Here is an idea:

What if we could to come together and share information with many of youngsters with matric certificates who are sitting at home so that they can go to varsity / college?

One would think that it is impossible for everybody to get their careers off the ground through learnerships. Because there are quite a few of them. Looking at our society at large one would also think that staying at home is not new. That before this generation many others have been through the frustrating experience of waking everyday with little to nothing do to take one’s career to the next level. But the bottom line is, they got up and did something with their lives.

As such, if  you’ve stayed at home for a long time and one day decided you are going to do something with your life, would you share your experience with others in order for them to follow your trail?

So, here is what we are going to do for the next two months:

Instead of sitting at home and trying to get one of the few learnership opportunities (frustrating), let’s encourage our little brothers and sisters to go to university / college.

Here is how you can help:

  • If you stayed at home for a while after you passed matric and later managed to go college/varsity, how did you do it?
  • How/where did you get funding?
  • Can someone in a similar position like you were follow the steps you did and still go college/varsity?
  • If you could summarise the process into a few steps, what are the main things to do?

This is not limited to the above possibilities, if you know a way that others can get funding to go to varsity /  college, you can share what you know too.

So far here is what can be of use to someone sitting at home:

Problem Fund How to get it What do you Need
Lack funds but want to go to varsity NSFAS Apply for admission to a university of your choice and enquire about NSFAS. Affidavit
Want to be a teacher but lack funds NSFAS + The Department of Education
Want to go to varsity but your marks are poor Consider going to a finishing school and improve your results

Please use the comments section below to share information…

Update: Since we want to keep a list useful information could you PLEASE not leave a comment if you are only writing about your problem (Example: I have been sitting at home for x number of years etc… That doesn’t help anyone).


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  • ntshephe says:

    Hi every1
    I just wana know that if one has completed a national diploma with nsfas and wants to start a bcom degree, will nsfas still fund them again? or is there any1 who has completed both their diploma and degree with nsfas?

  • Lovedonia says:

    Hi guys i matriculated in 2012 and i got a diploma but failed my mathematics, i am wondering if i will be admitted at any university of technology since i failed my maths, but did good in other subjects…….pls help guys

  • Tshepiso says:

    I passed my matric in 2006,tried doing several things but I don’t seem to get anything proper and I so want to study. Sometimes I feel like giving up.

  • Livhuwani says:

    Good day. 2012.I passed matric with Barchelour 22 points and went to register at university, they allowed me to register but late told me i should go to F.E.T since i dont qualify. There is someone who passed with less points to mine. But is accepted in university. Can u pls tell me if there is something i can study that will meet my 22points? Please.

    • Siya says:

      If you passed your mathematics you can apply for a certificate course currently NMMU has a Certificate in Business Studies requiring a minimum of 22 point and a pass in maths

  • Lebogan says:

    I matriculated in 2013,during my matrik i applied at nmmu and i was acceptd to study llb law nd i was acceptd but i dd nt hv any source of funding,and ths yr i also applied and i am acceptd bt i am struggling to get bursaries or nsfas coz i cnt get the application forns,so i need help with geting bursary forms

  • Thobile says:

    Hi..i have matriculated 2013 and i was accepted in tut but bcz i ddnt meet the requirment my maths was 2low i was forced not 2 register then l8r i decided 2do N3 i only passed maths i then took my statement from college n my matric results then i reapplied then my question is will my application be succefull since now i meet all the requirement wit the maths 4rm college?

    • Gundo says:

      I was in a similar situation but I didn’t get accepted. I did an N4 mathematics course, but unfortunately the college where I attended failed to release my statement of results in time for the jan-feb registration period. Make sure you don’t suffer the same hiccup

  • Lethabo says:

    Hi im lethabo from pretoria i matriculated in 2012 passd matric with higher certificate and i wanted to study,went to unisa to apply for bussary n they say its not paying for higher certificate and again im looking for a learnership with no exparience needed

  • sbongile says:

    Last year I was doing an IT learnership so this year i was suppose to be placed at a working environment. Most companies cant take me because all I have is my metric
    and the certificate i got from this learnership. They want a diploma or degree so I decided to go back to school next and get my diploma, I’m worried about the financial aid seeing that I have a year doing a learnership and a gap year which is this year.

  • Brenda says:

    Hy guys thanks for sharing such inspiring and guiding info i hav a prblm i js lost my parents am in grade 11 am so stressed about what am goin to do aftr finishing ma matric cos i dont wnt t sit at home doin nthin i hav 3 sisters to look after so and i want to further my studies and i want to study in polokwane so the thng is i know when to apply for a bursary that wil help me like nsfas and i also want a learnership but i dont have enough info please i wud lik your advices

    • Kenny says:

      Hi brenda. my advice is focus on your studies for now. don’t let the current situation stress you because it will affect your results. do your best for this year, and use your final grade11 results to apply for bursaries next year when you do your matric. good luck

  • Iphendule says:

    Currently NSFAS is facing a huge problem of insufficient money to fund students, but that doesn’t mean it is over try other alternatives. I also went to varsity with the registration fee only and still i have no funding, there only thing that keeps me going is the positive attitude towards my studies and also the hope that something will come up. I’m doing my first year at UKZN, studying Community Development studies

  • mandy says:

    I have finished my matric last year I have no fund to continue and my statement its still at school I can’t bail it out,,,its also difficult to get a job because my results are at school

  • letang says:

    hi.i have passed my matric with symbol D.i completed my N6 and i am now not schooling or working,i have been applying for learnership but i did not get even 1

  • Jostina says:

    Hy i’ve passed matric with endorsement since 2009 i am stayin at home jobless,now i have 1 year volunteering at home based care waiting for funding and learnerships but nothing happend,what can i do please i really need help.

  • Thembelihle says:

    I’ve been trying for monthes to get a learnership that I can qualify into but with no luck and have lost hope that I will ever find one I finished my matric in 2002 and passed my matric IsiZulu Hg – C , English Hg – C and Business Economics Hg – C . + Accounting and Economics Sg – E

    • Linda says:

      Hi The, have you heard of the UKZN Star school programme?. I finished matric in 2011 and i worked for 2 years, i wanted to do Engineering at UKZN but my marks and points were too low i decided to join Star school, They are very good and their teaching is excellent trust me, i just wish i had known about them in 2011. I will advice you to call them now and ask if you can still study, you choose what subjects you wanna write. Without good marks there is littl or no hope you can get to varsity as all learnership programmes require work experience and qualifications

      Hope this will work for you

  • mpule says:

    One other thing,,our local councillors have more info about local opportunities for youngsters…. Not forgetting the social workers,, they cn gv u a motivational letter to accompany you applications,,meaning the assesors will draw much attention to it than most.

  • mpule says:

    I am planning to do a computer course with a nearby multipurpose centre starting next month,,at least I will be increase my IQ level n knowledge. Whereas im awaiting to be accepted at the varsity. Pls dnt sit n feel sorry for urslf…computer courses costs less than 500 a month for 3 months.

  • mpule says:

    I also suggest we start to volunteer,,there are many opportunities we dont know of…bt if we search well,,re tla phomelela. i hvnt succeeded yet bbt i have hope.

  • namhla says:

    To pass matric is the first huge step of your entire life.I’ve matriculated in the year 2007.But I failed but I never give up.2009 I stood up and fought to get ma matric.nd I matriculated by the year still I got supplementary nd I struggled to get now I got diploma.nd nw I want to study education nd move on with life.

  • Noxxy says:

    I have been a backpacker since for as long as I can remember….

    Most of us, had family responsibility sitting on our shoulders. Now 15 years later since I have completed my matric, all I have are just the “wonders of what if”..

    Buy I have to say big up to the young people of today, they’re doing good for themselves

  • olebogeng says:

    since 2009 i matriculated, been atryin to apply bt all institusion rejects me if i get in would b the finance issue,now i applyd at unisa bt stil waitin for nsfas to reply,,,any1 hu cn assist me with the bursary or learneship infor for students who studing in the economic field please