Dear you…

Recently, over at our Facebook Page, we had a post about reasons / excuses people give for NOT pursuing postgraduate studies. Here is the summary of those excuses:

  • I’m tired of studying – I need a break – I might do it later on in life;
  • I’m tired of depending on (asking) people for money;
  • I want to make money and support (payback) my family;
  • I want to relieve my mother (someone);
  • My sister / brother is starting university next year so I want to ease the pressure on my family;
  • If I pursue postgraduate studies I will end up being too educated to find a job. Yeah right!

So, this is a follow-up to that post but for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies. As such, here are some things you need to take into consideration before you commit to (or think about) postgraduate studies:

  • It’s cold at the top. But there is plenty of room. It’s good to be educated. Bestest feeling…[I’m told].
  • Be humble and act educated.
  •  You might end up losing all your friends. Because you won’t have time for small things such as partying and drinking and all the other unimportant things bored people do.
  • Everybody will have a car, home, wife / husband before you. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens…
  • Don’t write it on your forehead when you have your degrees etc…

Here is the good:

  • If you’re good at what you do, it’s FREE. You won’t pay a cent;
  • You get a chance to see the world. This is rare for Hons / BTech but if you do your Masters / PhD, you are likely to have one free trip to an overseas country. For a week. Try to go to a country where they don’t speak any of your languages… FUN! You will end up questioning your intelligence.
  • You will learn from the best.
  • You will learn to write. Properly. Most graduates don’t know how to write.
  • You will be a specialist / expert in something.

Here is how you get there:

  • Work on your attitude. A good attitude will take you a long way. Start by not going to people’s offices smelling of alcohol on Mondays. And …
  • Young men! Pull your pants up.
  • Your sh*tty attitude from 1st year is known by everybody in the department whether you are smart or not. Work on it.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Never lose your cool. Keep your head up and shut your mouth.
  • Find a professor that believes in you.
  • Tell your family not to expect anything from you for the next 2 – 3 years. Tell them you might not (won’t ) call for birthdays etc…
  • Don’t get married. Don’t promise marriage to anybody. Don’t have a kid either. Don’t promise anybody about settling down and having a kid.

Again, when it is all said and done, don’t write it on your forehead. Be humble and act educated.

Keep walking. You are not alone.

PS: Comments are open below should you like to share you views…



  • zooeh says:

    I have often felt like I played too much when it was time for me to get to university or maybe was just to immature, but looking back at the age that I am in now, I would be a doctor in my professional have I listened to my heart and the little voice in my head, but guess needed to see things and life for myself to realise that my dreams of being a doctor before age 30 can still happen and I am doing come hell or high water coz its what’s I have always wanted and dreamt about as a kid, I wanted to be more educated than my parents I always said, and when I found out that they are educated up to a certain point and could not carry on because of circumstances, marriage, pregnancies, family responsibilities..i vowed to be more educated before I get married or have kids.

  • angela says:

    Is it possible to study to study at UNISA and other South African University within same period of time?

  • Angela says:

    I wish it is truly free at University of Venda too because I want to do my Masters in Bacherlor of Arts Youth In Development but I cant afford .

  • maurice lekala says:

    Hi, I have mechanical engineering N1 to N5 motor trade N2 and diesel trade N2 I’ve been applying since from 2015 without getting any response

    • Site Editor says:

      Seven? Isn’t that a long time to be out of the industry?

      Also, you don’t need friends from anywhere to move to a new location. We all carried our bags and moved.

      Do the same.

  • Michael says:

    Hi, I have N6 certificate in marketing but im struggling to get internship to complete 18 months of trainning so that I can graduate for my National Diploma. And now Im thinking to enrol with uj or cput in operations management while looking for internship… I did save money but not enough to study for three years if I do apply for nsfas can it help me ?.

  • Mamly Serero says:

    Hi! Guys,to those who are doing trimesters bear in there it’s not easy.The challenges start from the short time we have, to the financial problems we face.You need to know that it may take you frequent call backs(leaving school and going back again)before you finally finish your N6.Hang in there.Mxhaaaaa!!!

    • Fishane says:

      You are right. People must know that trimester courses are not easy. It need your passionate and dedication to your studies. Never relax and start to study at last hour. Your exam start the day your are registered not a day you get timetable for exam Do not fool your self. Mr Fish