forgot everything in front of the HR manager luckily he was a good person instead of criticising me he gave me some tips of talking professional. So yah after working for four months without pay a post came out, they followed all the procedures of job advertisement, I applied too, bingo the job was mine just like that after interview. What helped me is the fact that I knew the company inside out plus the experience that I already had with da company. Now I earn 19kper month which is enough for NOW! with both Cisco and MCITP certifications…. BASICALLY THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS STORY, IS TO TELL you TO GET UP ON UR FEET AND STOP FEELING SORRY FOR URSELF. If you dont do something better your life, who will??? Definitely not me or your mom even your. University is not always the answer, YOU ARE THE ANSWER

    • monde says:

      I am inspired by your story, and I have no reason to give up on my dreams if ppl are making it happen for themselves like u have.

    • Charmaine says:

      Hi Rocka Fella. Big-up to you, quite an interesting experience you have about your career. I completed my matric in 2008, but registered at EWC in 2010 for IT course; then in 2012 I did my Level 4, still with two outstanding subjects from Level2 & level3, & volunteered at a Primary school last year during school holidays & Saturdays as a Computer Literacy Teacher; this year I’m completing these two subjects in order to obtain my certificates. I’ve been trying to apply for Learnerships & all, but to no luck. I guess Volunteering holds a key to get work experience.

  • Bongani D says:

    Thanks Guy for the inspiring comments… I’ve been through 2 gap years. I recently applied at 2 universities ths year for Engineering&Accounting. Almost gave up. FLIP! Thanks Guys.

  • jewels says:

    Well my story is long bt I matriculated in 2005 did some course which I ddn’t like,six months the next year I studied Jewellery Manufacture at a College and continued for 3 year’s this year I’m working to pay my outstanding fees bt applying at the limited job opportunities I see,If there is anyone or a company or jeweller willing to give me a chance I will sure prove my worthy,as I work very hard and a fast-learner,can work with my hands and head,please contact me.

  • Emma says:

    In year 08 I matriculated so well wit bachelors degree. On the following year I went to varsity where I did certificate in Engineering more like an access course to Engineering mainstream. So yah it all went well until the year 2010 where I couldnt find the sponsor to pay for my mainstream modules.
    So I had nothing to do either than going back to my lovely hood to do nothing but relaxing at home the whole day 7days a week, that didn’t hold me back though I now own CompTIA A+ and N+ that I obtained respectively from iSolve Learning Solutions. Now the problem is I’m looking for IT company that will give me experience even if it means volunteer work I dont mind so long as I will get experience before I go for Cisco. Because I wont be able to do the exams without experience. So if anyone can please help wit that, I’m located in Hillcrest KwaZULU Natal

  • mpho madzena says:

    this is like the best website ever for youth. Thanx puff and pass. Can anybody please organise a job around turf, polokwane for me. I need to enrol for law. Having a job there wl make things easy 4 me bcos my parent is nt working. My email is [email protected]. Thanks

  • given says:

    I did NQF level 4 of office administration and I need to do management assistant of nated but I don’t have money I need help of NFSA reply me on my email.

  • Yolanda says:

    hi guys. In my academic ventures and quest for a career this is what I found out

    All government owned FET Colleges around the country have NSFAS and whats great about NSFAS at that level is that whether you fail or pass, you don’t need to pay it back (but the idea is to do the sensible thing and pass). It pays up for all courses offered at FET Colleges. When you do have matric, please don’t waste your time and start with LEVEL/NCV Courses. Make sure you register for NATED (N3, N4, N5, N6 Courses). Now I know most would still say that but people who go to college still sit at home with their certificates without opportunities and that learnerships are hard to come by. Well for those who aspire for greatness and perservere, there is still a way forward after completing your studies at college. You can go to any University of Technology and get credited for the subjects you have completed at College and still continue to get a diploma in that field off study you commenced in College. Usually the credits are equivalent to S2 (provided that you ensured you got 60% and above for all subjects at college- this is very important) and thus would at most be only left with half the studies there in order to complete the diploma. Financial assistance is more accessible at this level of studies (e.g bursaries, nsfas, etc…) as compared to college level. You can therefore get your diploma which will give you a higher probability of getting a good paying job or even continuing your studies all the way to PHD level.

    So you see guys there is no reason why you should think that a bad matric or a matric without maths and science subjects or even financiall neediness should make you want to stay home and feel destitute. There is opportunitie for everyone everywhere, you just have to go and find them!!!!!

    • Site Editor says:

      This is nice.

      Thank you.

    • ngcebo says:

      mmm yolanda my sister thank you for your sharing and for what you did to us about the words of inspiration.

    • monde says:

      Yolanda I hear you and commend you for posting all this helpful information for us. but I have one question,
      I would love to know does Nsfas help ppl who have already obtained a qualification aka degree such as myself who would like to change their career path?

  • Bhuti says:

    Wow! my sister yo story is inspiring.U inspire me to get up and do even mo than what i’m currently doing.You know,I used to work for a certain Restuarant,with the hope that i’l study part time,but my bosses were so stupid and destroyed all of that.I tried everything i possible could,but it wasn’t enough,coz they prevented me from writting my exams.So,i decided to quit,so now,I went to an FET college,got admission and got a bursary that covers; Residence,Tuition,Transport and some pocket money.I have a chance of a life time and next time i write my comment,i will be holding my N6. phambili ngabantu abasha abanamaphupho!!

  • Motlalepule says:

    After matric i went to college,it was in 2010…well,i got pregnant and it was the most downfall cost me to go back to school again because expenses increased.i stayed home for about three years…taking care of the baby and getting lazy day by day.i had enough of it,it was already corrupting my state of mind.i went to enroll at TSC last year and it was already full…i felt useless as if nothing is working out.That very same time i made a loan from my mom`s employers,she is a domestic worker,and they happy to loan it to me.This year i got up went to register at orbit FET and applied for the bursary at the same time…with the money i loaned i didn’t pay my fees with it instead i used for transport,my mom and brother boost where it is necessary.i guess having a support system and leading yourself that’s the things that will get you far…because if your parents see that you are being serious….they are behind you 100%!there are bursaries in colleges and universities…we should go after them and don’t expect to be taken to your own leader….I AM!

  • Nozuko says:

    Dont Lose Hope!

    I am a 28 yrs old single parent and only child raised by an unemployed single parent too.I passed my matric in 2002 and passed in rural areas where there was lack of information about career guides,financial aids and even getting forms for Institutions.

    I tried to apply by post to get forms and forms dd get back,but back then even the Non-refundable form fund was too high.I remember @Border Technikon (which is WSU now) it was R450.00 to return the form.Due to poor fanancial background i could afford to have that money ,so i afail to submit forms.I stay home doing nothing and fall pregnant the same year.

    Now i have a child and there is no way that i can go to school again i looked for employement. I wenat to Cape town and i found job in the farms i worjed there and begin to re-think that i once wanted to be a Social Worker back from school.I search around Cape town Universities,but due to the fact that now i am a parent ,i could afford to study full time.

    In 2011 I applied at Unirvesity of South Africa (Unisa) for Diploma in Youth Development,my dream now was to rescue other young people who may go the same difficulties i faced.Luckly i was accepted at Unisa and i applied for Nsfas for funding ,and Yes! I thank the NSFAS its so helpful.I finished my Diploma an start this year Bachelor degree in Public Administration and Communication in Facilitation (BA in PAF).

    If i count i stayed home for full 8yrs not studing but i never lose hope that one day I will be somebody somewhere.Dont lose hope ,have faith and go out there ,things are not as difficult now as they were before.Get up and do some Action its never too late for Education. Shape up your future and let no one to stop you.

    Achieve your Dreams SA needs you ,Doors are opened ,Step up and place your order.
    Vuka Mzansi!

  • Elias says:

    Hi guys consider NSFAS as a solution ask me i took a gap year while my peers went to colleges and some at varsity but some of my friends brought me some info about NSFAS this year i started my studies i just did CIVIL ENGINEERING N2 nw i’m heading for N3 guys lets stand on our feet and face the future

    • Nicky says:

      Thnks for good advice u giving bcs some of us we dnt knw where 2 start & i wil lyk 2 wish u a lack and keep on changing ppl life`s.thnks

  • Nikita says:

    thnx Mr Cool Editor for this!
    When i passed matric i didnt have funds to study further, and my symbols wer nt that good. I managed to save up r1000, enrolled at FET Cllg. NSFAS BURSARY,paid every single cent for the whole 3yrs nd even got sum change left. Then after completing CIVIL ENG; NQF 4, i took the leftover change from the bursar nd enrolld 4 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, i managed 2 pass N2-N4 in record time with ma bursary change. Nw, im planning on re writtin my matric to enhance my symbols. I want to study law, nd im hopin my ‘new matric’ wil open bursar nd sponsor doors 4me.

    so to all fellas out there, dont lose hope nd focus, Nothng wil ever be handed to you without hardwork. Get up, and do something. Lets take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to us.

  • Bathandwa says:

    Nsfas is the option for most including myself, provided that your family’s income is within the threshold level – NSFAS will determine this. Fundza Lushaka is also another option should you want to become a teacher.
    Please remember that your education is not a guarantee to get a job immediately after finishing school – VOLUNTEER to get practical training, volunteering at companies aligned to your career path will only benefit you as it shows initiative.

  • Tumi says:

    wow all your stories are really touching, I matriculated in 2008 in 2009 I did a computer course just to do something as I didn’t have enough funds to study. towards the end of 2009 I managed to get a job which I am not even earning R2 500 a month, with that particular money I managed to go to school to study HR and I am completing my three year diploma in June 2013. in life you need to find ways to become a better person, don’t sit at home thinking that opportunities will come to you. Ask people who have made it in life how they go there in that way you will be motivated to stand up in your feet and look for something as well. If ever you have internet access use it for good use instead of chatting with your friends all day about nothing which you will benefit from. ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR FUTURE

  • Nkosi says:

    I watriculated lastyear bt due to financial problems i cudnt get into varsity after i was grantd space in varsity bt because i didnt hev money 4 registration i found myself at home,can anybody help me with any job around mpumalanga so tht i work nd save 4 my registration fee nextyer…pls.anyjob

  • Refilwe says:

    I passed my matric wth bachelors but my matric i took a gap year,it wasnt easy staying at home for th whole year..then i decided to apply for admission at UFS for drama and art,then i got the space,thing didnt turn out the way i planned,just an accomodation fee changed evrythng,then i went to FET college,where they pay everythng,this year is my last,thou i couldnt study something i love at least am doing somethng.

  • MR G says:

    U must hv bin improved ur matric results sisi but u stil can, nd only de relevent subect like science and maths since u studied electricity. Gudluck!