How to Submit a Learnership, Graduate Programme or Bursary?


To maintain the high standard that we have established over the past few months, we have come up with a number, yet very simple, of guidelines about the type of posts we put on the site. To this end, we publish programmes that meet the criteria:

How the submission process works?

  1. The closing date and location where successful candidates will work and the industry in which your organisation operates must be indicated.
  2. Academic requirements must be indicated.
  3. The procedure for applying (online, fax, email etc) for your programme / bursary must be clearly indicated.
  4. Where applicable, the URL for Online applications must be indicated. If your site uses iframe, please provide a direct link to the application's page.
  5. Personal and contact details of people (s) to whom enquiries must be forwarded must be indicated. Please Note: email addresses from web email service providers (gmail, yahoo, webmail) are NOT accepted.
  6. Submissions can be sent in a typed email or as an attachment.
  7. Attachments must be in MS Word (*.doc, docx), PDF (scanned or secured documents are not accepted) or txt format.
  8. Where applicable, provide a URL (web address) from which application forms can be downloaded.
  9. Submissions must include only the information pertaining to the programme being submitted. Candidates can always visit your organisation's website for more information (history, mission & vision...).
  10. The duration of Submission MUST be more than 3 months.

To get a better idea of what we’re looking for spend some time browsing the site.


  1. Secured documents are NOT accepted.
  2. Scanned documents are NOT accepted
  3. Images (Logos....): the site does not post anything with images on. So, make sure your documents do not have any images on.

Anything Else?

  • Submission of programmes is FREE.
  • Programmes that require candidates to pay a fee, however minimal and for whatever reason, are NEVER accepted.
  • Programmes that require candidates to have a certain level of experience are not accepted.
To remain professional with our users, programmes cannot be taken down less than 24 hours after they go online.

How to structure a Programme?

Closing Date: DD Month Year
Location: ...
Duration: ...
Stipend: ...

Statement / Purpose

Information regarding the purpose of the programme goes here


  • list your requirements for the ...
  • include qualifications etc...
  • ...
How to Apply

include methods of application: online, postal, email or fax ...

Closing Date: DD Month Year
Location: ...
Duration: ...
Stipend: ...

Title of Position 1
  • Requirements in bullet form

Link to the individual position, if applicable

Title of Position 2
  • Requirements in bullet form

Link to the individual position, if applicable


Enquiries: telephone number (recommended), enquiries via email is discouraged

Send your submission to [email protected] (Career-seekers: Do NOT send your CV to this address)

That's all.