Here is an idea:

What if we could to come together and share information with many of youngsters with matric certificates who are sitting at home so that they can go to varsity / college?

One would think that it is impossible for everybody to get their careers off the ground through learnerships. Because there are quite a few of them. Looking at our society at large one would also think that staying at home is not new. That before this generation many others have been through the frustrating experience of waking everyday with little to nothing do to take one’s career to the next level. But the bottom line is, they got up and did something with their lives.

As such, if  you’ve stayed at home for a long time and one day decided you are going to do something with your life, would you share your experience with others in order for them to follow your trail?

So, here is what we are going to do for the next two months:

Instead of sitting at home and trying to get one of the few learnership opportunities (frustrating), let’s encourage our little brothers and sisters to go to university / college.

Here is how you can help:

  • If you stayed at home for a while after you passed matric and later managed to go college/varsity, how did you do it?
  • How/where did you get funding?
  • Can someone in a similar position like you were follow the steps you did and still go college/varsity?
  • If you could summarise the process into a few steps, what are the main things to do?

This is not limited to the above possibilities, if you know a way that others can get funding to go to varsity /  college, you can share what you know too.

So far here is what can be of use to someone sitting at home:

Problem Fund How to get it What do you Need
Lack funds but want to go to varsity NSFAS Apply for admission to a university of your choice and enquire about NSFAS. Affidavit
Want to be a teacher but lack funds NSFAS + The Department of Education
Want to go to varsity but your marks are poor Consider going to a finishing school and improve your results

Please use the comments section below to share information…

Update: Since we want to keep a list useful information could you PLEASE not leave a comment if you are only writing about your problem (Example: I have been sitting at home for x number of years etc… That doesn’t help anyone).


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  • gugu sylia says:

    Hi I completed matric in 2010 and then I go to college to do nated now I have N3-N4 and currently m doing N5 and I need a job but I havent got any lucky on learnerships and apprenticeship I dont no what to do please help am doing electrical engineering

  • Siphiwe says:

    Hi, i have completed my matric 2008 and manage to get funds from NSFAS in 2009 and studied at the university of the free state qwa qwa campus Undergraduate B.A dergee in tourism studies on an Extended Programme.In 2009 i passed to 2010 i passed to 2011 were i registered with my own cash i managed to save on temporaries i worked during the holidays as NSFAS was unable to afford a number of students using NSFAS to new entering students whic lead most of students to drop out that year meanwhile i was already registered i was attending over Outstanding fees for that 3rd year as i was only left with a year to finish my degree…..In 2014 june i started working for Parmalat as their merchandiser signed on contract, July 2015 contract ended now i am stucked again as i thought of doing short course with Damelin College to focus on my current career in Retail…..I seek an advise as i don’t have an idea of where or what to start.please help me out

  • Petrozy says:

    Hi i complited my metric 2010 and after that i started a scrap buisness it ran smooth for 4yrs and i bought myself a car and a place to stay.But now the problem is more people are in the industry so it is tough.Can i stil be admitted to varsity , my results are good i passed with a bachelor degree, and did maths & science.

    • lerato says:

      Hey I think you have probably heard of NSFAS although it has some challenges in terms of funds bt since well you have good grades in matric you might just qualify.I also passed with bachelors and I was frustrated after matric hence I didn’t know how I wer to further my studies bt I went to the nearest university and got admitted I am now a graduate in IT and a job seeker its a hustle but atleast now I have a way forward please find as much info as you can about Nsfas.You only submit avidaffit and proof of payslips if parents arnt working/death certification if they passed. I hope this will help

    • pappie says:

      petrozy the good thing about varsity is that u can nevr be too old for it , u can still go and apply and probably score funds to study . Have u decided to shutdown ur business or is it still running and are u studying for business purposes or are u planning to join the “working class” ? . I completed my degree and i have no desire of working for someone ,so i am in the process of starting my own business with two of my partners .
      i just tell me this do u think the existnce of new competitors is the only reason ur company struggled or are there other simple or complex reasons ?? Share with me !!

  • marry says:

    Hi I completed my matric last year In 2014 and I really want to further my studies but I dont have money to further my studies

    • Mxolisi says:

      U should have applied earlier Marry, nsfas is Der to assist students dat r on da same situation as yours

    • Balekane says:

      Ey,all u have 2 do is apply,whr ever u like to study,there after nsfas could help you,im on a setuation ure in is just im late 4 applying so i will wait 4 next year

  • bee says:

    I finished metric 2010 , did computer literacy for six mounts hv a certificate an also did road traffic management bt am un able to get a learneship or internship for it it been 2 years nw

    • Site Editor says:

      You can’t get an internship with your qualifications. At best you qualify for learnerships / apprenticeships.

  • Bontle says:

    hi…I enrolled at vuselela nd from n2 till n5 nd Nw I’m left only two subjects to finish my n6 civil engineering,problem is finance nd yet I’m having dis fear of approaching companies as dey hv rejected m before… I dny know wat to do

  • Songezo says:

    Hi Thembela.
    I see you have a very good results. What I can tell you is that online applications are now open at NMMU and they are free but for manual application(via post), the application fee is R100. There are so many courses you qualify to undertake there with your results from different faculties. Try to apply early to widen your chances of admission. That also gives you much time to be on the look out for funding.

    Good luck!
    God be with you.

  • Nomaphelo says:

    I’ve been going through all your comments and all I’m seeing are people who want to be hired, people who want advice on how to get funding and how to get accepted at universities.
    With universities you need to follow up, you don’t apply and then sit and do nothing, just waiting for their reply. call them, email them and if those things don’t work, go to them. Don’y apply with the same results at the same university in different years and expect to get a different result. If they say you don’t meet their minimum requirements, if more than one institution tells you that…then upgrade.

    If you get accepted and you don’t have the funds to pay for your studies, who does?! We have NSFAS, apply early, no last minutes applications are going to get you the funds. NSFAS is one of many financial Schemes out there. Google, do your research, use the social media to your benefit. There are also bursaries, a lot of them. Start looking and applying early because their closing dates vary.

    You can’t find a job, do some some volunteer work, you won’t get paid but it will sure make your CV look good. Where? Homeless shelters, old age homes, etc.

    You can’t find a job, start your own company and do the hiring. It won’t be easy, but it is possible.It doesn’t have to be big, you can start an NGO or something similar.

    My point is GO OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING YOURSELF, you know your potential don’t wait for someone else who knows absolutely nothing about you determine who you will become. Have faith and take the leap.

    Never give up!

  • Thembela says:

    Hi! i passed my matric in 2012, i applied in NMMU my application was unsuccesfuly,I applied in UNIVERSITY OF FORTHAHARE my application was unsuccesfuly then 2013 i tried to impove my results I got 41%physical science,mathematics 62%, lifesciences 47%,homelanguage 74%,additional language 52%,lifeorientation 66%, tourism 50%. Can i please get help/advise I’ve been applying for learnerships, jobs but iam struggling to get one

  • Wendy says:

    I have been staying at home since 2009 i passed my matric 2009 then due to family problems i didnt have an ID. i applied for the late registration it came up 2010 later.
    2012 i applied at UWC my application was unsuccessful

    2013 i applied at Northlink my application has been sent to the programme maneger since then.

    2014 i applied at CPUT my application was also unsuccessful.

    2015 i applied at Cape college problem i cant get the R420 for registration where can i go for a bursary that will assist me with the registration and fees?

    • Site Editor says:

      Have you thought about improving your matric results?

    • Songezo says:

      -You need to improve your results.
      -Don’t apply to only one institution, apply to many institutions to widen your opportunities. Do so early as possible to give yourself time to look for funding.

  • Lelo says:

    Hi, I’m doing my honours degree in investment management and I have been struggling to get a sponsor to fund me, I am hardworking and focused. Is there any chance that you could assist me?

  • khomotso says:

    M struggling to get learnership or apprenticeship,I have N3 with electrical and instrumentation
    Trades in engineering field.I was hoping to get apprentice soon because now I have financial problems

  • Gugu says:

    I completed my matric 2003 I went to Unisa I applied for Nefsas I was declined and than in 2008 I got leanership in IT NQF level 5 but I haven’t got any luck in finding an It job now I want to study teaching and still have no funds to do so since I can’t continue with UNISa cause my account is suspended due to the money I owe them

  • Bonny says:

    hi, can I do nursing if I’ve passed my grade 12 with symbol H?

  • Sithandiwe says:

    Hi I completed my matric at 2003 starting and got married now I am 33years old I was doing IsiZulu,English,Accounting,Marketal Law, I only passed this 5. I don’t have money or fund to go University it’s possible for me to get learnship or bursary?

  • Lesego says:

    Hi, after my matric 2006 i stayed home for a year, then the following year went to Denel Youth Foundation Program/SANDF to improve my matric results, then i got a Transnet Bursary to study electrical engineering UJ APK 2008. Completed first year and failed my second year, then my bursary was frozen, i took 3 gape years, then only went back to UJ 2014. Got another bursary Free State Dept of Education. 2015 currently completing my 3rd year modules, hopefully 2016 i am completing. Hope my struggles motivates some1 out there.

  • cece says:

    Passed my matric 2004 done a short business management and entrepreneur course in 2006. M not satisfied with my matric results and i still believe i could do better. But dont know were to start. Ita evn hard to get a job, so i want to further my studies bt ts hard to get admission in it wise to use my FET results beacause they r far better than my matric results. What can i do.

    • Songezo says:

      It’s either you improve your matric results or you apply using your FET results. they’re the latest anyway

  • Mirriam says:

    Thanks for a good advice

  • I have been sitting at home for two years now I can’t go to school because of my poor result and lack of finance I have decided to go to school but I don’t know what to do to go further with my studies

    • Site Editor says:

      If you are referring to your matric results by “poor results”, how about you go to a finishing school and improve the poor marks?

  • MPITI says:

    Hlw.. I hv completed my grade 12 last year in 2013..I hv been admitted in UP for the year 2015 but I got my student number late when NFAS have been closed in my institution… So will I get the chance to apply for NSFAS in January bcoz now NSFAS has closed