It is with happiness to tell you that Khams has found a job. Here is message relaying the good news.


I get a lot of feedback from you but this one really touches on issues that, I think, affect many people out there. Especially the young. I don’t agree or disagree with it but, and in agreement with the sender, I decided to post it here to find out what others think or have to say.

Here is the message (I have edited it, slightly, for readability):

Dear Corporate South Africa

I’m deeply shocked at the state of unemployment in South Africa. Government and private companies are in partnership with a golden lie. I have been, since last year, unemployed whilst the government, whatever that means, continues with this fallacy that the world, and more so South Africa, needs Scientist and Engineers.

I’m here to tell you that this puff and pass site is unnecessary because we are unemployed, and at the shebeen and taverns, and in fact we are registered in all their websites.

Were simply tired of buying newspapers, data bundles for internet, airtime, faxing R5 per page by the way, posting, making copies, filling in Z83 forms and every other temple these companies have.

Last but not least paying with our unemployed grandparent’s pension’s money to attend these pretentious interviews. Whilst they know that already have someone in mind. It is sad that in South Africa or as some might say poor Africa getting funding in the form of loans to study is easy but getting a job can kill your empty pocket and hopeful dreams while uneducated illiterate people continue to steal oxygen in all our so called skills lacking companies.

Yours drank at the shebeen after applying yet again at the post office today: Scientist/ Engineer: Graduate.


I decided to post it online because I don’t have all the answers and also that I may not know how deep a problem it is to try to find a job. What do you have to say? #Use the comments section below for your feedback#

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UPDATE: just so that we don’t turn this discussion into a political party cheerleading contest, all comments about political party A is better than political party B will be deleted. Talking about the government is fine but campaigning is something else….



  • Sophy says:

    Hi Graduates,
    It feel so bad to apply for so many positions and do not get feedback from the recruiters and if you do, you are told that you do not qualify as your age is 40+. Why then Universities approve our applications and allow us to study>
    I never had a chance to study when I was young, I firstly had to find job so that I can do what I have long wanted to study. at the age of 35 I completed my Degree in Financial management, immediately started to look for another employment and nothing came. Then I again decided to further my studies now in 2020 I completed my Honours degree in Business management but still no promise of any better position. My concern is why older people studies get funded or why they even allowed to study if the corporate world and government does not see any need to utilise them.

  • NANDISE says:


    • Site Editor says:

      Can’t you apply for positions that need agriculture? If so, there are few of those on the site.

  • Phelela says:

    Hi all

    I graduated in 2014 with ND Analytical Chemistry I have been sitting at home since, it is too hard to find a job. I registered a catering company in 2015 yhooo even worse, those tenders by the government are not popping they offer them to their friends even with this CSD system in place. Consider yourself very lucky uf you are Requested a quote once a year, its just too sad.

  • Nompilo says:

    this unemployment is very hard, i graduated from a very well known university and yet still applying for a job since 2016, i don’t know myself anymore i think even being a Para is better because you know u just don’t care.

  • Matt says:


    I have been unemployed for over a year,almost 2 years actually,and ive been applying all post I can find,ended up applyong for general workers jobs,but with no luck,believe it or not,but ever since I graduated,ive never been Invited for a single interview,this is really painful,im so close to giving up on my dream of having a stable life with a decent job

  • Pieter says:

    It is very true, we are forced to go to universities ans colleges and study in order to get qualifications that will gives us jobs, but what do we ger in the end?, not hing but to stay home all day and do nothing. Our government is really dirty since jobs are given to people who didn’t go to school.


  • Franny says:

    I strongly agree with this person,I as well did electrical engineering nated ,coz of lack of employment I came to Jo’burg ,studied call center certificate ,applied online and only got calls from scam companies around Jo’burg claiming they will place me ,only to realise after I’ve that it was a scam,I then studied management principles hoping to increase chances of job market,and registered on different career websites,all big and small companies,private and government sectors ,still with no luck,I am still hoping that 1 day I will be called but again I know I am wasting my time coz all working people I know only got jobs through connection,through buying job with their body ,and many nasty things,as I also got a call and the man said if I want a job as admin I can come for interview at the mall ,but I refuses coz he said 5 other girls impressed him,and I said yes my CV will impress you ,and he said they impressed him by going with him to his house and did whatever they did there,…anyway my point is getting a job in msanzi is hard ,we might as well try to sell sweets on the streets than buying data’s and wasting bogogo’s money,
    ..May God bless south Africa and give us you woman and man strength to come up with ideas that can help us start our own businesses and instead of looking for a job ,just be the one who hires …I already started seeking funds to open a big business that will accommodate millions of our sisters and brothers ,join the movement of creating your own job by registering ur company big or small .1 day is 1 day

  • Prudence says:

    Hi guys. I see the conversation you had was in year 2013. Well that’s the year l graduated from number one rated university in Africa. I landed two interviews a week after my graduation but l didn’t make it. A year passed and l got one-year contract at Edgars connect in 2015 August which ended November 2016. Since then I’ve been applying more than 100times l think….both private and government sectors. It’s so frustrating to sit home especially with the people who don’t even understand the emotional impact of being an unemployed graduate. They all got names for you, they say you are choosey and you not. As am typing today here, l finished my training for being a cleaner at Mince Skills Development. It really hurts to see your hard work at university go down to drain just like that as if nothing happened. I am going to be a cleaner now. However, l never lost hope. I am very much hopeful and l believe that one day l will get a good job.

  • Thobile says:

    Being unemployed is no fun. We are expected to be earning by the age of 22 minimum. I’m a 25 year old graduate and I’m finding it hard to get a cleaning job. I think that the youth that is suppose to be leading South Africa will end up with Alcohol Anonymous because that’s where you find them drowning their sorrows. I’ve decided to sell somethings to the community and bring in a bit of income. We need saving because companies need certain years of experience and we don’t have. When will all be well?

  • BA Audiovisual Communications Graduate says:

    Unemployment is a serious matter people especially the youth and government is doing little or nothing to tackle this issue. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Audiovisual Communications at the University of Johannesburg but I have been working for a call centre for the past 2 years because I don’t have any “connections” or experience that most Production Companies I apply to are looking for nor am I willing to sleep with anyone to get a position in the industry. I am currently unemployed since April 2017 because the company I worked for closed down now no one wants to touch me and I have been job hunting since then. So I feel your pain my brother/sister. The struggle is real!!!

  • Angel says:

    I have been unemployed for a year and eight months and life was difficult until I turned myself to prostitution. Life is better now, I earn 6k-8k monthly. The government needs to tackle the issue of unemployment with urgency, because young people are expressing their lack of progress violently.

    To the person who posted the letter I feel your frustrations and I have been there.

    Don’t give-up just try to do something about it that can help you survive.

  • Mhlanga FQ says:

    Regardless of situation we are in today, the most challenging issue we are facing as graduate is that experience is used to qualify people in position which other certified graduate can occupy. We have accepted that we must be at junior level but still fairness is not executed, as position are filled before hand.

  • Athenkosi says:

    Hi Guys
    I am a graduate with more than 2 years of GIS and IT experience. I am registered with Councils and have drivers licence but that does not discourage me not to get a job. This year I have decided on doing short courses all the way because our degrees now are not enough u need something that will market you. In my case there are a lot B.Science Geology and GIS unemployed graduates but what makes me the best candidate for the job thats what I keep on asking myself hence I will develop my IT skills with CISCO and do Project Management rather than waiting for something I dont knw while I am busy with my Honours project this year. So lets not be discouraged but empower ourselves.

  • Monde says:

    Hi guys
    I feel like I’m drowning and my family is getting frustrated with me. I believe I did everything right I stayed away from boys and I graduated from the university of Johannesburg with my diploma in marketing which took longer than expected but I made it.
    In the mist of trying to complete my diploma I opted to work in retail and it paid for my last year in varsity. And now I’m stuck I can not get out. I feel like when recruitment agencies see that I’ve got experience in retail I’m not even considered.I’m always on this site. This month alone I’ve applied to two government posts with z83 form, I’m waiting for a response.
    I need to know what I’m doing wrong or where can I turn too.

    • Site Editor says:

      Apply for more than two positions. Other people apply for 100s before they get through…

      • Gideon Sambo says:

        when you apply try to apply as many as you can because remember you are not the only person applying the are some with more experience than yours but one thing for sure it is not the time yet i was a victim of your situation i went to 17 interviews with no luck until i got one last year so don”t give keep that spirit and don’t think of killing yourself just pray god will give you all the answer you need companies will fight for you

  • Precious says:

    I’m another unemployed graduate. It’s so frustrating spending an entire year at home, doing nothing but job hunting, nevermind the people who know you finished school that will keep asking “so what are you doing now?”

    all these companies want people with experience but I just finished school, where am I supposed to have gotten all this experience from.

    demotivated tourism management graduate

    • Site Editor says:

      It’s pretty hard to find a job with your qualification. Only the government employs tourism grads…

  • Sophy says:

    It is sad indeed to know that there are currently enrolled student in universities hoping to be employed after graduating while there are thousands of graduates wating to be employed. My major problem is, you get hundreds and hundreds of job advertisement with all the requirements which one meet but when applying you dont even get a confirmation that the application was received. How do we convince our future generation that education is the key to success while we still have this high level of unemployment.
    Bcom Finance management graduate

  • Khams says:

    Hi guys

    It`s sad to see not much has changed since i posted this comment in 2012 .I have to tell you however that education is key , once you are in a company.I see people everyday that amount to nothing due to their lack of education. I`ve been busy with my LLB(Law) and also completed a number of short courses to further empower myself with the degree i already have.Guys you are educated out smart these institution into getting a job.If it means you have to follow the trend of standing at the robots or gates of these organisations then swallow your pride! Times are changing and you have to change even faster to keep up !

    All The best

    Once unemployed professional