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Recently, over at our Facebook Page, we had a post about reasons / excuses people give for NOT pursuing postgraduate studies. Here is the summary of those excuses:

  • I’m tired of studying – I need a break – I might do it later on in life;
  • I’m tired of depending on (asking) people for money;
  • I want to make money and support (payback) my family;
  • I want to relieve my mother (someone);
  • My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family;
  • If I pursue postgraduate studies I will end up being too educated to find a job. Yeah right!

So, this is a follow-up to that post but for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. As such, here are some things you need to take into consideration before you commit to (or think about) postgraduate studies:

  • It’s cold at the top. But there is plenty of room. It’s good to be educated. Bestest feeling…[I’m told].
  • Be humble and act educated.
  •  You might end up losing all your friends. Because you won’t have time for small things such as partying and drinking and all the other unimportant things bored people do.
  • Everybody will have a car, home, wife / husband before you. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens…
  • Don’t write it on your forehead when you have your degrees etc…

Here is the good:

  • If you’re good at what you do, it’s FREE. You won’t pay a cent;
  • You get a chance to see the world. This is rare for Hons / BTech but if you do your Masters / PhD, you are likely to have one free trip to an overseas country. For a week. Try to go to a country where they don’t speak any of your languages… FUN! You will end up questioning your intelligence.
  • You will learn from the best.
  • You will learn to write. Properly. Most graduates don’t know how to write.
  • You will be a specialist / expert in something.

Here is how you get there:

  • Work on your attitude. A good attitude will take you a long way. Start by not going to people’s offices smelling of alcohol on Mondays. And …
  • Young men! Pull your pants up.
  • Your sh*tty attitude from 1st year is known by everybody in the department whether you are smart or not. Work on it.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Never lose your cool. Keep your head up and shut your mouth.
  • Find a professor that believes in you.
  • Tell your family not to expect anything from you for the next 2 – 3 years. Tell them you might not (won’t ) call for birthdays etc…
  • Don’t get married. Don’t promise marriage to anybody. Don’t have a kid either. Don’t promise anybody about settling down and having a kid.

Again, when it is all said and done, don’t write it on your forehead. Be humble and act educated.

Keep walking. You are not alone.

PS: Comments are open below should you like to share you views…


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  • Asa says:

    Well, it all depends who u are and how u manage your time and plans. I beg to differ with your suggestion of: “Do not start a family.” If it works for u, then good for u, but u can’t advise people not to have kids because they need to complete their studies. One can’t even complete studies, there’s always more to do after completing a step.

  • Ephraim says:

    I strongly believe that lack of money is the cause of all the challenges mentioned above,we are forced to seek employment immediately we complete our first qualification because families expect us to do so. if i had a chance to continue with my studies without having to put my family under financial burden i would grab it with both hands.

    • Elsie says:

      ive bin admitted for btec nd now i hav money for registration. all da bursaries i applied for tje results will be out march. Thats true finance is the problem

      • Site Editor says:

        If your bursary application is approved, you can take the letter and send it to your student finance department as a surity

  • Bigboy says:

    Now,that’s a great piece of information.I like it & I like it & I like it…..

  • Aubrey says:

    I’ve completed my diploma in Operations Management. I’ve been apply for every Internship in my field ever since January, but in vain. Worse, I only got 2 interviews from more than 30 Internships applied. Didn’t even got to know Hw I did. The most heart breaking is dat of those Internships I applied more than half of them are in da Government department. The situation is worse than people who are working think. But i am not losing hope (a denial of nreality), wil just keep going. Thanks for motivation

  • Nhlanhla says:

    I also completed a National Diploma in Human Resources Management with a lot of aspiration to study. My issue is that my aunt, the individual who has been paying for my studies had to continue studying herself since well she has prolonged her studies for a while for me. If things had gone my way I would’ve enrolled for a BBA degree and studying while seek an internship. I don’t have excuses from studying further, none. I guess I will have to open my eyes and look harder for an opportunity, be it an internship or bursary to continue my educational quest.

  • Niko says:

    I agree with you,I finished my diploma last year and i have been apply since with no luck.I really want to go back to school to do a btech atleast in information technology(communication networks) but the part about the parents not having enough money is true,if only I could get a bursary ,i dont want to use loans anymore as they are buzy sending me letters wanting their money back.Being broke is no fun,I wanted to get a job so i could further my studies then my experience would balance with my qualifications

  • Sandi says:

    Im in engineering and i have seen a lot of people who went that extra mile and did their masters straight after graduating only to end up as lectures, then again ive seen others who are now successful in industry. In my opinion education goes hand in hand with experience but if you want to go that extra mile do it because you believe it is what you need to take you to where you want to be and not because you’ve got nothing else to do.

  • Sibongile says:

    well Im nt employed and I went to a University of Technology ,College ; and now Unisa …

    We are nt all ment to be hired,some of us should provide jobs .
    When I study I’m enriching me and nt really to stand a better chance at being employed .

    Its nt easy but start something , keep moving Look at me I’m a Flourist doing it on my own and loving it ,and I’m educated and still correspondingwith Unisa

  • nelly says:

    I’m one of those who ddnt pass their matric in flying colours,I came out qualifying for a higher certificate,but I ddnt give up m currently doing my N5 in Human Resource Management,many people always say that I won’t get a job cos m studying in a public college,and my answer always says “m bigger than my college and I am not my college,I will make it and I want God to keep them so thyl b able to share my success with me,I am going far,yes I ddnt get da chance to go to varsity but college gave me a 2nd chance and m gonna go far,God is with me!!!!

  • Thato says:

    My sitution is little bit different i wanna pursue my studies but i don’t have the resources to do that, i graduated in 2011 since then i’ve been struggling to get a job or even a simply busuary to take me back to school, people life’s tough out there, so please help

  • segomotso says:

    i thought after finishing my degree it will be easy for me to get a job but its not..its now eight months since ive been applying for jobs without any luck so am thinkin of going back at varsity next year for honors since my pracious time is being wasted, think its better to b at school while looking for a job.

  • nondumiso says:

    good advice I m doing my finel year business administration specializing in accounting but Im finding it hard to get an in-service training please help me thank you

  • Kagiso says:

    Life is too short. The last two advises I totally dont agree with.Family is the most important thing in life despite own personal goals. You can either enjoy simple life with family n friends around you or live a boring life with no 1 around. ( Im not against academics, was just running out the specific bullets).

  • mavis says:

    i would like to pursue post grad studies but my only problem is that i dont qualify for honours bacause my grades are low.
    So i was wondering do you have any advice for me, is there any course or post graduate diploma i can follow especially relating to the field of microbiology and physiology that will allow me to get to the top.
    Because i really would love to see myself going far with my education.


    • Wandile says:

      Mavis..accordng 2 my understndng u need 2 have 60% average on your undergraduate degree 2do thn @unisa if u r below dat..they allow u 2 write a motivational letter motivating y u shoûld be acceptd 4 honours…i thnk u shld try UNISA…application date 01 August 2013 U cn also apply 4 finacial aid..hopefully ths info could help u..cheers

  • Khutso says:

    Postgrad qualifications does open doors for you but I can tell you it takes a lot of ‘YOU’, you have to compromise on most things in life. I’m currently pursuing my masters and I feel as if I’ve been at it for years now. Funds are available, one needs to research and apply. Find out from institutions what they offer or recommend.

  • Sbusiso says:

    I also do have a degree and I was and I also says that I want to take a break and free my mother so now I am doing job Hunting and now there is nothing that I’m doing so what was this all about is there any help or just an Advice?

  • luyanda J says:

    Thank u for informing us as well as motivating us to go the extra mile to pursue our dreams. I’m currently a postgraduate at UNISA, it isn’t easy but I look forward to completing it and reaching green pastures.

  • Yolanda says:

    I have really learned something new from this post but haven’t seen anything relating to my fears . I would like to pursue a masters, PHd in the near and even an MBA in the near future but my biggest fear is not getting a job there after. One always here’s of how harder it is for someone who pursued post grad to get a job than those who prefer to work and study part time for apparently experience reign supreme.

  • Wandile says:

    Great advice…especially since i m going to be embarking on my hònours degree nxt year

  • Theo says:

    Thats is nothing but the whole truth, here is something i need to touch up on. Success is not about getting a Degree or Masters and all that. When you have passion or something you do best it can take you places and that happens when you have right people on your side at the right time. But i don’t say people must not get education and wait to get lottery or someone to offload cash from nowhere. Nowadays what you get you pay for it, no freebies, get education, work hard and walk smart every door will open itself for you……what has been said it is and is happening a lot to our generation…..

    • Karabo says:

      Thank you for the motivation, I am mos def going to study further. Though the excuses part; I really have to say the “I want to relieve my mother (someone);
      My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family…” does hit true for me. I have 2 siblings 2 years apart behind me, so I cannot expect my mother to pay any more years than what she has already done, 1 is already in varsity! I will have to fund my studies myself if I plan to study further. Currently working and saving. Being broke and asking people for money is no fun at all. If I’m that good, then I guess free it will be. Some of us have genuine reasons, not excuses.