Here is an idea:

What if we could to come together and share information with many of youngsters with matric certificates who are sitting at home so that they can go to varsity / college?

One would think that it is impossible for everybody to get their careers off the ground through learnerships. Because there are quite a few of them. Looking at our society at large one would also think that staying at home is not new. That before this generation many others have been through the frustrating experience of waking everyday with little to nothing do to take one’s career to the next level. But the bottom line is, they got up and did something with their lives.

As such, if  you’ve stayed at home for a long time and one day decided you are going to do something with your life, would you share your experience with others in order for them to follow your trail?

So, here is what we are going to do for the next two months:

Instead of sitting at home and trying to get one of the few learnership opportunities (frustrating), let’s encourage our little brothers and sisters to go to university / college.

Here is how you can help:

  • If you stayed at home for a while after you passed matric and later managed to go college/varsity, how did you do it?
  • How/where did you get funding?
  • Can someone in a similar position like you were follow the steps you did and still go college/varsity?
  • If you could summarise the process into a few steps, what are the main things to do?

This is not limited to the above possibilities, if you know a way that others can get funding to go to varsity /  college, you can share what you know too.

So far here is what can be of use to someone sitting at home:

Problem Fund How to get it What do you Need
Lack funds but want to go to varsity NSFAS Apply for admission to a university of your choice and enquire about NSFAS. Affidavit
Want to be a teacher but lack funds NSFAS + The Department of Education
Want to go to varsity but your marks are poor Consider going to a finishing school and improve your results

Please use the comments section below to share information…

Update: Since we want to keep a list useful information could you PLEASE not leave a comment if you are only writing about your problem (Example: I have been sitting at home for x number of years etc… That doesn’t help anyone).


Puff & Pass Team




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  • Dineo says:

    Hi im Dineo…. I hear u guys talkng abt NSFAS, n wat i knw is that they require an APS score of 30 so wat happns if u have less than 30? I also want to study nursing bt i am struggling to get funding any advise guys

  • Rapelang says:

    Good day

    Hi am Rapelang , an HRM N6 under graduate serving my 18 Months internship with a government Department to complete my Diploma. However i feel less motivated to serve through my contract but rather feel that i should get a permanent post because having being placed under the HRD Directorate has taught me of employee development courses (I have helped cordinate some) hence i feel that i will learn while i work. would you advise me to keep looking while serving my contract or rather be patient and complete this contract and get my diploma first there after start applying for something permanent. Soo dont want to feel like a quitter nor dont like the phase my life is going at the moment please help

  • Sakhile says:

    No job was beneath me I volonted at a local NGO helping young people to write cvs, business plans you name it. I studied fashion design but i applied to teach design at a local art school and 6 years later I have graduates and i have 5 distions from the class of 2013.! Ask for help somebody will hear you .

  • Lelo says:

    Hi! I’m Lelo …There is many matriculates who like or wish to go further wth their studies, but th problm that when thy go to th colleges/ vasity thy find that thy need certain amount of money from their pokets b4 th NSFAS tk over wch thy dnt have. Like myslf i’v completed my level 2, 3 and 4 certificate in IT and Computer Science @ Capricorn FET collge, firstly when i go there to start enrooling … thy told me dat thy want R2 050 so dat i’l b registered wch i ws nt hvn it bt my Mom made a plan so dt i ….. Even nw as m speaking m jst stayn @ hme doing nothin wishing i culd go to further my studies bt bcoz of the money i dnt hv any plan. So any1 wth th adivise please hlp me out

  • Luyanda says:

    About not having maths and science doesn’t mean that you dont have a future.There’s lot of people people with no maths and physics but I did electrical engeneering via college and after completion I decided to further my studies via University and I am now a process manager.Education is not about maths/physics.Get a life and think again.

  • Khomotso says:

    If you’re sitting at home and you don’t know what to do, I suggest that you think about what you like. Think deeply about what you want to pursue. It starts inside. You have to have a feeling for what is it that interest you.

    The next step is to research this interest of yours. This will create a passion for it and this will be the backbone to your interest/career.

    The final step, the most imperative step, is to apply at a college or university (considering that your marks meet the requirements. If not, you must upgrade them). Also apply for NSFAS funding, student loan or bursary for your career/interest.

    From then on you have made a huge step in your life and all you have to do is wait for a reply from the institution you applied for.

  • Teboho says:

    Hi!my name is teboho ramatekoa since i had passed my matric 2005 with maths and science i don’t get a leanership, i am intended to study further boilermaker,so i need a help, i don’t know what to do now.

  • Sibusiso says:

    Hi gyz I heard u talkng abt NSFAS,I wll like you to help me know abt this nsfas n where can i get the hole information abt it…plz help

  • TN says:

    Hi Guys,

    I was frustrated hopeless and clueless about what to do after matric and lack of information and funds were my major challenges but I got up and did something about it, I searched for jobs and I found it at KFC. It wasn’t paying much but I managed to save up some money and I applied at a university and I was accepted and I paid registration fee on my own and bought books then I applied for NSFAS and they paid for my tuition fees and other things and I completed my studies and now I’m looking for a job which is more promising now that I have a qualification.

    What I’m trying to say is: yes its hard out there but there are opportunities available all you have to do get up and find them.

    Thank you.

  • sceezy says:

    Hi everyone, am currently at a college, studying for electrical egneering nated course, all public fet colleges have been help by nsfas to help people to fund they are studies and abit of allowance for transport, I just wanna get my N4 in electrical egneering then go to varsity, I dnt knw if dis is a gud idea or should I stay at da college, ppl plzz if u hv matric, go to ur nearest fet public college and get more if, #The_Get_Up_and_Do_something_movement

  • nokukhanya says:

    Hi I completed matric in 2006 and I have realised that I need a qualification either a degree or diploma,I have a matric exemption with merit and I would love to study law or social work next year I need advice on how to get funding and which varsities are still accepting applications now

    • dimakatso says:

      hi, the department of social service is giving out scholarships to people who want to do social work, you should apply soon i think the closing date is 30 October 2013. try to register with Fort Hare because i dont think UFOS is taking students at this time. Good-luck!

  • Naledi says:

    Hi, drs a solution 2 everything if u r prepared 2 solve d problem. Am a graduate from TUT. I did marketing nd i was using NFSA nd dy payed my res, fees, nd meals in some adr years. It helps lots of students out dr nd for those who r in matric all u hv 2 do s 2 pass with stars so dt u can mk it nd even if u passed well u can get it. Gud luck guys.

  • Charmaine says:

    Hi Nicholas. Ones career is not all about having Mathematics & Science for subjects, you can still choose other fields that doesn’t require these subject. Remember that Puff & Pass provides a lots of opportunities for us youth, so don’t be discouraged by anyone’s negative comments. You can still go to University for the career of your choice, that’s if your results are really good or go to College to further your studies. Hope this will help, best of luck.

  • Mpho says:

    Hello Nicholas
    I would like to give you an advice.
    without maths and physics u have nothing.
    but u can do something about it, please don’t just stay home and do nothing,
    upgrade ur subjects to increase ur job opportunities, just try harder then u will make it

    remember hard work pays but it works with commitment

  • Nicholas says:

    I completed my matric in 2011 and my matric does’nt hv maths and science,so i dnt know which step to take to go ahead, can anyone assist me with ideas please.

  • Pumla says:

    People must start using the smart n expensive gadgets that they hv for their benefit,wid them one does nt need to b a highly skilled in googling and contact relevant offices as these organisations hv emails,websites that they can leave a message,facebook pages,the list is endless!all is needed is for one to KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO DO then from there research is narrown to a specific topic,thanx

  • Linda says:

    Hi jeanett
    I feel your pain as i can relate to yo. I was also studying at TUT last year.. Just like you i was funded by NSFAS but did not use the opportunity wisely, did a lot of things i’m not proud of and eventually forced to drop-out. I’m feeling miserable and everybody is dissapointed and i’m so ashamed. I’m staying at home now don’t even know what to do next. I don’t think if i apply at another university and their NSFAS i’ll be funded since i’ll reflect on their screens for previously at TUT NSFAS. I’m feeling sucuidal as nothing is going my way. I’m so alone and lonely, dying in isolation. I need help because i want to go back to varsity.

  • Khethelo says:

    If you are someone with a matric staying at home & not wrkng. Or working and not enjoying what you do. Think again there is a vast number of opportunities out there. And there is competition. Where do you stand, if more people your age are at varsity studying qualifications of their. Where will you be ten years from now. Think again people, in life there is status & which status do you want to accuire, is where you are in alignment with your dreams. The higher power gave us an equal opportunity… Dont waste yourz. Get up & do sumthing. Thanks for websites like these they are platforms for us, for dat opportunity god gave us. I thank you all.

  • Esther says:

    Hey i matriculated in 2008 my results are just moderate,so in 2009 i went to study computer @ boston city campus and i got a certificate now i want to do nursing but have no money anyone who can give me some advises on how to get help u welcome to chat

    • Khethelo says:

      Contact public hospitals in your area and find infomation regarding nursing college’s near you. Do that first because some of the nursing collages are flyby night, scams ect… Good luck, i wish you the best

    • Mantsho says:

      Hi Esther,

      If you have been surfing the net lately there is a learnership opportunity at medi-clinic which would be opening on the first of november. Kindly check the pages around and download their brochure. If you are considered it will be free of charge and again there are public colleges for nursing which offers the course free of charge, i am just not sure if the applications are still open or not but just keep on checking with them. Maybe something will show up.

      Wish you all the best

  • BOIPELO says:

    You have many choices you can re-write you matric or do a bridging course at varsity or get help from tiso foundation or do NQF L 4 at FET the chose is yours.