Here are some statistics and graphs about what is happening on monthly and yearly
basis regarding graduate and matriculant opportunities. Data for the years 2014
– 2018 (first week of June).

This graph shows that since 2014 the average number of internships has been decreasing
every year. Meaning that companies are not recruiting graduates as they
use to do

This graph shows that time to apply for an internship is April or September or
November. However, this does not mean that it’s not a good idea to apply during
the other months. It ONLY means that companies advertise more during those months.

Similar to the Yearly Internship Graph, this one shows that companies are advertising
less bursaries every year

This graph shows that companies advertise most of their bursaries in May or August
or October. Notice that there NO bursaries in December. So get ready to apply this
month and not wait until the end of the year.

If you have a Grade 12 the this is for you: There is a downward trend regarding
programmes that need candidates with a grade 12 certificate. This will be illustrated
further in the graphs below.

The best months for programmes that requirend candidates with a grade 12 are
January, May, June and November. Data from the years 2014 – 2018.

Like everything else, the number of learnership is decreasing over the last the
last four years…

Best time to find learnerships is Jan, June, and August.

Another downward trend regarding Apprenticeship Programmes…

Best time to appy for Apprenticeship is May, June and September.

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  • Yolanda says:

    This was very helpful, Thank you.

  • Siboniso says:

    Thank you, for your useful information.

  • Mulalo says:

    I studied recreation and leisure it falls under sports, we are in deed trouble no vacancies for us what is this? Too many provinces less jobs

  • deon says:

    From what I realized is that most of the Minimum requirements of internships, learnships, apprenticeship are degrees and and honors and the TVET public colleges are not considered much and we are many and the nature of qualification requires an in service training and Graduate’s consider giving up.and at the end we can have training and perform the same…so let’s check the minimum requirements

  • sinah says:

    everything has declined, this is really bad

  • Nomthandazo says:

    I think most of the candicates must apply during August, jan and june because are the best time for applying for the learnership, so that you will know early for the following year. In terms of studing and working comea december time you are free knowing that you have a learnership position that you applied for.

    • Site Editor says:

      Agreed. Especially those who are doing their last year. It is not good to wait until the end of the year before applying because it only means one is likely to stay the following year at home which is never a good thing for one’s state of mind.

  • Abongile says:

    It is very painful..