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Recently, over at our Facebook Page, we had a post about reasons / excuses people give for NOT pursuing postgraduate studies. Here is the summary of those excuses:

  • I’m tired of studying – I need a break – I might do it later on in life;
  • I’m tired of depending on (asking) people for money;
  • I want to make money and support (payback) my family;
  • I want to relieve my mother (someone);
  • My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family;
  • If I pursue postgraduate studies I will end up being too educated to find a job. Yeah right!

So, this is a follow-up to that post but for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. As such, here are some things you need to take into consideration before you commit to (or think about) postgraduate studies:

  • It’s cold at the top. But there is plenty of room. It’s good to be educated. Bestest feeling…[I’m told].
  • Be humble and act educated.
  •  You might end up losing all your friends. Because you won’t have time for small things such as partying and drinking and all the other unimportant things bored people do.
  • Everybody will have a car, home, wife / husband before you. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens…
  • Don’t write it on your forehead when you have your degrees etc…

Here is the good:

  • If you’re good at what you do, it’s FREE. You won’t pay a cent;
  • You get a chance to see the world. This is rare for Hons / BTech but if you do your Masters / PhD, you are likely to have one free trip to an overseas country. For a week. Try to go to a country where they don’t speak any of your languages… FUN! You will end up questioning your intelligence.
  • You will learn from the best.
  • You will learn to write. Properly. Most graduates don’t know how to write.
  • You will be a specialist / expert in something.

Here is how you get there:

  • Work on your attitude. A good attitude will take you a long way. Start by not going to people’s offices smelling of alcohol on Mondays. And …
  • Young men! Pull your pants up.
  • Your sh*tty attitude from 1st year is known by everybody in the department whether you are smart or not. Work on it.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Never lose your cool. Keep your head up and shut your mouth.
  • Find a professor that believes in you.
  • Tell your family not to expect anything from you for the next 2 – 3 years. Tell them you might not (won’t ) call for birthdays etc…
  • Don’t get married. Don’t promise marriage to anybody. Don’t have a kid either. Don’t promise anybody about settling down and having a kid.

Again, when it is all said and done, don’t write it on your forehead. Be humble and act educated.

Keep walking. You are not alone.

PS: Comments are open below should you like to share you views…


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  • ntomby says:

    Is unisa Nsfas funding for honours?

  • Nosipho says:

    I am already pursuing my first year at Masters level in Housing at UKZN Howard college, but due to financial circumstances i may not continue the following year, please assist as most bursaries and internships do not recognise this degree. We deal with human settlement issues, mostly low-cost housing issues in South Africa and internationally.Considering the housing situation in South Africa i did not think finding a bursary or internship will be this challenging. Did i waste my time in having a housing degree and to continue in it at masters level?

  • Elihle says:

    Hi,I am a graduate in Angriculture (Animal Production) Diploma.I wish to further my studies but I can’t because my mother is unemployed,I need financial assistance…please help

  • Tshepiso says:

    I’m currently doing my Btech in Agricultural Management, I need financial assistance because I couldnt get the NRF bursary. I really, really want to continue studying and do my Mtech next year but I do not think I will be able to do so since I cant pay for my Btech! Its really tough

  • xolile says:

    hy im xolile,and im doing my final yr in ND: human resources management,and im using nsfas,which doesnot fund BTech yr iwant to do Btech as the competition is too high out there in the industry field. Ineed financial assistance for my Btech next yr,even if it pays me tuition fees and residence,iwould not mind.

  • Samkeh says:

    I have a bcom economics degree and I wish to further my studies. My parents are both working but dying with debts and cannot pay my studies. I wish to do honours bt the financial aid cannot fund me because my parents are working. I’m out of options…. HELP!

  • Ntombi says:

    hi my name Ntombi I am a female whose is a post graduate from the University of the Free State,I am currently unemployed I have B.A. in psychology,social sciences and industrial psychology

  • khulwane says:

    Hi i’m an electrical engineering apprentice and i wish to go to school and complete my diploma so that i can further register for Btech. I feel like i’m getting lost in time as it seems i’m loosing my focus to register again as two years have passed and i’m still stuck with no progress to register. I want to get the highest degree possible as my goal is to lead a team of individuals to achieve a common goal

  • Sianda says:

    How many years will i expend at the university to pursue degree, if i already have the national diploma 4rm the FET College? I wish to further my studies az much as i can…

  • fikile says:

    Hi guys help me here pls m lost crus.I wnt 2 do security managent or policing @ unisa I passed my matric wth diploma .I’m inlove with SAPS,private investigator, any law enforcement jobs,I jst wnna knw that is there any bursaries 4 DS course?

  • lebogang says:

    I am a 21yr old lady who has just completed National Diploma in Accounting at I want to further my studies but I cant because both my parents are pendioners. Someone pls pls help me asap.

  • Walter says:

    Im walter.ive completed my diploma ln road safety, in 2009 at tshwane university of technology..ever since ive been struggling to find a job ,please help me find a learnership of traffic under alot of pressure because im the eldest in my family..i still wish to get a degree but lacking funds

  • Marvellous says:

    I completed my National Diploma in Public relations and communication. I now intent to pursue my BTech in Business Admin but i dont have financial assistance to further my career because NSFAS doesn’t fund BTech students. Please help me with any information regarding where i can get financial assistance.

    • me says:

      Hello Marvellous, NSFAS has been very unfair on that part that they should suddenly cut off Btech students, but dont worry because there is an option for btech students you can apply for NRF at your respective university or prospective university. They pay up to R40000 and the other bursary is R20000 but i think these will be sufficient to cover tuition costs for your btech. Hope this will help you. Thanks

      • Tshepiso says:

        NRF is doing a very good job by helping Btech students but you have to pay for your won registration fee and its very difficult for some people to cum up with the registration fee 🙁

  • Herbet says:

    Aftr so many years pursuing a degree in psychology i jst graduated in November 2013, i’ve been seeng ppl struggling to find a job with ths degree so i would like to continue wth my studies bt wth a mentor to assist me

    • Mosima says:

      HI, i am currently doing my final year of Masters in Clinical Psychology if you do not mind i could mentor you, i have been a mentor since 2009.

      • Nonhle says:

        Eish 🙁
        I definately want to go on with post grad studies but my school only takes a limited amount of Honours students, and I’m nervous about this as I can only manage to get 60% and there are people getting 80s in my class. 🙁

      • Thopi says:

        I am b.a graduate majoring in sociology ang imdustrial psychology.i hv ben tryng 2 gt internship bt no luck i hv dcd 2 d honours degree in developmental studies at UNISA next year.i dnt knw whether i hv choosen a gud career since it hard 2 gt an internship.d u thnk it a gud idea 2 also volunter in government department.please help before i take a wrong career.

  • Malinga NJ says:

    I have got diploma in Marketing,Currently I work for Old mutual SA(insurance) and I also worked for capitec Bank. My dream is to further my studies and get a bussary, and I think I should have started my career with leanerships and internships.if there’s any available please inform me

  • ofentse auke says:

    i apply at tshwane university,and both my parents are unemployed,so i have a problem i cnt pay for my application fees or any fees ,i may like to apply for a busary and i pray to get help

    • Tumelo says:

      Hey Ofentse,what you need to do is to to the campus where your course is offered and look for NSFAS offices and apply for it. You need to go the first week of January because that’s is the only time they cater for 1st year students. Make sure as soon as you get the application form,you fill it & return it with all the necessary documents asap to avoid any disappoints.

  • Makgopa says:

    I am a graduate HR diploma 4rm unisa and i would lyk 2 further my studies with postgraduate diploma HRD and would lyk 2 know if univesity of Johannesburg is providing the qualification.

  • sebenzile says:

    I am agraduate in Information Technology diploma and wish to further my studies becouse most of companies need Btech and MCSE or MCITP which cost too much to study.

  • Chantelle says:

    I have a BA undergraduate degree, with politics and history as my majors. I would like to pursue a career in the diplomatic service, any advice on how to get there? Apart from completing an International Relations post-grad degree. Who will be able to assist my, with internships similar to those exchange programmes American students/entree level employees are exposed to?

  • nontobeko says:

    hi..i recently graduated with cost and management accounting diploma,and i want to further my studies because most companies prefer graduates with Bcom,Cta and what not,i wish to know if there are bursaries or nsfas at unisa for such studies,my biggest dream is not to work for more than 5years but to open an accounting firm one day!

    • Simphiwe says:

      My advise to is dat go ahead wit studying de Bcomt because dis s wat dey require n dey wil make u fil as u’r not educated. De best dividents u culd get from any investment s on education… So go on invest man. Time does not matter because u wont get where u wana b at de same time, time is going