The aim and focus of the site has always been those people trying to get their careers off the ground. As such the features of the site have reflected this.

However, recently many visitors to the site have requested a feature to allow people to share their bursary/internship/learnership hunting stories. The aim of this, they said, is get an idea of the latest interview techniques and how one can prepare in advance for them.

therefore, if you have recently got a bursary/internship/learnership through puffandpass, please share your story by leaving a message below.

In your message, please touch on the following:

  • what did you do right to get the job?
  • what did you learn during the interview process?
  • Your message to all those still trying to get their careers on track…

Note: All messages are moderated which means your message will not appear right away.

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  • Dumsane says:

    Dear Graduates / students
    I just wanna thank Puff n Pass for a great job to us as youth.
    I applied for a bursary last year in 2017 and i was accepted by the company to pay full bursary . I also applied for NSFAS through Puff n Pass and i was admitted too. So i just wanna say we thank you puff n pass.

  • Sekgophotso says:

    My name is Brilian Sekgophotso Mahlake from Bushbakridge, i studied at UNISA graduated with a Bcom degree in logistics and transport. I am currently an intern in public work roads and transport as at Nkangala regional offices.

    pass and pass is the real deal, dont be discouraged if you apply and there is no reply probably its because of high traffic of applications they receive. Hope and pray God will answer your prayer.

  • Kgabo says:

    Hello everyone,

    I would love to thank puff and pass the opportunity that I’ve got.

    Last year I saw a banking learnership on the puff and pass website and I have applied for is my sixth month on the Learnership.i was one of the successful candidates and i am enjoying everything about my job.if it wasn’t for puff and pass,someone could have occupied my space.

    Big up.

  • vejatheman says:

    my simple message to every graduate looking for a job or an internship is that: your time is coming,don’t loose hope, there was a reason you went to college or university and the reason you graduated. Some of the things are beyond human control and only god knows better. When its your time you will feel it, you wont need to be told and with god anything is possible. I knew I will be called to be an intern immediately after my interview at the national department of social development after two years of having obtained BA in community development. We all start somewhere the route for each and every one of us is unique.keep applying and keep reading to sharpen your mind.

  • Kwanele says:

    Ive never written any of these success stories and I’ve always questioned how true they are but here i am writting mine. I was a headboy at a boys high school and was expected to do great things in matric but that was not the case that same year we were introduced to our sister school that joined us for the 1st time, for the 1st time in 5years i had to sit with a girl next to me you can already imagine the change we had to go through. That was not the only thing that changed, but my grades changed aswell. I didnt do well in my matric as expected but i pulled myself back enrolled at a TVET Colllege did my NCV L2-L4, did NTC 2,3,4 and 5 in fitting and turning. I couldn’t find a job for 2years but eventaully i got a learnership at toyota through applying from the posts here on puff and pass and a year later i got a Job at Mondi Richardsbay as an apprentice through another post that i found here……DON’T GIVE UP PEOPLE YOUR CAREER IS WAITING FOR YOU KEEP APPLYING EVEN IF YOU GET ANY RESPONSES *DONT GIVE UP* ……

  • Ashley says:

    Good day everyone I would like to thank the puff and pass team as I have so really felt that after matric that changing from the science field to the commerce field in varsity would have limited my chances to getting a job. I am happy to say that your job posts allowed me to get the internship at the Financial Services Board. I learned that you should never give up on any dream that you really see yourself or dream of. the interview taught me to have more confidence and that if you practice before time ,then I am sure with God by your side that you will get the job you want and puff and pass is the site to go.

    So what are you waiting for. start applying now!!!!!!

  • Lesego says:

    I would like to thank the admin of Puff&Pass for the great service they offer unto people, all the internships,leanerships, bursaries etc advertised on this page are for real therefore not scams, well am overwhelmed to announce to someone reading the success stories, that i got an internship at CoGHSTA Via Puff&Pass, For those who are still in search of interns i would like to encourage u to frequently consult with puffandpass. This site will definitely open doors for your career, well am also advising graduates not to be more concerned about the stipend of the internship as we all start somewhere as long u can afford transport to work n lunch box goo for it.# Need Experience.

  • Leoda says:

    I would like to commend the Puff and Pass for the wonderful job that they are doing. All the posts advertised on this site are not scams and I am proud to say that all the posts that I saw through this site and applied for, I got a response. I am now working in Pretoria and I would like to urge other graduates out there to constantly check the site for updates as some posts last application date comes to soon. Do not miss out on opportunities.

  • Thabani says:

    Thank you Puff & Pass, I am doing a learnership at the Road Accident Fund which I started in December 2016. If you are reading this then you are on the perfect site if you’re looking to get your career started. I am very happy and the best of all is that it is free and no strings attached.

  • We would like thank God for giving us the opportunity to be an interns at Eskom, we started on the 1st of June 2016 & not forgetting the people who created this website because we got the post from this website. We are from different provinces and got employed for the same position. Thank you (Puff and Pass) and to everyone please do not lose hope keep applying and don’t forget to invite God in everything that you do.

  • Nwabisa says:

    Thanks to puff&pass I recently got an internship on the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation that appeared last year,then I applied and I’ve passed the interview, the reason why they took me it’s because of my CV and I answered all the necessary questions they ask on the interview and at last thanks to God Almighty for seeing me through from the start of application until I got the interview and passed it, If it was not for Him I wouldn’t get this far. I suggest everyone to look through puff&pass to apply for anything (bursary,internships and learnerships)

  • Lungi says:

    Good day,
    I was introduced to the site in mid 2013 & it has been worthwhile.
    I am a recent chemical engineering graduate from VUT. I started applying for 2016 graduate programmes whilst doing my degree in 2015. Through the assistance of the posts advertised on site, I applied to various companies. Yes, I didn’t receive any responses from some, got some regrets and a few promising responses. Even so, 2016 came I was still without a job. I never lost courage from the site because based on my previous responses I knew it was legit. In March I applied for the Rand Water graduate programme, by Gods’ grace that’s where I am currently based & loving the whole experience.
    In previous years the site was also helpful because through its posts in 2013, I managed to get in-service training in 2014 from a reputable company. I encourage those still looking for jobs, learnerships, bursaries and etc. to not lose hope. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going & don’t lose sight of your dreams. As for the site, the post advertised are real so keep applying!
    To the admin team thank you so much for your tireless efforts. Much appreciated & God bless 🙂

  • Puleng says:

    Good Day

    I would also like to thank the Admin of Puff and pass for the opportunities. I graduated in 2015 from the Central university of technology with the Diploma of Human Resource, i have been applying for almost a year now, in 2015 November NPA advertised internship opportunities all over South Africa and invited a few to interviews 2016 Feb, I was lucky to be one of the blessed to be called to start mid Feb and i am so happy.

    Thank you Puff and Pass.

    Those who are still appltying please follow intrsuctions and learn to fill Z83 for government posts. Good Luck And God Bless you.

  • Loyd says:

    Guys I would like to Thank this website for assisting me in finding an Internship. I am a recent graduate in Bcom General (Majoring in Informatics) from UWC. I struggled for months on end applying to many ads on Gumtree for retail work, but my heart was set on working in IT in the field which I had studied for 4 years. It is so difficult to find internship adverts on your own especially if you are not in the top 10 of your class with little work experience. this site had advert after advert every month . I applied to as many as I could and many said “no \ You don’t meet the requirements \ we will contact you when other opportunities are available” . It was difficult, I mean I had a degree in my hand yet I was struggling to find decent work. It was so difficult also, because I had lost my mother 3 months before graduation. I dreaded the Idea of just sitting at home watching TV & wasting away my life. Luckily by the grace of the Almighty GOD there was an Internship that I had applied to at a Print Media company around April. One month before Graduation I was called in for an Interview. I didn’t make much of It as I went to the Interview not even dressed formally (regrettably). however, when I got to the Interview I was very impressed with the Premises, the Job description , & the pay benefits. I gave the best sales peach about myself. The interview went well, but weeks went by without feedback. About a Month later a week before graduation I was called in again for a 2nd Interview (Psychometric Test). I had a burning feeling of Hope, but I told myself they are probably doing the same for everyone who went for the 1st Interview. 2 days after graduation on a Friday afternoon I got a call from HR. “Good news, your application was successful”. As they say “the rest is history”. Moral of the story is to keep going even when it seems like the world is against you. Some where , some company is looking for someone with your ambition and knowledge. Thank you Puff and Pass community.

  • IceQueen99 says:

    I don’t know if people still read this section of the website but I’d like to share my story as well and give hope to other graduates. I graduated early in 2015 and realised quickly that our country’s job market is cut-throat. Using my data bundles to send employers the same cover letter and same CV seriously did not help! I read a lot of job-seeking material & learnt that the fact that I did not participate in any campus club/society was sending the wrong signals to emoployers. That’s when I decided to contact small companies to offer my services for FREE. For me this meant working as a packer and getting NO salary for months. (Volunteered). I would work for 3days and the other two days I would be job-hunting insanely. I used the one page CV template from puff & puss to write a tailor-made CV for each internship I applied to. (e.g For Tourism intern applications- I put only one of my majors Tourism and ommited my other major Marketing.) I also tailor-made all my cover letters (e.g I highlighted my MS Office skills by letting them know that at varsity we don’t submit handwritten assignments-we use MS Word.) Doing this finally got me replies & interviews. Some interviews were your normal ones but one interview was what they call a “competency-based” interview. Oh my G. This tested my knowledge for what I studied, Travel destinations. It tested my knowledge for MS Office. And lastly tested my abilty to work in a group. This was overwhelming for me but I gave it my best. 2 weeks after this horrific interview I was called and told I got the internship at a Hotel. This was just last month, November. I am still adjusting to the pace of the workplace. Please please please guys DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Take a break this month, set goals & start afresh in Jan 2016.

  • Themba says:

    Hi puff and passers;

    I would just like to tell you guys that it’s true, sites like these work. I recently got a learnership which i applied for through puff n pass and I was recruited so just get your CV in order and keep on applying guys

  • Lazola says:

    Hi All,

    I would like to take time and pass on this message to everyone searching through puffandpass for a job. I would like to set a spirit of never giving up. I am in a permanent job at an International Company and I do not know where I would be if it was not for puffandpass.

    I never gave up because puffandpass never gave up on us. I would like to commend the person/people who slave their day off researching positions/internships out there to help us graduates. You are beautiful souls and should be praised daily.

    You gave me and instilled a never giving up mentality. THREE CHEERS TO YOU ALL.

  • tshilidzi says:


    1 cor 10:13

    delayed a little bit… i am am HR hons graduate, graduated in 2012… worked as a call centre agent for the whole of 2013 busy looking for an HR position anwhere and behold, an advert for an HR intern was placed on puff n pass for momentum retail and as any other day i applied, no hope was left only faith that one day He who does not sleep nor slumber will rember me. i received an e-mail in july last year inviting me for an inteview @ momentum, went for it and passed. i have been with them since august last year and i am really grateful

    all graduates, never loose hope, God is watching!

    I thank Jesus for the puff and pass team. you are a God sent .

  • Chabby says:

    Hi Everyone
    I graduated in 2010 where I have obtained my National Diploma in Import and Export at the University of Technology free state. Since then I’ve spend most of my time applying for any position that I laid my eyes on and I almost gave up but something kept burn inside me and I held on to the little hope that I had. thanks to puff and pass cause late last I saw a internship position that was advertised on the website from Statistics SA I applied got an invitation to write an assessment then an interview an I got it. Im now a Logistics intern with Stats Sa and I just want to thank puff and pass so much I hope everyone will keep on checking the website its very helpful.

  • Sthembile says:

    Luke 1 vs 37: “For with God nothing is impossible”
    Hi Guys
    I graduated at the University of Kwazulu Natal, i have a Bcom Honours in Human Resources Management. From January to July i have been looking for Employment and i almost came t the point where i wanted to give it all up and it felt like i have reached a dead end where there is no rout ahead…With God’s Grace i am grateful to share with you today that today im doing my HR Internship at KZN Liquor Authority and im smelling permanent employment soon…i just wanna tell you today that you Blessing is coming you just need to claim it in the name of JESUS…Thanks Puff and Pass and to all my unemployed brothers and sisters never give up, God hears even you silent prayers.

    • nokubonga says:

      thanx so much SIthembiso….. i am also smelling permenent job next year……tnx once again for your message /giving hope to people are looking for internships and jobs