The aim and focus of the site has always been those people trying to get their careers off the ground. As such the features of the site have reflected this.

However, recently many visitors to the site have requested a feature to allow people to share their bursary/internship/learnership hunting stories. The aim of this, they said, is get an idea of the latest interview techniques and how one can prepare in advance for them.

therefore, if you have recently got a bursary/internship/learnership through puffandpass, please share your story by leaving a message below.

In your message, please touch on the following:

  • what did you do right to get the job?
  • what did you learn during the interview process?
  • Your message to all those still trying to get their careers on track…

Note: All messages are moderated which means your message will not appear right away.

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  • nelisiwe GUMEDE says:

    just want to know if I am accepted for the internship as im residing in pta are they going to provide for transport money

  • Katlego says:

    I have found a learnership through this site at Primedia and I am very grateful about the day to day updates or advertisement we received from puff and pass.

    I encourage every one to visit this site and get their pinnacle of success. FOR me it is an accelerating and exhilarating start to the cooperate world. Thank you once more puff and pass.

  • Lwazi says:

    i would like to thank puff n pass as well, i applied for an internship at vodacom last year and i was called for an interview, it was successful, i started working in march 2013, unfortunatly i had to resign before the end of the internship coz i had got an offer at telkom, thamk you puffers, graduates dont loose hope, puff n pass rely help…goodluck

  • Andronica says:

    Last year February I applied for NHLS student medical technician that was advertised on puff and pass.They called me for interviews mid March and my interview was succesful.I started working beginning of April being based in Witbank.Unfortunately I had 2 resign because I got another internship related 2 my career field.Thank you puff and pass team for making things happen.To all those applying dont loose hope,puff and pass realy helps n good luck.

  • Listo says:


    I would like to thank Puff and Pass for the wonderful job that they are doing, proving opportunities that we wouldn’t have gotten. Today I’m an Intern at National Department of Social Development through a post I saw in this site and it was sent to my email. Thank you guys keep up the good work, continue doing great things for our youth.

    Kind regards

  • Gabriel says:

    Good day Guys,

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank puff and pass for there excellent work that they are doing by providing with a website that really assisted me and other candidates.

    I applied for the Mimecast IT Graduate Programme 2013 that was advertised on the puff and pass website and I got the Graduate Programme. Last year in September I was appointed at the National Department of Tourism as A Software Engineering Intern.

    Keep up the Great wonderful work and may the Good Lord Bless you Puff and Pass Team.

  • Fikile says:

    Thank you so much for this website. I completed my degree last year in November and I always came to this site to look for vacancies. You make it so easy to find vacancies because I didn’t struggle to look for the relevant category, I just went to your Human resources category because I wanted a HR Internship or graduate programme. I found that Momentum wanted a HR Intern because you had advertised it on this website. I applied, went through the interviews and psychometric tests and got the job.

    To get the job, I followed the application instructions correctly. I submitted all the documents they wanted. I arrived well prepared and was in time for all my interviews. I did my research about the company by looking at their website. Most of all I was confident throughout the hiring process and I believed in myself.

    To all those who are seeking employment, pray, have faith, do not give up and believe in yourself.

  • MZAMO says:

    Hi good peeps,

    I’m Mzamo.

    I thank god by providing with such site of puff and pass. I graduated 2012 (BCom HRM at UNISA). I applied so many times but ultimately I entered this site I saw internships post and dept. of COGTA was one of the advertised posts and I applied. As we talk I’m an intern at COGTA PMB.

    Call the name of god and the doors will be opened. Good luck.

    Puff and pass is the best site…

  • Amos says:

    Viva Puff and Pass,

    I signed up to receive a Puff and Pass internship alert at beginning of February 2013, suddenly an internship for Alfred Nzo District Municipality was advertised and I applied. Writing this letter people, I am intern at the municipality under Development Planning and Local Economic Development Department.

    “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”~ Farrah Gray

    Hope the successful endeavors of Puff and Pass will continue to shine.



  • Thapelo says:

    Hi guys

    I’m currently intern at SITA Information technology agency , post was posted here at puff and pass then i applied
    early this year i got called for interview and i passed it. All thanks to puff and pass to all other graduates keep applying never lose faith you’ll never when it is your time.

  • Gracious says:

    Dear fellow job seekers
    Today i just got appointed as an auto electrician intern at Great North transport in Limpopo.thank you to puff and pass, they posted this internship on February 2013 and i applied, lucky me im starting work on monday the 3rd of june 2013.

    This is what helped me pass the interview:

    • i did a research about the company.
    • i got there an hour before the interview, went to the toilet and i got more information on their wall.

    To those who are still looking, dont give up, make sure your phone is always on. Your day is coming.

  • Vuyolwethu says:

    Hi fellow job seekers,

    I recently got accepted into the department of rural development and land reform internship programme (IT) advertised in last year in September 2012. I started work on the 02nd April 2013 if it was not for this great website I would still be unemployed. I learned quite a lot during the interview process, believe me guys it’s really simple just remain cool:

    • know how to motivate why you are the right person for the job,
    • keep your answers short definitive and clear,
    • be sure not to use words you do not know the meanings of because they do ask you, sometimes, to elaborate more on what you said made you the right person for the job,
    • dress strictly formally, look presentable, do not beat around the bush when answering questions get straight to the point.

    Another interesting thing to note (to all the I.T people): is that as of 2013 IT interns are contracted for two years.

    Please don’t give up the job seeking struggle guys be patient your time will come.

  • Fredmoses says:

    i would like to thank this site, after my fried introduced me to it my job hunting life became easier. i used your cover letter and cv templates to dump my lame and traditional documents. today i got a call confirming that i ve been appointed for an internship position at Agribusiness Development Agency. keep up puff and pass

  • Sheiz says:

    I studied IT and for the Last four years i have been working general jobs like Receptionist, Call centre, Teller. I finally got an IT learnership that was advertised here. Good things comes to those who wait. It was really tough but i never gave up -4 YEARS- hoping and praying. I finally got my dream job. Thank you puff&pass. Goodluck everyone.

  • Nomusa says:

    I am a student at UJ and i have applied and not yet recieved any response but i would never ever give up to use puff and pass and thanks for your comments guys they are real encouraging and congratulations to those who made it wish you the best!

  • Nompumelelo says:

    I was interviewed by 2people, and I was so nerveous since I did not do the research that much, I just went through the about page in their website and guess what, the 1st question was: “tell us about our company” and I just said everything that I got in the about page, and they actually responded and said: “No that’s our about page” and I told them that I did not get time to research the company cause I was busy developing some applications including mobile app, then they wanted to know more about my skills which I think it drew their attention, they then looked at my results for Software Development which I just said I’m good at and they asked why I only got 1Distinction in these subject whereas in other subjects I do extremly well, I just told them that as much as I pass others well, Software Development still remains my best. All I can say is; Be yourself and honest, remember you are speaking to human beings and all your answers should be related to the advertised position. They asked me if I could start a week after the interview before I even left.

    Dress Nice and be Presantable, Your tone should prove that you can actually communicate well with other people if it’s a position that will require you to work with people.

  • Nompumelelo says:

    I would like to asure you that whoever uses puff & pass will definetly get a job somewhere, I’m the living testimony. I was doing my final year in 2012 and I started using puff & pass sometime in March and It seemed to be quiet until October 2012 where I got a call from the other company that I did not apply to through puff & pass, but when I just started my internship I have been recieving offers in great companies that were posted in puff & pass, that includes Titanium Talent, 3Fifteen, Gijima, BBD and many more, so I actually had a choice of chooseing a company that I want to work for, but I just decided to stay with Accenture.

  • Mtisunge says:

    Yes indeed! Your time will come just hold on. They is a proverb I love which says “we all can’t fly at the same time, and though we may fly; we all can’t fly at the same height” never compare yourself with others, Gods ways are not yours. God has better plans for you than those you plan for yourself.

    I have been unemployed since last year but the wait has made me a better person and I am stronger than before and soon very soon the lord will grant me what I deserve. Let’s hold on friends and pray to ask for strength, the lord answers prays!

  • Siphiwe says:

    So happy to announce that I have been accepted to be part of the BankSETA learnership programme 2013 (kuyasa) which i saw advertised here on your website. I would like to thank puff and pass for all the hard work that you guys do. I have been applying for a little over a year now with no luck but i never gave up.

    So, I would also like to encourage everyone out there to never give up, I know its hard and it gets really frustrating but keep on pushing your time will come.

    Again thank you puff and pass.

  • Thando says:

    Hi guys,

    My prayers have been heard and puff&pass is partly to thank. This website sure gave me some major-major–major vooma that ‘it’ is possible and good things happen to those who don’t blame circumstance but take action to set their own destiny.

    I made the top 30 at VWSA as an Autotronic Technician Apprentice(3yrs Learnership) starting mid-January 2013…I would have never been this happy if it wasn’t for puff&pass’s comments pages…they kept my dreams alive.