The aim and focus of the site has always been those people trying to get their careers off the ground. As such the features of the site have reflected this.

However, recently many visitors to the site have requested a feature to allow people to share their bursary/internship/learnership hunting stories. The aim of this, they said, is get an idea of the latest interview techniques and how one can prepare in advance for them.

therefore, if you have recently got a bursary/internship/learnership through puffandpass, please share your story by leaving a message below.

In your message, please touch on the following:

  • what did you do right to get the job?
  • what did you learn during the interview process?
  • Your message to all those still trying to get their careers on track…

Note: All messages are moderated which means your message will not appear right away.

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  • Angie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to thanks puff and pass for publishing all the job adverts to us. I was definitely relying on this website for all the graduate programme that I applied for and almost all of them (the ones I applied for) responded to me. To cut the story short:

    I am doing my BCom Hons Information Systems. And I will be joining SAB Miller soon. I’m so excited and I greatly encourage students to fix up their CVs and Cover letters, work hard to get good grades and learn to sell yourself in the interview.
    I promise if you get all that sorted, companies will be fighting to get your attention and you will have a variety of options to choose from.

    Keep your chin up, keep eying this website, get your fingers ready to apply for the job adverts.
    I always say to my friends, Do your best and god will do the rest.
    Thanks and Best regards
    Ang 😉

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Guys,
    I completed my BCompt degree with UNISA in 2011. I applied a thousand times for internships and I was not called for a single interview, all I got were regrets. Those regrets kept me going because I knew that I was on the right track. As we speak I signed my contract with the Auditor General which I saw the advert on puffandpass. I’ll be starting with my articles(training) next year January.
    Thank God and the people who created puffandpass for creating this site. Never give up guys,your breakthrough is still coming.

  • Lebo says:

    I graduated this year in April, I was also tired of applying and not being called to a single interview. In Sept I got a call for an interview at the Dept of Transport. The interview didn’t go well and I don’t think I got it. Then I got called again at SAA, did the interview and next week I am starting with my internship which I saw here on puff and pass. Don’t give up. God got a plan for you. The secret to success is prayer, patience and perseverance. The three Ps.

  • divhani says:

    I saw a post on puff n pass website about the reserve bank cadet programme in mid June and I downloaded the application form and I applied and I just got feed back from the bank that I got the job after going through 3 stages of the selection process.

    I am just waiting to sign the offer officially.

    What I have learnt during the interview is that you should know more about the institution before the interview, have self confidence and keep eye contact.

    For those of you who are still applying please don’t give up, keep applying and always check the puff and pass website for opportunities and remember what Proverbs 16:3 says. Keep your CV and other documents up to date and make sure you have them on both hard copies and soft copies.


  • Penelope says:

    I’m starting with an internship at Neotel on the 15th October. I saw a post on puff and pass and I applied. When applying:

    I attached motivational letter stating my strengths and what I can offer the company

    I learned not to be nervous and be honest.

    I was at the edge of giving up but God’s plan is greater than our plans. Do not be discourage by the challenges you go through, trust in the Lord and He shall provide.

    I wish you all guys who are looking for employment the best and do not give up.

  • OBAKENG says:

    Thanx guys 4 ur messages.i am inspired by u messages.i’ve been trying 2 apply for learnership but my friends always criticize me bcoz i did,nt do well in mathematics,saying i dont meet some of requirments.i almost lost now i think i,m going 2 unleash my full potential nd prove evry1 wrong.thanks

  • Tankiso says:

    Paffandpass is jst the best site for us graduates looking for internships/learnerships I also got my inservice training via paffandpass and I forwaded my friend DIRCO IT learneships he got it aswel I thank paffandpass crew for a job well done

  • Njabulo says:

    I’m currently working at Wings catering company.and i also want to thank puff en pass about the information u guys giving us.keep it up guys

  • Zee says:

    Hi guys.I am a recent Journalism graduate.Early this year I got internship info from Puff n Pass about an internship @ SABC. I applied and waited. Now I’m happy to report that I am an intern journalist at SABC doing what I love and studied for. I obviously had to try my best to be impressive at the interview. I was super early, dressed neatly, did a lot of research about the company and most importantly I was sincere and honest in my interview.
    THANK U Puff n Pass

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks to puff and pass I am able to help others as well

    I’ve always wanted to help the young, upcoming youth in my village since we are still in the rural and don’t have any internet access. I am one of the fortunate but wanted to share what I know and have with everyone.
    Having puff and pass enabled me to do just that.
    Right now as I speak, we have a student who has enrolled in varsity and applied to the Dpt of Education bursary which we got from this site. And now he is a student, with no financial worries!

    Don’t give up guys. Your time will come and even if what’s posted is irrelevant to you, Pass it on to your neighbour.your friends and loved ones.
    Let’s create a better Mzansi and make those possibilities a reality
    We can Do it!

  • Fabasi says:

    This is the best site ever i applied for a work-readness program for my little sister and i didn’t even complete the application but did submit.and guess what they called her and as i am writing this her 12 week program is about to finish and whe is enjoying every minute of it after staying home for a good 8 months after completing her degree….all thanks to puff and pass..

  • Ngoetjana says:

    I’m happy to announce to u all that puff and pass is working,I applied for my little brother and he was taken in a retail leanership programme. Pls lets spread the wings and pass it onto SA needy.

  • Cosmic says:

    Hi! All I want to say to guys who are strugglin’ to make a break-thru is Never Give Up…If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t
    walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving
    forward. Every setback is a setup for a comeback. supress this and become ashamed now express it and become amazed.

  • Tebano says:

    I graduated for Production Management in 2007 I have been employed for other jobs like data capturing and clerks. I have been applying for graduates programmes ever since I can remember using puff and pass and other sites. I don’t know what to do anymore with my qualification. I am currently not employed and I want to go back to school but I am so discouraged because I realy don’t know when is my break.

    I am really happy for all of you that have managed to go through and you are where you want to be. It’s really not all of us that go to school and get the rewards. But I am also ecouraged and motivated that my time will come. Thank you very much to Puff n Pass site it really helps a lot.

    I will keep puffing and passing.

  • Manini says:

    I thank Puff and Pass a lot for building my abilities,now I know how to write a presentable CV,as well as motivational letter,how important it is when you applying for the certain job. Also I learned how to apply online and some of the interview tips. I’ve been motivated since I knew about Puff and Pass. Puff and Pass keep it up a good work

  • karabo says:


    I’m currently doing an ICT learnership at DIRCO which i saw here at Puff and Pass, I applied for this learnership on the 14th of may and went to write an assessment test on the 15th of June and started last week on 23rd July,and for all of you who always apply and never get a respons please don’t give up because i applied a thousand time for different post and this is the first one i was called and i actually got the learnership, so people don’t give up.

    Thank you to the admin for doing a wonderful job.

  • zama says:

    Hi Nkosana

    I must say, reading your story has brought about a sparkle of hope within me, I have been applying since forever and to a point i got descouraged coz there wasnt even a reply just to say: “sorry you don’t qualify”. I was beggining to think there are no opprtunities out there especially for my field (chemical engineering).

    I will keep on applying, thanks again.

  • Billy says:

    I am writting this directly from the Head branch office of J.P Morgan (Biggest Global Investment Bank in the World).
    I applied for the Winter Internship Programme via Puff n Pass and I got selected to be part of the programme.The experience here that I’m getting is so overwhelming.
    Big thanks to Puff n Pass for updating us with the info.


  • mickey says:

    thank you for the encouragement, i will not give up. now you havwe given me hope. God loves you

  • Nkosana says:

    I currently work at Petanque (Consulting Company) for a client in Midrand, I got this job from this website last year in October. I urge all of you guys who are applying for jobs never say you don’t meet the requirements you might be surprised.

    I got this job and it required a BSc Comp Science while I had a N.DIp in Comp Syst which I didnt finish yet I still needed training for the N.Dip to be conferred.

    I am earning a salary the allowance is so good, I even got a raise this year, and am listed in the companies website.

    I never believed I would go this fa…. Thanks to God for giving us the people who created Puff and Pass….

    All the best to all guys who are still searching for jobs

    • Bongi says:

      Hey Nkosana thank you so much for encouraging us i was about to loose interest, but since i’ve seen your massage here i am not turning back i won’t let it go until God bless me with the good Job.

      Thank you and be blessed my dear.
      Thanks to Puff and Pass.