Nissan S.A. support the development of final year students and graduates through a structured programme called the Graduate and Experiential Training Programme.

  • The purpose of the Programme is to support the company’s need for qualified employees (from various fields of study e.g. Production and Purchasing Management, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, HR etc.) who will add value to the Company, and can be considered when an opportunity arises for the student to be employed in a full time capacity.
  • Furthermore, the company is committed to support the National Government’s drive for the development of skills in South Africa to actively contribute to the economical growth of the Country by providing opportunities for students to complete their academic qualification, including practical training required.
  • The student scheme is divided into three sections: the Apprenticeship, the Experiential Training and the Graduate Scheme.

Who qualifies to be on the Graduate and Experiential Training Programme?

  • Apprenticeship – Students who have completed theory training up to N4 with some workshop training as motor mechanics or millwrights will be considered.
  • Experiential Training – Students who have completed their theory training up to S4 level and only require practical training in order to qualify for their diploma will be considered.
  • Graduate Scheme – Students who have completed their degrees and need to get corporate exposure in their respective fields of study, which may include but not limited to: Production Management, Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical), Purchasing Management Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Ergonomics and Work study, Finance (including CTA and TOPP).
  • Click here to register your CV and apply on-line.
    NB: Please ensure that you complete all three application screens.