The Bursary Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Advisory committee of the Netcare Group and is responsible for supporting, encouraging and facilitating all bursary activities. The role of the Bursary Committee is to support, encourage and facilitate bursary activities at Netcare. This role includes:
  • To foster an environment that encourages bursary applications from prospective tertiary learners.
  • To create a support structure to facilitate bursary application and payment processes.
  • To promote continued staff development by creating opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • To promote advice to staff and prospective external applicants regarding application and processes regarding bursary funding.
Bursaries are offered in the following categories:
  • Pharmacy
  • Commerce

All application must be sent to this email:



  • Sylvester says:

    Dear sir/madam im a young man looking to study nursing with netcare but im financial unable to do so. Im in need of a bursary. Please be as kind to advice me where to go or where i can apply and what are the requirements. Yours in kindness

    • Site Editor says:


      I suggest you send your inquiry to the email address given above. Word of advice:

      1. Don’t ask for requirements. Rather ask for more information about the bursary (intake for 2012, which institutions they support etc…)

      2. Be professional as much as you can. Don’t rush things. Write your email on a piece of paper first and then on your computer and cellphone. Don’t forget to proofread.

      All the best…


  • simphiwe says:

    Hi mam …..I need a learnership or Bursary to study nursing , but will be studying at netcare auckland park …where do I go …please help

  • janine saville says:

    Good day, I have a certificate in home based caring/community health. I would love to further studies in nursing, but am unable to do so financially. Please advise on sholarships/learnerships or bursaries. Many thanks and God bless.

    • admin says:

      Hi Janine,

      I think your problem is the easiest because I am told that there is financing for every nursing student in SA. But the first step to that is to get enrolled at a univeristy of your choice. This website:, lists all institutions offering nursing studies.

      To apply to a university of your choice you need to download an application form from this page:


      The hard way, try to contact the head of department of the nursing department of the university of your choice and then take it from there.

      Also, I think you should leave your email address here: – so that you get all updates emailed to you. That way, you’ll not miss any posts that relate to your field of interest.


    • admin says:


      If you’re using a cellphone, please go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Exit Mobile Edition’ otherwise you’ll not be able to use the ‘subscribe’ page.


  • Herbert says:

    Dear sir/mam, I am a current student at Vaal University Of Technology and i am studing marketing. I would like to apply for a bursary to further my studies. Please contact for a respond. Thank you.

    • admin says:


      Thank you for contacting us. However, we are ONLY making this information easily available to people like you. That means, we don’t award bursaries. It is only the organisation to whom the individual bursaries belong that you can contact regarding your need for financial assistance.

      So, this is what I recommend you do:
      1. Using the search field above, search for marking ( doing the same I found this link:
      2. Choose a link that is supports marking degrees/diplomas
      3. Follow their instructions on how to apply. For instance, the Telkom bursary accepts applications by post only. And here are their requirements for the bursary:

      Grade 12 (Matric) Certificate: Mathematics and Accounting minimum NSC Rating of 4 (50%), NSC Rating of 4 (50%) in English and an aggregate NSC Rating of 4 (50%). In the absence of Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy will only be considered if the applicant has an NSC rating of 7 (80%) or more for Mathematical Literacy.

      Tertiary students: Overall average minimum 60% and no failed courses or subjects

      3. This is very important:

      Write a cover letter for your application. Please make sure you proof read for spelling and grammar mistakes
      Write a CV

      Attach all required documents (ID, Matric Certificate, latest university results…)

      PS: Note that the Netcare Group Bursary is not for marketing students. They only support commerce and engineering students.

  • Palesa Rantho says:

    I will like to apply for a bursary with you .

    Please send me the application form on the E Mail address above .

    Thank you .

    • admin says:

      Hi Palesa,

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the application forms for the Netcare Bursary Scheme. However, this is not all lost. I advise you to contact Netcare via email and ask them to send you more information about the bursaries they offer and if application forms are available, ask them to send you an electronic copy as it will reach you in the shortest possible time.

      Please be as professional as you can in your email and make sure that you PROOF READ your email over and over and over again.

      All the best.