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Recently, over at our Facebook Page, we had a post about reasons / excuses people give for NOT pursuing postgraduate studies. Here is the summary of those excuses:

  • I’m tired of studying – I need a break – I might do it later on in life;
  • I’m tired of depending on (asking) people for money;
  • I want to make money and support (payback) my family;
  • I want to relieve my mother (someone);
  • My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family;
  • If I pursue postgraduate studies I will end up being too educated to find a job. Yeah right!

So, this is a follow-up to that post but for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. As such, here are some things you need to take into consideration before you commit to (or think about) postgraduate studies:

  • It’s cold at the top. But there is plenty of room. It’s good to be educated. Bestest feeling…[I’m told].
  • Be humble and act educated.
  •  You might end up losing all your friends. Because you won’t have time for small things such as partying and drinking and all the other unimportant things bored people do.
  • Everybody will have a car, home, wife / husband before you. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens…
  • Don’t write it on your forehead when you have your degrees etc…

Here is the good:

  • If you’re good at what you do, it’s FREE. You won’t pay a cent;
  • You get a chance to see the world. This is rare for Hons / BTech but if you do your Masters / PhD, you are likely to have one free trip to an overseas country. For a week. Try to go to a country where they don’t speak any of your languages… FUN! You will end up questioning your intelligence.
  • You will learn from the best.
  • You will learn to write. Properly. Most graduates don’t know how to write.
  • You will be a specialist / expert in something.

Here is how you get there:

  • Work on your attitude. A good attitude will take you a long way. Start by not going to people’s offices smelling of alcohol on Mondays. And …
  • Young men! Pull your pants up.
  • Your sh*tty attitude from 1st year is known by everybody in the department whether you are smart or not. Work on it.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Never lose your cool. Keep your head up and shut your mouth.
  • Find a professor that believes in you.
  • Tell your family not to expect anything from you for the next 2 – 3 years. Tell them you might not (won’t ) call for birthdays etc…
  • Don’t get married. Don’t promise marriage to anybody. Don’t have a kid either. Don’t promise anybody about settling down and having a kid.

Again, when it is all said and done, don’t write it on your forehead. Be humble and act educated.

Keep walking. You are not alone.

PS: Comments are open below should you like to share you views…


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  • Borneo says:

    Hi, i have a Bsc degree in Statistics and Operations which i completed in 2014, in 2015 i progressed to study Bsc honors in Statistics of which i also completed. I have been applying for internships and graduate programs with no luck, I’m now thinking of doing masters degree because i can’t tolerate myself for idling. the only problem is that i don’t have financial support so I’m in need of a sponsor.. Please help

    • Mfundiso says:

      @Borneo please directly approach the institution you intend to do your masters degree and I believe they will offer you financial assistance through postgraduate bursaries such as NRF. I am speaking from experiencing.

  • Magotabe says:

    i believe in education. I completed my diploma 2011, These year I am going for my Btech i do not have money to pay for my fees but have money to register. But that can not stop me, forward I move

  • Bonginkosi says:

    Hi future

    Here i am looking for a sponsor to persuade my postgraduate in Accounting, but i am short of funding to accomplish my dream. i am currently accepted in UJ and waiting for respond in UNISA for my Advance diploma in Accountancy.

    please contact me if u feel that you can close the gap

  • Luxolo says:

    I just want to thank all those that make a difference in our lives; through taking a effort by writing on this page and bringing the best out of us, sharing your personal experiences and not hoping to achieve anything in return. Keep well and wish you a early happy new year resolution.

  • Tembu says:

    I am currently studying towards B.Tech from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the problem I am faced with I am looking for funding or sponsorship to pay off my fees. I am also intending to pursue Masters degree in 2016.

    Looking forward to hear from sponsors

  • dikz says:

    Hey. am a post graduate and am only left with one subject and it will take a year for me to do that subject. So I was wondering if its possible to do a Btech with one subject that am left with?

  • shade says:

    hello, guys as u know their a lot of graduate out side hence you are competing for the post who know for example (15000 unemployed are competing for 8000 jobs tough one their) my advice don’t wait just go their to volunteer and get that experience the rest will follow. I am an HR graduate but am doing business development internship it is not what I applied for but the things works in their way so to you thangs guys and good luck

  • Xolile says:

    Hy ihave anational diploma in human resources management and ihave just graduated,intended to do my Btech this year but unfortunately financial reasons are limiting me to do so.all iam asking is a bursary to pursue my studies,since competition is too high in the industry field,ithought ishould do Btech. Ineed funds for intution fees,accomodation ,books and meals.looking forward to your response.

  • Kagisho says:

    Hello evry one out there i did human resource management at the college i have N4 N5 and N6 its bean a while now traying to applay for internship or learnership and i get no respont and i have to make 18 months practical so i can gualify to get my diploma any one around there please help i am willing to volunteer as long i may be learning you can call me here 073 6885 462

  • Calvin Swai says:

    I want to do my BTECH, Industrial Engineering next year, The problem is that I won’t be having sponsor.. Help if you know any company which provides financial aid to students.

  • Ndumeliso Eric says:

    I am a Geology graduate with a BTech degree currently on an internship program and would like to further for a Bsc Hons but financial constrains are limiting me in pursuing this dream, thus i would appreciate any form of funding so i can continue with my studies. Thank you

  • zukie says:

    If only people could take this page of comments seriously,write in proper English not in abbreviated cellphone language because you may never know who is reading,because people know this is where people who have certain problems share them. If you are writing because you want a sponser or bursary or even a job write as if you are writing a proposal to that potential sponser/employer …this is just a thought that crossed my mind. “YOU MAY NEVER KNOW WHO IS READING”

  • Mongezi says:

    I have a Diploma in Public Relations ,I completed it in 2011 and i have been applying for internships and jobs in vain. I am now thinking of doing a B-Tech but im having doubts if its worth it, i am afraid what if i do it and still not get a job thereafter?. I also think of changing a career. I am in a state of confusion please help.
    Thank you in advance

    • Thulani says:

      Mongezi, it takes you to do whatever you think and of course taking good from the advise people give you. Do it.

      • Nandipha says:

        I was once there I fully understand what you going, I’m a graduate in analytical chemistry and after a of hustling in the field with no luck I then decided to change. I am not an event coordinator and office administrator studies through a leanership program .since I still have passion in maths and chemistry I’m now only tutoring and demonstrating practicals .So try to think outside the box. it’s all up to you. Follow your heart and good luck

  • matshediso says:

    I graduated last year,I have a degree in bachelor of social sciences( I have no idea where to start looking for a job with that degree,I’d also like to further my studies,maybe doing honours in criminology,I have a passion in crime related stories and research,can you please advice me on what to do with a bachelor of social sciences degree

    • Lucia says:

      Hi first ask yourself why you studied that coarse you will get the answer and please do as much research as you can based on your field of study. Eg me i never intended to study public relations management but due to my matric results i obtained i did not afford to go and upgrade so i went for something that matches with my results here i am today a postgraduate in public relations management and i am very proud because at my first year level i did an indept research about my field of study.

      Wish you all the best.

  • Emman says:

    I completed my N6 in civil engineering at FET so l want to know how to apply for N diploma and how long will it take me to complete it ?

  • Kaht says:

    To whom it may concern
    I have recently completed my undergraduate studies in Information Science from the University of Pretoria and have applied and been admitted to Honours at the same institution. I have applied for numerous funding from various potential sponsors and by God’s grace I have been shortlisted as one that can potentially receive the funding however, I will only receive feedback to this at the end of February. My problem at the moment though is that I need to register by the 5th of February and I need an amount of R7500 to do so which I currently do not have; thus I would like to request funding to register for my honours studies. I will hope to hear from a potential sponsor soon.

  • Zolani says:

    Good day to my future sponsor,

    I have applied to Study at UJ and UNISA for my BTech, I have been approved at UNISA and Still waiting for a UJ to Respond to me.

    I need need a sponsor to help me with Fees, books, and Accommodation but these are Negotiable.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Masibulele says:

    I intend to do my Btech in forensic investigation this year at Unisa and one thing i like this institution its fees are affordable.

  • Zenzele says:

    I am admitted at Unisa to study towards Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in 2015, one year study, due to my present financial situation I am struggling to finance my studies in 2015 so I need help in the form of bursary and eventually work for any company that assisted me in 2016.

    • Nox says:

      I am in a very similar situation, i hav applied for Btech in TUT & UNISA but i intend to study through TUT as it offers exactly what i need. I also need a busary or part time job, i’m completing my Diploma in Agriculture this Dec as i am doing my inservice training. My concern is that I will need to cover transportation costs from Dbn to PTA once a month and rent a place for a week while taking my monthly lectures.

  • anda says:

    hi, I have a Bcomm Economics and Business management degree and I would like to do an honours degree in economics, where can I go for help as I do not afford to further my studies..